OSRS Splashing Guide

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Splashing Guide OSRS

Splashing in Old School RuneScape (OSRS) refers to the act of using a spell repeatedly without actually dealing any damage to your target. This method is commonly used to train Magic skills while being semi-AFK. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to splash in OSRS

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1. Magic level: A minimum of level 1 Magic is required to cast any offensive spell.

2. Equipment: Wearing gear that provides negative magic bonus is essential for successfully splashing. Equipment like full plate armour or metal armour is ideal. The goal of all this is to have a negative magic stat at -64 which makes it impossible to kill any mob in the game.

3. Rune Supplies: To cast a spell, players need the required runes. For splashing, it is recommended to use the Air Strike. This spell only requires an air rune and a chaos rune, making it a cost-effective option for splashing.

Equipment 1


1. Air Staff (recommended) or any other weapon that provides negative magic attack bonus. One option is the Cursed goblin staff that is purchased from Diango in Draynor Village.

2. Full iron or bronze armor (optional but recommended)


Spell Selection:

Choose a combat spell that requires a target to be cast upon, such as Wind Strike. It is the preferred spell for splashing due to its low magic level requirement and cheap rune cost.

Set up your action bar:

Assign your chosen spell to your action bar for easy access during splashing.

Find a suitable target:

It is important to choose a target with low Magic Defense and high Hitpoints to ensure a successful and more AFK splashing session. Chickens or rats are often used as they meet these requirements.

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Find a suitable location:

Visit an area where your chosen target is accessible and multiple spawns are available. Some popular spots for splashing include Lumbridge (chickens) and Varrock sewers (rats).

1. Port Sarim:

Port Sarim

2. South Falador Farm:

South Falador Farm

3. Lumbridge:


Start splashing:

Approach your chosen target and start casting your chosen spell on it. If everything is set up correctly, you will continuously cast spells without dealing any damage.

Monitor your character:

Since splashing is semi-AFK, it's important to periodically check on your character to make sure they're still attacking. This period of time is 10 minutes so it is a fairly relaxed task.

Efficiency and Experience Rates:

It is important to note that splashing is a slow method for Magic training. Since you are not dealing any damage, the experience gained is minimal. However, it provides a convenient way to train Magic while being AFK. It is recommended to combine splashing with activities such as studying or doing household chores.

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