OSRS ToA Kephri, Guardian of Scabaras Guide

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Kephri, Guardian of Scabaras Guide OSRS

Kephri serves as the Guardian of Scabaras, embodying the isolation aspect of Tumeken. It is recommended to face her with the Keris partisan, a melee weapon obtained as a reward in the "Beneath Cursed Sands" quest in Old School RuneScape (OSRS). Before initiating the combat, it is advised to consume a dose of super combat potion and teleport to the boss room.

Tombs of Amascut - Kephri Guide - Old School Runescape Guides

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For the fight against Kephril we recommend using the Keris partisan, which is a weapon that is given to you as a reward in the Beneath Cursed Sands quest.

1. Osmumten's fang:

Osmumten's fang detail.png

2. Keris partisan of breaching:

Keris partisan of breaching detail.png

4. Keris partisan:
Keris partisan detail.png

5. Ghrazi rapier:

Ghrazi rapier detail.png

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Basic Attacks:

During the battle, Kephri will hurl fireballs at the player. Shadows of these fireballs will appear on the floor tiles. It is crucial to move quickly to another square before the fireballs hit to avoid taking damage.

Note: Moving too early will cause the fireball to land on the current square. Observe the shadows before making any movement.

Special Attacks:

Kephri has two special attacks: "Dung Strike" and "Mass Incubation."

1. Dung Strike: Kephri will knock down the player and release a wall of dung to block the path. Before executing the attack, flies will buzz around. It is recommended for team members to group together to concentrate the dung in one place. Quickly moving away from the dung wall is crucial when the attack occurs.

A Soldier Scarab trapped between two rows of dung, preventing it from moving out and attacking the player.

2. Mass Incubation: Kephri will throw eggs throughout the area, which will explode in a 3x3 area later. It is necessary to stay away from the eggs, as the explosion inflicts damage. After the explosion, agile beetles will appear. Ignore the eggs and activate the "Protect from Missiles" prayer when the agile beetles appear.

Mass Incubation

Overview of the Fight (Solo):

The player must attack Kephri to deplete her shield three times before directly facing her. It is crucial to move to avoid the fireballs during the battle. It is recommended to consume a dose of Super Combat Potion and Antidote++, and activate the Piety prayer before teleporting to Kephri's room. Paying attention to prayer and health loss is essential throughout the battle. If necessary, drinking prayer or super restore potions and Saradomin brews can be helpful.

First Shield: Continue attacking with Piety activated. Upon the egg explosion, activate the "Protect from Missiles" prayer when the agile beetles appear.

Second Shield: After the shield recovers, Kephri will attack again. Bomber beetles will no longer appear. Maintain the attack with Piety and Protect from Missiles.

Recurring Beetles: Swarms of beetles and bomber beetles will reappear, restoring Kephri's shields and attacking the player.

Arcane Beetle: Will appear in the corner with an explosive swarm (red). Eliminate it first to avoid significant damage. Pay attention to its movement, as it can change corners and recharge.

Soldier Beetle: Will appear and attack in melee. Eliminate it after the Arcane Beetle to avoid damage and healing to Kephri in the next battle.

Constant Attention: Monitor the Bomber Beetles and their prayer and health drain.

Third Shield and Final Battle: Move and attack Kephri as in previous phases. Once her final shield is depleted, she will perform a "Dung Strike" immediately. Defeating her will complete the challenge.

Kephri's Invocations

The fight with Kephri can be made more challenging with the use of the following invocations. Should players have the Path Level invocations active, every two levels will cause the following:

- Kephri's auto-attacks will be faster.
- During the shield recharge phase, groups of three scarab swarms may appear instead of one. The frequency of these increase at raid level 4.


Kephri icon.png Lively Larvae (+10 raid level) - More eggs launched in the Mass Incubation attack will hatch Agile Scarabs.

Kephri icon.png More Overlords (+10 raid level) - Add a Soldier Scarab during the first shield charging phase and a Spitting Scarab during the second shield charging phase.

Kephri icon.png Aerial Assault (+10 raid level) - Kephri's main attack (the Fireballs) will do significantly more damage, and AoE increases from 1x1 to 3x3. So does the Bomber Scarabs' attack.

Kephri icon.png Blowing Mud (+10 raid level) - Kephri's dung special attack will be twice as potent.

Kephri icon.png Medic! (+15 raid level) - Scarab swarms will continue to spawn and recover Kephri's shield during the battle.