OSRS ToA Akkha, Guardian of the Het Guide

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Akkha, Guardian of the Het Guide OSRS

Akkha is the formidable boss of the Path of Het in ToA, presenting a unique challenge that requires the tactical use of the three attack methods to overcome his protection sentences. He is considered one of the toughest bosses, especially in solo encounters.

Old School RuneScape on X: "🏜 Akkha made the mistake of joining a cult  following Amascut. 💀 During a ritual, the poison used by Akkha failed to  work correctly, trapping him on

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For this confrontation you will have to use your entire arsenal, since this boss defends and attacks with all combat styles and here we will give you the best weapon options to face him.

Magic:                         Melee:                            Ranged:

1. Tumeken's shadow                       1. Osmumten's fang:                             1. Toxic blowpipe:

Tumeken's shadow (uncharged) detail.png                    Osmumten's fang detail.png                               Toxic blowpipe detail.png
2. Sanguinesti staff:                           2. Ghrazi rapier:                                    2. Bow of faerdhinen:

Sanguinesti staff (uncharged) detail.png                      Ghrazi rapier detail.png                               Bow of faerdhinen detail.png

3. Trident of the swamp:                     3. Zamorakian hasta:                            3. Zaryte crossbow:

Uncharged toxic trident detail.png                            Zamorakian hasta detail.png                                Zaryte crossbow detail.png

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Basic Attacks:

Akkha employs melee, ranged, and magic attacks in a predetermined cycle. He changes his protection sentences during the battle, demanding constant adaptation.

In the final phase, he ceases to use basic attacks and introduces four special attacks.

Special Attacks:

Memory Blast:

Akkha's memory blast attack. The player correctly remembers where to stand.

1. Activated every seven hits or after a minute without being hit seven times.
2. Alters protection sentences and triggers a pattern of symbols (fire, skull, lightning, ice).
3. Move to specific areas according to the symbol order to avoid damage and side effects.

Side Effects:

Fire: Periodic bleeding and contagion to nearby team members.

Shadow: Rapid but low damage.

Lightning: Damage and temporary deactivation of protection sentences.

Ice: Damage and temporary slowing of attack speed.

Trailing Orbs:

1. Akkha summons orbs based on the current symbol area.
2. These orbs follow your movement; avoid moving towards them to prevent damage.

Moving Orbs:

Akkha's final stand. The unstable orbs move in one direction, as indicated by the arrows under them.

1. Akkha restores 20% of his health in the first phase and summons moving orbs.
2. Avoid being hit by the orbs to minimize damage.
3. Use of the Redemption prayer is discouraged.

Final Phase:

1. Only melee attacks are effective.
2. Akkha summons defeated shadows; you must defeat them to continue the fight.
3. Use the special attack of dragon claws to inflict significant damage.

Team Attack:

1. In a team raid, Akkha activates "Detonate."
2. All your team members should stand in different rows or columns or on the same tile to avoid taking damage.

Akkha's Invocations

The fight with Akkha can be made more challenging with the use of the following invocations. Should players have the Path Level invocations active, every two levels will cause the following:

- An additional iteration to the Memory Blast attack

- The unstable orbs deal more damage (still capped at 25 damage)


Akkha icon.png Keep Back (+10 raid level): Akkha's ranged and magic attacks will also deal melee damage if you are next to him.

Akkha icon.png Stay Vigilant (+10 raid level): Akkha will randomly switch between attack styles and protection prayers.

Akkha icon.png Feeling Special? (+15 raid level): The Detonate attack will trigger in more directions (not in solo). The Memory Blast attack will only provide two ticks for players to move between safe quadrants. The Trailing Orbs attack spawns an additional orb two tiles in front of the player.

Akkha icon.png Double Trouble (+20 raid level): Akkha will perform two special attacks at once (Memory Blast & Trailing Orbs if you are soloing; two of Detonate, Memory Blast, and Trailing Orbs if you are in a team).