OSRS Volcanic Ash Guide

The Volcanic Ash OSRS

volcanic ash

Within the expansive volcanic landscapes of Fossil Island lies a precious substance known as Volcanic Ash. This sought-after resource can be meticulously collected from ash piles scattered throughout the Fossil Island Volcano. The process of gathering this versatile material demands a Mining skill of level 22. Upon successfully mining the ash piles, a gratifying 10 experience is bestowed upon the miner for each gathered ash, regardless of the amount collected in a single instance. Alternatively, Volcanic Ash can also manifest as a drop from wyverns dwelling within the depths of the Wyvern Cave. This dual avenue of acquisition highlights the diverse sources from which players can secure this resource.

With that said, let's move on to how to get volcanic ash.

Requeriments: To start we would need our mining level to be at least 22 and to have completed the Bone Boyage quest in order to reach Fossil Island.

How to Get There

Simply use your Digsite Pendant to whisk yourself off to Fossil Island. Upon your arrival, take a quick hop using the Magic Mushtree to reach the Verdant Valley.


Amidst this serene setting, you'll spot the unmistakable white-colored Ash Piles of rocks. These are your cues that you've reached the spots where Volcanic Ash can be gathered. It's a straightforward process that offers a versatile resource for various purposes.

 Ash Piles of rocks

Optimal Way to Mine

For those seeking a relaxed approach to ash collection with the option of world hopping, AFK mining of Ash Piles is a viable strategy. The process involves mining one Ash Pile rock with your trusty pickaxe, switching to a different game world, and voila, a fresh Ash Pile will be ready for your attention. However, if you're aiming for efficiency, sticking to a single world and mining the same 5 to 6 rocks proves to be a faster and smoother approach. With an Ash Pile rock respawning every 30 seconds, a cycle of mining 5 rocks ensures that the first one is ready for collection again by the time you complete the cycle.

During your mining endeavor, you'll also amass Soda Ash as a byproduct, which can be conveniently banked. If you're looking to optimize your routine, consider teleporting out to bank and return swiftly. Alternatively, a quick detour to the nearby Volcanic Mine bank, situated north of the mining spot, can be a seamless solution. Keep in mind that your efforts won't just yield Volcanic Ash and Soda Ash, but also a few emeralds as a pleasant bonus.

Optimal Way to Mine

Ash Piles Locations

The bounty of ash garnered from each Ash Pile aligns with your Mining proficiency, resulting in a customized reward. The scale commences at a modest one ash, unlocked at level 22 Mining. As you ascend every 15 levels beyond this threshold, the tally of ash acquired per rock escalates by one. This upward progression reaches its zenith at 97 Mining, where a peak of six ash per rock awaits your capable hands. Notably, the possibility of boosting your Mining level remains a viable tactic.

volcanic ash according to mining level

It's important to mention that Mining enhancers don't influence the yield when extracting volcanic ash. As your Mining prowess reaches remarkable heights, the potential spoils become substantial. At the pinnacle of your skills, it's conceivable to amass more than 6,500 ash within a single hour. Such efficiency underscores the rewards of mastering your Mining craft within the volcanic embrace of Fossil Island.

Volcanic Ash uses

Volcanic ash proves to be a versatile asset with a strong focus on farming-related endeavors within Fossil Island's embrace.

Here are some of its key applications:

1. Enhancing Compost:

Mix two volcanic ashes with a bucket of supercompost to concoct ultracompost, a superior resource for nurturing your crops.

2. Upgrading Compost Bins:

Elevate the potency of supercompost by infusing 25 volcanic ashes into a compost bin, and a remarkable 50 volcanic ashes into a Big Compost Bin. These upgrades enhance the compost within into ultracompost, fostering better yields.

3. Crafting Compost Potions:

Combine a single volcanic ash with a harralander potion (unf) to craft a valuable compost potion. This alchemical feat requires a Herblore level of 22.

4. Harnessing Fertile Soil:

For those who have engaged with the ash covered tome, the Fertile Soil spell can be wielded to treat a farming patch with ultracompost. This enhancement is achieved by casting the spell while carrying two volcanic ashes in your inventory.

Embrace the adaptability of volcanic ash as you tend to your farming pursuits, unlocking superior results in your agricultural endeavors on Fossil Island.