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Medium Clue Guide OSRS

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Medium Clue Scrolls, coveted as valuable drops, can be acquired as random rewards from a wide range of mid-level monsters. These scrolls serve as the starting point for a thrilling Treasure Trail adventure, beckoning players to embark on a scavenger hunt across the vast realm of Gielinor. Upon successfully completing the trail, players are bestowed with a diverse array of rewards, selected randomly from a specific pool. These rewards can include exceedingly rare and precious items, ranging from mithril armor to coveted ranger boots.

Medium clue scrolls are relatively accessible and straightforward to obtain and complete. They present a moderate challenge and offer rewards commensurate with their difficulty. These scrolls introduce coordinate clues and present more intricate puzzles compared to their easier counterparts. Occasionally, players may even find themselves facing off against a variety of monsters, ranging from harmless chickens to formidable Market Guards. Importantly, medium clue scrolls do not lead players into the perilous wilderness.

A medium clue scroll typically encompasses a series of 3 to 5 steps, requiring players to solve puzzles and follow clues across the game world. Successfully concluding the journey yields a medium casket, containing the ultimate reward for the trail. Upon completing 400 medium clue scrolls, players are honored with a clueless scroll.

Just like with other tiers of clue scrolls, players can only hold one medium clue scroll at a time, either in their possession, stored in the bank, or safeguarded in death's office. However, it's crucial to note that if a player perishes in the treacherous wilderness while holding a medium clue scroll above level 20, the scroll will vanish, regardless of whether the death occurs in player-versus-player combat or not. The only exceptions are if the scroll is an item kept on death or if the player possesses a clue box. In less hazardous parts of the wilderness, unprotected clue scrolls will either remain on the ground for an hour if killed by another player or remain intact in the player's inventory if slain by a monster.

Interestingly, there's a rare chance (1 in 256) that a one-time medium clue scroll can be obtained by feeding bananas to a monkey. When this fortuitous event occurs, players receive a message in their chat box, proclaiming, "The monkey chews on the banana and spits out a clue!"

Lastly, players can exchange a medium clue scroll, along with easy, hard, and elite clue scrolls, with Watson to obtain a coveted master clue scroll, opening the door to even more challenging adventures and richer rewards.

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Additional Requirements for ironmen

Additional requirements for ironmen

Quest Requirements

In certain instances, specific clues may demand access to particular areas that could be restricted by quest requirements. However, it's worth noting that in some cases, merely initiating the relevant quest is sufficient to gain access to the required area. This adds an extra layer of complexity to the clue-solving experience in "RuneScape," as players may need to progress in quests to unlock the necessary locations for clue completion.

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Medium clue puzzles in OSRS are engaging and enigmatic challenges that players must solve to progress in their Treasure Trails quests. These puzzles come in various forms and require a combination of logic, observation, and game knowledge to overcome. Successfully solving these puzzles is essential for completing your medium clue scrolls.

Here are some examples of the types of puzzles you can encounter in medium clue scrolls:

1. Anagrams: In these puzzles, you'll be given a series of letters that you must rearrange to form a meaningful word or phrase. For example, if you receive "RAT IN THE HAT," you must discover that it translates to "THAT IN THE HAT" and search for a hat in the game.

2. Cryptic Clues: These puzzles often provide a cryptic hint that guides you to a specific location in the game world or directs you to take a particular action. For instance, a clue might say, "Where birds land in odd numbers and fish cross, seek your next destination." This could refer to a location in the game where there are birds and fish in a specific arrangement.

3. Maps and Coordinates: Some clues will provide you with maps or coordinates that you must follow to reach a specific location. You must use these maps to identify the location and then navigate there in the game.

4. Object Puzzles: Occasionally, you'll be asked to interact with objects in the game in a specific way. For example, you might receive a clue that says, "Strike the gong in Varrock." You must find the gong in Varrock and click on it.

The diversity of these puzzles makes the medium clue scroll experience exciting and challenging. Solving them will take time and patience, but in the end, the rewards are well worth it! If you ever find yourself stuck on a puzzle, you can always turn to online guides or seek help from other players to overcome them.

Possible Rewards

The typical value of the loot obtained from a medium clue scroll averages at 38,884.00. However, if we exclude the highly sought-after ranger boots, the expected value of each loot roll amounts to 8,687.00.

On average, the total worth of medium clue scrolls adds up to 155,538.00, but when we remove the value of ranger boots, the average drops to 34,749.00.

In addition to the unique rewards exclusive to Treasure Trails, players may also receive a diverse array of other items as part of their loot. For a more comprehensive list of all potential rewards, you can refer to the detailed overview available at "reward casket (medium)."