OSRS Dream Mentor Guide

Dream Mentor Guide OSRS

In the perilous world of RuneScape, where dangerous creatures abound, a quest calls upon your help to aid a struggling fellow adventurer. Empowered by the Moon Clan's magic, you'll confront seemingly unbeatable foes. However, this quest is unlike any other, delving into the realm of dreams and personal fears. Your journey will test your determination and resourcefulness as you battle both tangible monsters and the intangible specters of your own mind. The adventure promises to be a unique blend of challenges, highlighting the resilience of the human spirit in the face of adversity. Will you conquer both external threats and inner demons? The answer lies in this intriguing and mysterious quest.



85 Combat

Lunar Diplomacy

The Fremennik Trials

Lost City

Rune Mysteries

Shilo Village

Jungle Potion

Eadgar's Ruse

Druidic Ritual

Troll Stronghold

Death Plateau

The ability to defeat 4 powerful monsters without the use of prayer

Items required

A seal of passage

3 different kinds of food: 6 of 1 type and 7 of 2 others for a total of 20 pieces (Sacks of cabbages, potatoes, and onions can be used as they each contain 10 piece of their respective food and only require a total of 3 inventory slots. Fruit baskets also work.)


An astral rune

A tinderbox

A hammer

A pestle and mortar

A good weapon (trident of the seas recommended because they have no magic defence), good armour, good food such as sharks, and super potion sets.

Start point  

Talk to the fallen man in the small cave in the Lunar Isle mine.

start poin dream mentor


Helping the fallen man

Items needed: 3 kinds of food (6-7 of each, or log in and out 21 times) and a Seal of passage

Items recommended: Runes for casting NPC Contact (air, cosmic, and astral)

Head to Lunar Isle, considering changing to the lunar spellbook and bringing teleport runes for convenience.

Proceed northeast from the bank, enter the mine, and crawl through the passageway to find the fallen man (marked on the minimap with a red line). Talk to and inspect him to open a status screen.

cave entrance

Cyrisus needs his health, spirit, and armament stats increased. Bring three types of food, around 7 pieces of two types and 6 of the third. Feed him alternating the two types of 7 pieces first, then the type with 6 pieces. Repeat until he refuses, changing the food type each time.

Cyrisus isn't well.

Raise his spirit by engaging in positive conversation choices. Ensure his health and spirit are at least 70% and 72% respectively before leaving the cave.

Visit the bank on Lunar Isle and ask 'Birds-Eye' Jack to access Cyrisus' bank. Select a helmet, top, legs, boots, and weapon for him. Use the Lunar spell "NPC Contact" to verify if your choices are correct. Options include melee, archer, and mage setups.

Cyrisus' bank.

The Armour that he wants is:

Dragon Med Helm

Ahrim's Skirt

Ahrim's Top

Abyssal Whip

Ranger Boots

The Armour that he wants is 

Achieve 100% in all his stats. Cyrisus will then express fear of combat. Agree to accompany him to the Oneiromancer by heading south from the mine exit.

talk to Cyrisus

Making the potion

Items required: Goutweed, a hammer, a pestle and mortar and an astral rune

Proceed south to the Oneiromancer, situated on the southeastern part of the island close to the Astral Altar. Engage in conversation with her, prompting Cyrisus to appear. The Oneiromancer proposes a solution to Cyrisus' fear of combat by entering Dreamland together.

Remember, if you intend to use Magic during the upcoming battle and were initially on the Lunar Spellbook, ensure to switch back to the Standard Spellbook or Ancient Spellbook as preferred. You can make this change by praying at the Astral Altar.

Obtain a dream vial from the Oneiromancer and fill it with water. Acquire goutweed through methods such as cultivating a gout tuber or pilfering it from the troll kitchens introduced in the Eadgar's Ruse quest. It's advisable to obtain two goutweed if you plan to undertake Dragon Slayer II.

Combine the goutweed with the vial, then employ a hammer on an astral rune, subsequently using a pestle and mortar on the resultant item. Integrate the resulting substance into the potion, ultimately creating a dream potion.

The Battles

Items required: Dream potion, a tinderbox, armour, a weapon, and good food, seal of passage.

In the impending battle, you'll need to conquer four consecutive bosses without utilizing prayers. Exiting the fight can be done by choosing the leave option on the lectern located at the north edge of the arena. Note that no other teleports, including the ring of life, will function. If you perish, your seal of passage will be forfeited, but you can obtain a replacement from Brundt after retrieving your gravestone near the Brazier.

Opting for magic is highly recommended for this confrontation. All four bosses have notably low magic defense, allowing consistent magical hits even while wearing melee gear for reduced damage. A trident of the seas is a strong option, though Iban Blast or Blood Rush spells are also viable. Equipping robust melee armor, a high-ranged defense shield, and an ample supply of healing food is advised. If desired, bring a halberd for the possibility of safespotting the second and third bosses. Players of lower levels may find it beneficial to consume a dose of divine battlemage potion before entering.

Remember to retain the seal of passage and head to the Dream Hall on the western side of Lunar Isle. Within, you'll discover Cyrisus awaiting you. Ignite the brazier using a tinderbox and converse with Cyrisus to enter the dream world. During the skirmish, Cyrisus's Courage bar will be visible, and he'll periodically engage in attacks or employ Vengeance Other on your behalf.

The ensuing battle comprises confronting four monsters symbolizing Cyrisus's fears:

1. The Inadequacy (level 343): This is the most challenging phase. The Inadequacy employs potent and precise melee and ranged attacks, resorting to ranged only when you're beyond melee range. It summons Doubts that should be disregarded in favor of swiftly defeating the boss. Magic attacks remain reliable despite negative magic attack bonuses. Utilize special attacks, like those from a dragon dagger, to expedite the boss's defeat. Maintain your health above 30, and you'll eventually emerge victorious.

The Inadequacy.png

2. The Everlasting (level 223): Possessing formidable damage output, this boss can be conveniently safespotted by positioning yourself directly adjacent to the lectern on the north side. Beware of its large size, which prevents walking through it. After eliminating it, be cautious as the next boss might spawn in a position to attack you from the safespot. To circumvent this, exit during the Everlasting's death animation to prompt the next boss to spawn farther away, or lure it away before vanquishing it and then return to the safespot on the opposite side of the lectern.

The Everlasting.png

3. The Untouchable (level 274): Comparable to the Everlasting but with lower health, this boss can also be safespotted through Magic or a halberd.

The Untouchable.png

4. The Illusive (level 108): Although not particularly threatening, it burrows into the ground and reappears elsewhere, necessitating pursuit.

The Illusive.png

Upon defeating the Illusive, Cyrisus will ultimately triumph over his fear and crush it underfoot.

Important: Ensure you do not store your seal of passage after the battle, as it's required for quest completion.

Following the battle, Cyrisus imparts certain knowledge to you. Subsequently, return to the Oneiromancer located in the southeastern part of Lunar Isle. Cyrisus will express his gratitude for your assistance and employ Lunar Magic to bestow a portion of his wisdom upon you.

Congratulations! With the successful conclusion of the quest, your journey is complete.

Completed dream mentor