OSRS ToA Ba-Ba, Guardian of Apmeken Guide


Ba-Ba, Guardian of Apmeken Guide OSRS

Official artwork of the Ba-Ba encounter.

Ba-Ba is the Guardian of Apmeken, the companion avatar of Tumeken. We recommend facing her using melee or ranged attacks. Be alert to her special attacks, as they can pose a threat if you're not paying attention. It is also advisable to avoid using the salve amulet, as it has no effect against her.

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As for the equipment to face Ba-Ba, we suggest that you use the melee style that deals high damage in "Stab" and the ranged styles, although the ranged style can only be used for one of its special attacks. Below we will show you the best weapon options you can in this combat.

1. Osmumten's fang:

Osmumten's fang detail.png

2. Bow of faerdhinen:

Bow of faerdhinen detail.png

3. Ghrazi rapier:

Ghrazi rapier detail.png

4. Zamorakian hasta:

Zamorakian hasta detail.png

5. Dragon sword:

Dragon sword detail.png

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Basic Attacks:

Ba-Ba uses melee attacks throughout the battle. Activate the "Protect from Melee" prayer to reduce the damage received.

Special Attacks:

1. Shockwave: Ba-Ba will cease melee attacks for a brief moment, preparing to strike the ground forcefully. This attack is indicated by a cross-shaped shadow on the ground, creating a 5x5 area of effect (AOE). Click to move quickly and avoid damage. If you are within the area, the damage varies by location, being higher at the center and decreasing towards the edges.

2. Rockfall: Ba-Ba will hurl large rocks from above at random locations in the room. These rocks will cause damage if not avoided. Click to move away and avoid damage. Stay close to a fallen rock, as Ba-Ba will throw an additional large rock, inflicting significant damage. Being next to the rock will absorb some of the damage, reducing adverse effects.

A player stands next to a large rock, mitigating Ba-Ba's throwing boulder attack.

Note: Ba-Ba may occasionally perform the shockwave after launching the large rock. Exercise caution!

Team Tip: In a team, each member should position themselves near different rocks. If the team has an even number of players, distribute evenly.

3. Baboon's Discharge: Ba-Ba will summon two level 77 baboons that attack from a distance. Eliminate them if possible. Otherwise, the baboons may attack the sarcophagi on the sides of the room, opening them. If opened, they will release red energy around, causing damage if you stand on it. Move away from the open sarcophagi to avoid damage.

4. Rolling Stones: Ba-Ba will push you to the back of the room and launch rolling stones at 66% and 33% health. There are five stones in total, one of which is different. Attack with Ranged to destroy it, as you can only inflict a maximum hit with Ranged. After attacking, move quickly to the next one and repeat. If the stones hit you, they will knock you down and cause damage.

Rolling Stones

Note: You can deal more damage from a distance with a higher-level bow or crossbow.

- You can disable your prayer while Ba-Ba is launching the rolling stones.

Ba-Ba's Invocations

The confrontation with Ba-Ba can become more intense with the inclusion of certain summoning effects. If players have activated path-level summoning, every two levels will trigger the following effects:

- The descent speed of rocks from the ceiling will increase significantly.
- The potential area of effect (AoE) of an open sarcophagus will be enhanced.
- Rocks will gain additional health: 2 extra points at level 2, reaching a total of 27 health, and 4 additional points at level 4, totaling 31 health.


Ba-Ba icon.png Jungle Japes (+5 raid level) - The baboons (summoned in Baboon's Discharge) will leave a banana peel after death. It will stun you for three seconds and deal a small amount of damage.

Ba-Ba icon.png Mind the Gap! (+10 raid level) - If Ba-Ba knocks you back to the pit at the entrance, you will die. Remember to move to any side (with the sarcophaguses) of the area when her health is close to 66% and 33%.

Ba-Ba icon.png Shaking Things Up (+10 raid level) - The AOE of Shockwave increases from 3x3 to 5x5.

Ba-Ba icon.png Boulderdash (+10 raid level) - The rolling stones will spawn faster.

Ba-Ba icon.png Gotta Have Faith (+10 raid level) - The red energy from the sarcophaguses will deal bonus damage according to how many prayer points you are losing.