OSRS Spria Slayer Master

Spria in OSRS

Spria is a familiar name to many Old School RuneScape (OSRS) players, known for her role as a Slayer master and her ties to the renowned Turael. In this comprehensive guide, we will delve into all aspects of Spria's character and how she impacts the game world. From her origins to her tasks and unique attributes, you'll find everything you need to know about Spria right here.


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Origins and Background

Spria is the daughter of the legendary Slayer master, Turael. She resides in a quaint house located in the picturesque Draynor Village. Initially, her involvement with players is tied to the intriguing quest "A Porcine of Interest," where she plays a pivotal role in assisting the player in their endeavors. However, her significance extends far beyond this quest.

Navigating to Spria in OSRS:

Finding Spria's Abode

Spria's residence is situated in the heart of Draynor Village, making it a convenient and accessible location for players. Her house serves as the hub for Slayer enthusiasts seeking her guidance and tasks.

Preferred Travel Methods

To reach Spria swiftly and efficiently, consider employing one of the following preferred travel methods:

1. Glory Teleport to Draynor Village: If you possess an amulet of glory, you can use its teleport function to arrive directly in Draynor Village, minimizing travel time.

2. Lumbridge Teleport and Westward Run: If you have access to Lumbridge teleport spells or items, such as the Lumbridge teleport tablet, use them to transport yourself to Lumbridge. From there, head west towards Draynor Village.

3. Falador Cabbage Patch Teleport and Southeast Run: If you've unlocked the Falador cabbage patch teleport, it offers a convenient option. Upon teleportation, proceed southeast towards Draynor Village.

4. Spirit Tree Teleport to Port Sarim and Eastward Run: For players with access to the spirit tree network, utilizing the Spirit Tree teleport to Port Sarim provides a viable route. Once in Port Sarim, embark on an eastward run to reach Draynor Village.

Map Reference

For visual guidance, refer to the map below to pinpoint Spria's exact location within Draynor Village.

Spria Location

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Spria's Slayer Task

1. Crawling Hands: These eerie creatures make for an introductory Slayer task, offering a low-level challenge.

2. Banshees: Tasked with dealing with these wailing foes, you'll face a moderate challenge suitable for mid-level players.

3. Cave Bugs: Engaging these creatures provides a task suitable for beginners, offering a simple and quick assignment.

4. Cave Crawlers: These subterranean critters present a task that can be efficiently completed by players with moderate combat skills.

5. Basilisks: Confronting basilisks offers a mid-level challenge, requiring a bit more combat prowess and strategy.

6. Cockatrice: These avian adversaries pose a mid-level challenge, demanding players to harness their combat skills effectively.

7. Kalphite: Venturing into the Kalphite lair provides an assignment for players with higher combat levels, promising greater rewards.

8. Jellies: Engaging these gelatinous foes offers a task suitable for players with moderate combat abilities.

9. Turoths: Tackling turoths presents a mid-level challenge, ideal for those seeking a mix of combat and Slayer experience.

10. Trolls: This assignment brings players to the realm of trolls, offering a moderate challenge for seasoned adventurers.


In conclusion, Spria is not just a Slayer master but a character deeply entwined with the rich narrative of OSRS. Her transition from a quest character to a Slayer master highlights her significance in the game world. As players embark on their journeys, they will undoubtedly encounter Spria and her intriguing tasks, adding depth to their adventures in Gielinor.

Spria's legacy as the daughter of Turael and her role as a Slayer master make her an essential figure in the OSRS universe, enriching the experience for all who cross her path. Whether you seek to complete Slayer tasks or uncover the lore of the game, Spria is a character worth knowing and understanding in-depth.