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Krystilia Slayer MasterGuide OSRS

Krystilia is a Slayer master found in Edgeville's jail north-east of the bank. When spoken to, she expresses her love for magic and the Wilderness, and claims the guards locked her in the cell for trouble-making.

Players can speak to her to change their respawn point to Edgeville for a one-time fee of 5,000,000 coins.

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She is a Slayer Master who assigns the player monsters found within the Wilderness. Only kills within the Wilderness count towards her tasks. Before being assigned a Wilderness task, she will warn you that she will assign any monster regardless of your combat level.

In addition to this, killing monsters on her tasks can yield Larran's key, which can be used to open Larran's small or big chest, also found in the Wilderness. They act similarly to Konar quo Maten's brimstone keys and brimstone chest.

Tasks from Krystilia have a separate task completion counter to standard tasks. Players will have to complete a five Slayer task streak from her to begin earning Slayer reward points from Wilderness slayer tasks. Although they are counted separately, players cannot have a regular and Wilderness slayer task at the same time. If players do not want to do one of her tasks, they can speak to Turael in Burthorpe to have him give them another task; however, doing so will reset the player's Wilderness task streak (but not their normal Slayer task streak).

For a kill to count towards a Krystilia task, the player must be physically located inside the Wilderness when the monster's death occurs. A player who is using a dwarf multicannon will receive the standard "As your slayer task is from Krystilia, you can only perform it inside the Wilderness" message if they teleport out of the Wilderness to restock and remain outside of it when their cannon kills the monster. The safe zone buffer immediately outside the Ferox Enclave counts as the Wilderness for task purposes, but the Enclave itself does not. Thus a player using the pool of refreshment to resupply will not receive credit for the kill if they are inside the Enclave.

Completion of a task assigned by Krystilia after the 5th task streak will grant:

slayer points

Note: Krystilia's tasks cannot be stored using the Task Storage unlock from the Slayer Rewards shop.

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Out of all possible tasks, only bloodvelds, jellies, dust devils, nechryael, abyssal demons, and spiritual creatures require a Slayer level. In addition, the locations will only list those found within the Wilderness.

Monsters assigned by Krystilia have a chance to drop Larran's keys and Slayer's enchantments, the latter of which can be used to upgrade the Slayer's staff to a Slayer's staff (e).


1. Only assigned to players if they have completed the Priest in Peril quest and have at least  85 Slayer.

2. Slayer task assignments of abyssal demons, dust devils, jellies, and nechryaels from Krystilia can be enabled or disabled for free.

3. Only assigned to players who have either  60 Agility or  60 Strength to access the Wilderness God Wars Dungeon.

4. Only assigned to players who have unlocked Watch the birdie via spending 80 Slayer reward points.

5. Armadylean guards also count if fought in the Wilderness.

6. Callisto and Artio also count.

7. Kolodion's final form also counts.

8. The King Black Dragon and lava dragons do not count.

9. Only assigned to players if they have completed the quest Priest in Peril and have at least  50 Slayer.

10. Only assigned to players if they have completed the quest Priest in Peril and have at least  65 Slayer.

11.  (Greater) Skeleton Hellhounds also count.

12. Only assigned to players if they have at least  52 Slayer.

13. Only assigned to players if they have completed the quest Priest in Peril and have at least  80 Slayer.

14. Scorpia, her guardians, and her offspring also count.

15. Vet'ion, Calvar'ion, and their (Greater) Skeleton Hellhounds also count.

16. Venenatis and Spindel also count.

17. Only assigned to players if they have completed the Death Plateau quest and have at least  63 Slayer.

18. Only assigned to players who have unlocked Like a boss via spending 200 Slayer reward points.

19. Artio also counts.

20. Spindel also counts.

21. Calvar'ion also counts.


Krystilia has no requirements, but players should be sufficient enough to survive in the Wilderness. They should also possess decent stats since she can assign monsters ranging from Combat level 8 to 470, especially in terms of Wilderness bosses.

Suggested skills

attack 60+

strength 60+

defence 40+

ranged 61+

prayer 43+ (Protect from Melee and all protection prayers)

magic 35+ (Fire Bolt or a better spell recommended if using)


High Agility is an advantage in the Wilderness. The energy restoration rate is useful, since you often need to travel longer distances on foot in the Wilderness. Furthermore, run energy may be important when fleeing player killers. Additionally, access to the following shortcuts may make both travel and fleeing easier:

46 (crevice in Deep Wilderness Dungeon, requires completion of Medium Wilderness Diary)

60 (no-exit climb close to the God Wars Dungeon entrance)

64 (no-exit climb from Trollheim)

65 (easy Revenant Caves jump)

74 (Lava Dragon Isle jump, requires completion of Hard Wilderness Diary)

75 (medium Revenant Caves jump)

82 (Lava Maze jump, requires completion of Hard Wilderness Diary)

89 (hard Revenant Caves jump)

Tips and tricks

1. Using the Arceuus spellbook with spare runes to cast the respective reanimation spell of the Slayer monster you are assigned to, provided it drops an ensouled head, can earn you some Prayer experience. This works only if you just recently received the drop, however.

2. Along with anglerfish, bringing a couple of Saradomin brews, a Super restore and Anti-venom can lengthen your chance at survival during player-killer encounters. Also, you might want to consider prayer-switching and bringing Dinh's bulwark and switch gear (e.g. Melee armour to Black d'hide body and chaps, or Ranged armour to Rune platebody and legs/skirt). Have a protection prayer (preferably Protect from Magic since PK'ers usually start off using Magic) and Protect Item set as quick prayers. Also, Augury or Mystic Might could help boost up defences further. Switch overheads based on their attacks.

3. Because you will be slaying monsters instead of players, it's advised that you go to Options -> Controls and check the 'PK Skull Prevention'. Doing so negates the chances of being skull-tricked by PKers, as you can no longer accidentally attack players.

4. If praying, it is not advised to use fast-draining prayers, such as Piety, because food is crucial to have out in the Wilderness. Also, you want to save prayer points for protection prayers.

5. Bank your Larran's keys as soon as possible if you have multiple since they are always risked.

6. At 84 Thieving, you can steal from the Chest (Rogues' Castle) to make the rogues aggressive towards you while also making some extra money.

7. Aggro is good to have out in the Wilderness especially if you are being flanked by a PKer as it could buy you some time to escape. Also, you could try X-logging in single combat, which is clicking the red X on your screen or game client to close it, before killing a monster or while battling it, depending on how difficult the monster is to take down. Switching to a fun weapon (if brought), auto-attacking and then X-logging is a better tactic of escape when doing this. (Warning: X-logging does not work in a multi-combat area.)

8. A clue box can be used to protect your clue scroll within the Wilderness.

9. You can also use an imp-in-a-box or two to bank your emblems or other high-risk items, but 71 Hunter is required to catch imps, and it will not work if past level 30 Wilderness or if tele-blocked.

10. Use an expeditious bracelet if you want to finish your task faster.

11. Use a bracelet of slaughter if you want to extend your task as much as possible, useful if you are hunting for Larran's keys and get an easy task (Spiders, Skeletons, Scorpions for example).

12. For tanking, the dragonfire shield would be a lot more beneficial to use over a dragon defender, but all risks should be assessed and taken into account.

13. Players may opt to use a Dwarf Multicannon to speed up kills. However, this does add additional risk if encountering Player-Killers. Also, if the player steps outside the Wilderness while the cannon continues to fire, accrued kills will NOT count toward their task.

Warning: Assess and mitigate risks, and do not ever take and items you cannot afford to lose!

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