OSRS Vardorvis Guide (Boss)

Vardorvis Boss Guide OSRS


Vardorvis Boss


The Boss Carnifex Maximus Vardorvis is an undead vampyre encountered in the eerie Stranglewood during the thrilling quest, Desert Treasure II. Players will face him in an epic boss fight that becomes replayable once completed.

After successfully completing Desert Treasure II - The Fallen Empire, players can challenge an enhanced version of Vardorvis with improved stats. Moreover, utilizing an awakener's orb grants access to an even more formidable variant, boasting significantly higher health and challenging mechanics.

Vardorvis proves vulnerable to melee attacks from slash weapons. Employing weapons like Osmumten's fang, scythe of vitur, blade of saeldor, or the abyssal tentacle or whip, which offer a substantial slash bonus, is highly recommended for this encounter.

Boss Attacks


Normal Attack:

Vardorvis thrusts forward with his infected arm, dealing damage to his target. Furthermore, this attack grants him the ability to heal himself for 50% of the damage dealt.


Special attacks:

  1. Swinging Axes: Vines swing two axes across the arena, dealing damage and inflicting bleeding on players caught.
  2. Head: Vardorvis' head pops out, launching a blue projectile that must be blocked with "Protect from Missiles."
  3. Infection: Vardorvis dashes towards the player, grapples them in vines, and prompts a quick-time event to pop blood clots to avoid high damage.
  4. Darting Spikes: Vardorvis moves around the player, causing cracks in the ground that release damaging Strangler spikes.

The Fight


Normal mode:

Vardorvis is known for his coordinated attacks, making him more likely to combo you compared to other Forgotten Four bosses. To counter this, keep Protect from Melee active at all times to reduce the accuracy and damage of his assaults.

Throughout the battle, Vardorvis frequently employs axe attacks. While most two axe formations are manageable to dodge by running two tiles in the direction they came from, it gets trickier when three axes come into play. Mark at least two tiles in diagonal quadrants, as these will be your main dodge points. Dodging axes is crucial to minimize damage and prepare for his awakened fight, which heavily relies on axe dodging. Running two tiles toward the axe launch direction should prevent any damage. Remember to prioritize the head attack when it appears by swapping to Protect from Missiles until the projectile lands, preventing prayer disable. Always maintain high health during this phase, as axes deal significantly more damage without melee protection. The same technique applies to axes coming from the opposite direction.

As Vardorvis' health diminishes, his defense lowers, but his maximum hit increases. At 33% health, he enters an enraged phase, using special attacks faster. High-damage special attacks can help shorten this phase, but for learners, focusing on dodging rather than dealing damage is safer, as it prevents drawing attention from Vardorvis' attacks.


Awakened mode:

In his awakened form, Vardorvis undergoes significant changes to the fight:

  • His health is doubled, increasing from 700 to 1,400.
  • An extra axe is introduced, resulting in three axes spawning until he reaches 50% health. Afterward, four axes will spawn instead.
  • Axes now inflict damage upon spawning, and those in the middle locations have an extended hitbox.
  • Bleed damage is increased from 3 to 5.
  • The infection event must be completed faster.
  • Vardorvis' head adds magic attacks in the form of a crescent wave.
  • Standing next to the tendrils surrounding the arena for over 4 ticks will result in over 30 typeless damage.

Given the increased frequency and number of axes, mastering axe running becomes highly recommended to mitigate damage during the battle. Some four axe formations may not have safe quadrants to stand on. Always maintain high health, as Vardorvis' attacks can deal over 75 damage if unblocked, and combined with an auto-attack from him, it can result in an instant kill. During the enrage phase, players have to swiftly dodge axes while flicking his head's attacks, as they appear rapidly one after the other in seconds. A lull in head attacks signals the upcoming infection event.


Recommended Equipment:


Recommended Equipment