OSRS Herb Sack Guide

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Herb Sack Guide OSRS

Herblore is a crucial skill in Old School RuneScape that allows players to create potions with various effects. These potions can enhance combat abilities, restore health, boost skills, and provide other useful benefits. As you progress in the game, having access to a wide range of potions becomes essential for efficient bossing, player-versus-player combat, and general gameplay. Obtaining the Herb Sack will significantly aid you in your Herblore journey by providing additional storage for herbs, making it an invaluable item for ironman accounts and regular players alike.

The Herb Sack is a valuable item for players in Old School RuneScape (OSRS) who train the Herblore skill. It allows you to store up to 30 different types of herbs and secondary ingredients, enabling you to collect and store more materials for your potions, making your Herblore training more efficient.

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Using the Herb Sack

Herb sack detail.png

The Herb Sack is a convenient tool for any player looking to train Herblore or gather herbs for profit. After obtaining it, simply equip or place it in your inventory to start using it.

To store herbs in the Herb Sack, collect herbs and secondary ingredients as you normally would. When you have any type of herb in your inventory, right-click the Herb Sack and select the "Add herb" option. This will transfer the herbs from your inventory to the Herb Sack. Repeat this process until you have stored all the desired herbs.

The Herb Sack can hold up to 30 of each type of herb or secondary ingredient. When you wish to use the stored herbs, right-click the Herb Sack and select the "Empty herbs" option. This will transfer the stored herbs back to your inventory, ready to be used in potion-making or sold in the market.

Benefits of the Herb Sack:

The Herb Sack offers several advantages for OSRS players:

Increased storage capacity: Storing up to 30 different types of herbs allows you to collect and store more ingredients for your potions, making it especially useful for Herblore training or Slayer activities.

Enhanced efficiency: With the Herb Sack, you no longer need to worry about running out of inventory space while collecting herbs. This allows you to train or gather for longer periods without interruptions.

Profit boost: By storing more herbs, you can accumulate larger quantities to sell in the market, potentially leading to increased profits over time.

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How to Obtain

To obtain the Herb Sack in Old School RuneScape, you need to fulfill the following requirements:

100% Hosidius Favor: You must have achieved 100% favor in the Hosidius House to access the Tithe Farm mini-game, where you can obtain the Herb Sack as a reward.

Minimum 34 Farming: You need to have a Farming level of at least 34 to participate in the Tithe Farm mini-game and receive the Herb Sack.

Spade and Seed Dibber: Make sure to bring a spade and a seed dibber with you to the Tithe Farm, as you will need them during the mini-game.

6-8 Watering Cans: It is recommended to bring 6-8 watering cans with you to the Tithe Farm to water the plants efficiently.

Tithe Farm:

tithe farm location

The Tithe Farm is a mini-game located in the Hosidius House of Great Kourend in Old School RuneScape. It is a unique farming activity that allows players to grow crops and earn points, which can be exchanged for various rewards, including the highly sought-after Herb Sack.

To access the Tithe Farm, you need to have at least 100% favor in the Hosidius House. If you don't have the favor yet, you can earn it by completing various tasks within the House, such as delivering food to the soldiers or helping the farmers.

Once you have the required favor, head to the Hosidius House and locate the Tithe Farm, which is east of the Hosidius Kitchen. Speak to Farmer Gricoller to learn more about the mini-game and how it works.

In the Tithe Farm, you will be planting and harvesting crops known as Golovanova seeds. These seeds can be acquired from Farmer Gricoller or by trading with other players. To plant the seeds, use a seed dibber on the tilled soil patches. After planting, water the seeds with a watering can to help them grow faster.

As the crops grow, you must harvest them by using a spade on the fully grown plants. Each harvest will grant you a certain number of points based on your performance. The more efficient you are in planting and harvesting, the more points you'll earn.

You can use the points you've earned to purchase rewards from Farmer Gricoller's reward shop. One of the most valuable rewards is the Herb Sack, which costs 250 points. The Herb Sack is a useful item that can hold up to 30 different types of herbs and secondary ingredients, making it essential for Herblore training and farming.


In the Tithe Farm, you will be planting and harvesting Golovanova seeds of various tiers. The higher the tier of the seed, the more points you will earn for each successful harvest. As you progress and become more efficient in the mini-game, you can aim to plant and harvest higher-tier seeds to maximize your point gains.

Remember, the points you earn can be exchanged for various rewards, including the coveted Herb Sack, which can be a game-changer for herb farming and Herblore training. Good luck with your Tithe Farming, and may you reap bountiful rewards!

Efficient Herb Sack Usage:


Now that you have obtained the Herb Sack, it's time to put it to good use and optimize your Herblore training. Here are some tips on how to efficiently use the Herb Sack:

1. Herb Runs: Incorporate regular herb runs into your daily routine. Visit herb patches across RuneScape, such as the ones in Falador, Ardougne, and Catherby, and use the Herb Sack to store the herbs you harvest. This will save you inventory space and allow you to gather more herbs during each run.

2. Slayer Training: If you're an ironman or looking to train Slayer efficiently, the Herb Sack is incredibly handy. As you slay monsters and receive herb drops, you can store them directly in the Herb Sack. This eliminates the need to constantly bank and withdraw herbs, saving you time and improving your Slayer experience rates.

3. Bossing and PvM: The Herb Sack is also beneficial for bossing and player-versus-monster (PvM) activities. When you receive herb drops from boss monsters, you can instantly store them in the Herb Sack without interrupting your combat. This allows you to focus on the battle and collect valuable herbs simultaneously.

4. Herb Cleaning: The Herb Sack makes herb cleaning a breeze. When you have a large collection of grimy herbs, simply head to a Herblore shop, such as the one in Taverley, and clean all your herbs at once using the Herb Sack. This saves you from the tedium of individually cleaning each herb and speeds up the process significantly.

5. Extended Slayer Tasks: Some Slayer monsters drop large quantities of herbs, which can quickly fill up your inventory. With the Herb Sack, you can extend your Slayer tasks and stay at the monsters longer without having to worry about running out of inventory space for herb drops.

Farming Experience and Herb Sack:

For ironman accounts, farming herbs is a crucial source of Herblore materials and experience. With the Herb Sack, you can store herbs gathered from your farming runs, allowing you to accumulate larger quantities before needing to make potions. This contributes to faster Herblore leveling and a more efficient use of your farming efforts.

Flexibility and Convenience:

The Herb Sack offers flexibility and convenience in managing your herbs. With a capacity of 420 herbs, you can save a significant amount of inventory space during various activities. Additionally, it eliminates the need to frequently bank or drop herbs, making your gameplay smoother and more enjoyable.

Sharing the Knowledge:

As you progress in your Herblore journey and master the efficient use of the Herb Sack, consider sharing your knowledge with fellow players. Participate in community discussions, join forums, or even create guides and tutorials to help others understand the benefits and strategies of using the Herb Sack. Sharing your insights can contribute to a more knowledgeable and supportive OSRS community, where players can exchange tips and tricks to enhance their gameplay.