OSRS ToA Zebak, Guardian of Crondis Guide

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Zebak, Guardian of Crondis Guide

Zebak plays the role of the Guardian of Crondis, the avatar of Tumeken's wit. He is considered the most manageable boss in the raid due to his blockable attacks and relatively simple mechanics.

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For the confrontation against Zebak you must use ranged or magic styles to avoid his melee attacks.

1. Twisted bow:

Twisted bow detail.png

2. Bow of faerdhinen:

Bow of faerdhinen detail.png

3. Zaryte crossbow:

Zaryte crossbow detail.png

4. Tumeken's shadow:

Tumeken's shadow (uncharged) detail.png 

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Basic Attacks:

Zebak uses all three attack styles: melee, ranged, and magic.

1. Melee: He will attack you with melee strikes when you are within his range. This type of attack inflicts a bleeding effect that causes damage if you move. It is advised to avoid melee attacks.

2. Magic: A pot will appear overhead, followed by a red ball that will fall to attack you. You can activate the "Protect from Magic" prayer upon seeing the pot.

3. Ranged: A large rock will appear overhead, which will then fragment into smaller rocks to attack you. Activate the "Protect from Missiles" prayer upon seeing the large rock.

Note: Both magic and ranged attacks only inflict damage when they hit you, so you still have time to use the prayer when you see the pot or rock.

Special Attacks:

When Zebak's health reaches 85%, 70%, 55%, and 40%, he will execute one of the following two special attacks, alternating between them. If Zebak's health falls below the rage points threshold before a special attack, it will be canceled.

1. Grand Roar: During the fight, Zebak will throw jars (hit them to remove poison if necessary), poison (avoid standing on it), and rocks to the ground. After several basic attacks, he will unleash a Grand Roar that deals massive damage three times.

Zebak's roar attack. The player has cleared the acid pools around the rocks and is standing behind them to avoid massive damage.

How to avoid Grand Roar damage:

- Select a jar and push it towards the rock to break it, thus removing the poison from the ground. Then, stand behind the rock to avoid Grand Roar damage.
- If you can't push a jar before the roar, move to a poison-free area to avoid further damage.
- Position yourself along the rear wall of the boss room if you couldn't push the jar to mitigate roar damage.
- Consume food if your health is low when the roar occurs.

2. Tidal Waves: Zebak will throw more jars and poison (without rocks) before triggering Tidal Waves. You can move to areas with less poison and run between the spaces of the waves to avoid taking damage.

Zebak's wave attack. The acid pools will clear up as the wave passes by.

- If a wave hits you, you will take damage and be pushed into the water. Climb the rock steps as quickly as possible.

Zebak's Invocations

The fight with Zebak can be made more challenging with the use of the following invocations. Should players have the Path Level invocations active, every two levels will cause the following:

- Zebak's auto-attacks will be faster. This speed only affects the projectile launch, not when it shatters into the team below.
- The Tidal Waves open gap is tightened by one tile.


Zebak icon.png Not Just a Head (+15 raid level): Zebak will perform the blood magic.

Zebak icon.png Arterial Spray (+5 raid level, Not Just a Head must be active): Zebak's blood magic's radius and healing will increase.

Zebak icon.png Blood Thinners (+10 raid level, Not Just a Head must be active): Zebak will summon three blood magic spawns. Don't let them touch you.

Zebak icon.png Upset Stomach (+5 raid level): Zebak's acid pools will have increased spread, and jugs will be less effective.