OSRS Clock Tower Quest Guide

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Clock Tower Quest Guide OSRS

Are you a fan of challenging conundrums? Brother Kojo has a perplexing puzzle in store for you. He's currently grappling with the mystery of the four missing cogs essential for repairing the malfunctioning Clock Tower. Are you up for the task of piecing this intricate puzzle together and helping restore order to the timekeeping marvel?

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Quest Requirements:


Skill/Other Requirements:


Items Required:          

Bucket of water (obtainable during quest) or Ice gloves or Smiths gloves (i)

Start Point:

Talk to Brother Kojo in the Clock Tower south of East Ardougne.

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Seek out Brother Kojo within the Clock Tower, located just southwest of the Ardougne Zoo. As you engage in conversation with him, he reveals the unfortunate state of the clock, which has fallen into disrepair. To restore its functionality, Brother Kojo explains that the crucial components—the four cogs—must be retrieved from the dungeon hidden beneath the tower.

talk to Brother Kojo

Proceed into the southern room of the Clock Tower and descend the ladder, granting you access to the mysterious dungeon below. Navigate through the underground passage, heading northeast until you reach the next chamber. Here, you'll notice colored blocks on the floor, each one representing a general direction leading you to the location of the cogs.

Keep in mind that you can only carry one cog at a time during your quest to restore the Clock Tower to its former glory. So, exercise caution and plan your journey accordingly as you retrieve each cog.

Black Cog

To begin your quest for the cogs, your first target is the Black Cog. Head through the door to the northeast, and continue down the passage until you reach another door. As you pass through this door, you'll find yourself in a room inhabited by formidable Giant Spiders. Amidst the arachnid presence, you'll spot the Black Cog, encircled by an ominous ring of fire. This is your first challenge in your mission to retrieve the necessary components for the Clock Tower.

take black cog

Upon entering the room, you take swift action to cool down the Black Cog using your trusty Bucket of water, or alternatively, donning Ice gloves. This step is crucial to safely handle the cog. Once it's cool and manageable, you carefully pick it up.

With the Black Cog in your possession, you begin your journey back to the ladder that serves as the entry point to the dungeon. When you reach the ladder, you use the cog on the black clock spindle, which is affixed to the square pillar. This is a pivotal step in the process of restoring the Clock Tower to its functional state.

Red Cog

After returning to the chamber with the colored tiles, proceed through the southeast door. Follow the passage until you arrive in a room inhabited by formidable Ogres (level 53). In this room, you'll discover the Red Cog resting on the ground. Enter the room with caution, swiftly grab the cog, and then retrace your steps back to the entrance ladder.

Climb up the ladder to reach the first floor and locate the red spindle. Carefully place the Red Cog onto the red spindle. With each cog restored to its proper place, you are one step closer to repairing the Clock Tower and solving the puzzle Brother Kojo presented.

take red cog

Blue Cog

Journey northeast from the Clock Tower until you encounter Brother Cedric, who can be found near the Zoo. After reaching this location, locate the ladder situated just north of Brother Cedric's position. This ladder will grant you access to the next stage of your adventure in pursuit of the missing cogs.

climb down ladder

Upon descending the ladder, follow the passage ahead until you reach the door at the very end. Stepping through this door will lead you into the chamber where the Blue Cog is located. Carefully retrieve the Blue Cog from its spot in the room.

With the Blue Cog now in your possession, return to the Clock Tower. Ascend to the second floor and skillfully place the cog onto the blue spindle. By doing so, you're one step closer to completing the task of restoring the Clock Tower to its former functionality and solving Brother Kojo's puzzle.

take blue cog

White Cog

Starting from the room with the colored tiles, proceed through the northwest door. Follow the passageway as it leads you further to the northwest. Along your path, you'll come across a stash of Rat poison; seize the opportunity to collect it.

Subsequently, backtrack to the main passage, and then head northeast until you reach the area with the rat cage. Here, you'll notice two levers that control the doors to the cage. Pull these levers to grant yourself access to the cage, as this is a crucial part of your ongoing adventure.

pull lever

Inside the cage, your attention is drawn to a food trough. With the Rat poison in your possession, you apply it to the trough, prompting the rats within to consume it and meet their unfortunate end. As the rats succumb to the poison, the door leading to the room containing the White Cog gradually swings open.

With the door ajar, you step inside and retrieve the White Cog, a vital component needed to complete the Clock Tower restoration. Your efforts in solving this intricate puzzle are steadily advancing, bringing you closer to your ultimate goal.

take white cog

Returning to the Clock Tower, you ascend the staircase to reach the third floor. With the White Cog in your possession, you expertly attach it to the white spindle, completing the intricate mechanism that powers the clock.

Now that all of the cogs have been diligently placed, you seek out Brother Kojo, who initiated this quest. Engaging in conversation with him, you provide a comprehensive update on your successful efforts in restoring the Clock Tower to its functional state. In recognition of your resourcefulness and determination, Brother Kojo presents you with a well-earned reward, marking the triumphant conclusion of your quest.

Congratulations! Quest Complete!

clock tower completed

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