OSRS Troll Stronghold Quest Guide

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Troll Stronghold Quest Guide OSRS

The operation led by the Imperial Guard proved to be unsuccessful, resulting in the capture of Dunstan's son by the trolls! Now, we must embark on a perilous journey through the treacherous terrain of Trollheim to reach the formidable Troll Stronghold and secure his release!

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Completion of  Death Plateau

15 Agility (47 is recommended)

The ability to defeat a level 113 Troll General (can be safespotted)

Items required          

Climbing boots or 12 coins to buy them

Start point  

Talk to Denulth in Burthorpe.

Start poin

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Visit Denulth, the commanding officer of the Burthorpe Army, and discuss the unfortunate outcome of the planned raid that went awry. Express your concern and inquire about any possible assistance you can provide. During your conversation, Denulth will inform you about a captured soldier named Godric. Offer your willingness to undertake a perilous journey up to the Troll Stronghold to rescue Godric from captivity.

talk to Denulth

If you possess a pair of climbing boots, be sure to equip them for this expedition. Alternatively, if you don't have climbing boots, you can acquire a pair from Tenzing for a mere 12 gold pieces. Head to Tenzing's hut and have a word with him if you require the boots. Once you're properly equipped, proceed by crossing the stile as you did previously and proceed northward. Follow the concealed mountain pass, which should be familiar to you from your prior quest on Death Plateau.

As you ascend the path, you'll notice a point where the trail diverges. Opt to clamber over the rocky terrain and head eastward. Upon reaching your destination, enter through the Arena Gate. Inside, seek out "Dad" and engage in a conversation with him. He will insist that you must engage in a battle against him to progress further. Accept his challenge with determination and readiness.

talk to Dad

Activate the "Protect from Melee" prayer to shield yourself from Dad's physical attacks, as they can inflict substantial damage. Engage in combat with him, employing your most potent offensive maneuvers to defeat him swiftly. It's crucial to maintain the prayer, as without it, Dad's strikes can be devastating, ranging from 7 to 11 damage. Additionally, be cautious as Dad's attacks may send you hurtling into a nearby wall, dealing an even more substantial 15 to 25 damage.

If you prefer to utilize ranged or magic attacks, there are a few relatively safe positions you can use. One such spot is situated near the gate, although it may not always provide complete protection from his attacks. Be prepared for the battle's challenges, and adapt your strategy as necessary to overcome Dad and continue your journey.

fight against dad

After Dad concedes defeat, it's highly advisable to backtrack and recharge your prayer points by either resting or consuming a prayer potion. Ensure that your prayer gauge is fully replenished before proceeding, as this will be crucial for your safety.

Once you're ready, exit to the north and enter a cave that's shaped like a horseshoe. Make your way northward to reach the exit. Avoid engaging in combat with the trolls within the cave, as it can deplete your hitpoints, which you might need later in your journey. Leave the cave and find yourself in a vast, spiral-like structure on the outside.

Stay on the outer path of the spiral and resist the temptation to explore its interior. Continue along the outer edge until you encounter a group of thrower trolls. Activate the "Protect from Missiles" prayer and swiftly pass by them to minimize damage and advance on your quest.

Upon entering the next area, you'll find yourself in what appears to be a bustling troll marketplace. Quickly make your way to the northern end without engaging with the trolls or dawdling. Once there, proceed inside the Troll Stronghold to continue your mission.

enter stronghold

Enter the stronghold through its entrance and locate a wooden door situated on the western wall. It's essential not to ascend or descend any staircases at this point to avoid becoming disoriented within the stronghold. Focus on your immediate surroundings and the wooden door on the west wall as you navigate through the stronghold.

map of tronghold
Open the door and proceed north until you encounter one of the generals. Activate the "Protect from Melee" prayer and engage in combat, opting for ranged attacks if possible. Upon defeating the general, they should drop a prison cell key.

After securing the key, exit the area by retracing your steps through the wooden door. Continue your journey northward until you reach the staircase marked in green on the map.

Upon reaching the next floor, you'll notice a prison cell to the east. Open the cell door with the key you obtained and make use of the staircase located inside to proceed further in your quest.

unlock prison door

Proceed southward until you encounter two trolls. Make an attempt to pickpocket them in order to obtain cell keys 1 and 2. However, be aware that if your pickpocket attempt fails, the trolls will become hostile and initiate an attack. There is no opportunity to stun them in this situation. Alternatively, you can eliminate the trolls in combat to acquire the two keys.

Please take note that successful pickpocketing from the trolls necessitates a Thieving skill level of 30. If your Thieving skill is below this level, your only option is to engage the trolls in battle to secure the keys.

Unlock the cell doors using the obtained keys and then accompany the liberated prisoners as they head southward toward the stronghold's exit. Your mission is to guide them to safety, so stay close to the group as they make their escape.

unlock cell door

Begin your journey by heading south and east, navigating the rocky terrain as necessary to make your way back to Tenzing's hut. While on your way, take the opportunity to gather feathers undisturbed, as they can be quite useful.

Alternatively, if you wish to expedite your return, you can employ the Games necklace teleport to Burthorpe, bypassing the long walk.

Upon reaching Burthorpe, seek out Dunstan at the smithy and engage in a conversation with him to complete your quest successfully!

completed troll stronghold