OSRS Third Age Equipment

The 3rd Age Equipment OSRS


The 3rd Age equipment in Old School RuneScape (OSRS) is a set of highly sought-after armors and weapons known for their unique and rare design. These items originate from an ancient era within the game and are considered luxurious due to their distinctive appearance and scarcity. They are coveted by wealthy players and collectors aiming to stand out in the game. Obtaining them can be challenging, and their market value can be exorbitant due to their rarity.

The 3rd age melee armour

3rd Age armour is the rarest melee set in Old School RuneScape. It requires level 65 Defence to wear and can be obtained through Treasure Trails. While offering higher defence bonuses than Bandos armour, it lacks the same Strength and Prayer bonuses. Some players wear it as a display of wealth.

The 3rd age melee armourmelee set


stats melee

The 3rd age mage robes

3rd Age mage robes are a powerful set of non-degradable Magic armor in Old School RuneScape. Requiring level 65 Magic and level 30 Defence to wear, they are the second most potent non-degradable Magic gear in the game. Obtaining 3rd Age mage equipment is possible through hard, elite, and master tier Treasure Trails.

Compared to infinity and mystic robes, 3rd Age mage robes offer higher Magic bonuses but are surpassed by Ahrim's and ancestral robes in terms of bonuses, including Magic damage. The 3rd Age wand shares stats with the master wand, but it requires an additional 5 Magic levels and cannot autocast Ancient Magicks. Due to its exorbitant cost, it's considered an inferior option to the more accessible master wand for most players.

The 3rd age mage robesmage set


stats mage

The 3rd Age ranger kit

The 3rd Age ranger kit is a formidable set of non-degradable Ranged armor in Old School RuneScape. Requiring level 65 Ranged and level 45 Defence to wear, it ranks as the fourth most potent non-degradable Ranged gear in the game. Obtaining 3rd Age range equipment is possible through hard, elite, and master tier Treasure Trails.

While 3rd Age range armor shares similarities with black dragonhide armor, it boasts higher magic defense bonuses. However, it falls short in overall bonuses compared to Karil's equipment, Armadyl armor, and Masori armor, and is also outperformed in damage by Elite Void Knight equipment.

The 3rd Age ranger kitranger set


range stats

The 3rd Age Druidic robes

3rd age druidic robes are a prestigious set of equipment in Old School RuneScape. Requiring level 65 Prayer to wear, these robes can only be obtained through master Treasure Trails; they are neither sold in stores nor craftable through the Crafting skill. In contrast to RuneScape's version, the 3rd age druidic wreath is not available in Old School RuneScape. This is because the druidic wreath, a reward from midsummer events, already exists in the game.

The 3rd Age Druidic robesdruidic set


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Additionally 3rd age ítems

Additionally 3rd age ítems stats

Due to its high demand and scarcity, the price of 3rd Age equipment in the OSRS Grand Exchange can be exorbitant and fluctuate significantly over time. It serves as a luxury investment for wealthy players and collectors seeking to stand out with rare and aesthetically appealing items while facing the challenges of the game.

In Old School RuneScape, 3rd Age equipment is primarily used as a luxury and status option for wealthy players and collectors. Due to its rarity and distinctive design, many players seek to obtain it to showcase their wealth and stand out in the game.

However, in terms of practical utility, 3rd Age equipment is generally not the most efficient choice for combat compared to other armors and weapons available in the game. While it offers decent defensive and offensive bonuses, there are more accessible and effective options that provide similar or even superior benefits without the same cost.

In summary, 3rd Age equipment is highly valued for its rarity and aesthetic appeal, and its main use is as a status symbol and a collector's item for those who have the resources to acquire it. For most players, there are more practical and cost-effective options for combat and overall gameplay.