1-120 Dungeoneering guide RS3

1-120 Dungeoneering Guide

To start

Level 1-29: Floors 1-4

Start by completing floors solo in Complexity 2 mode. This mode gives you access to all skill gates and provides a good balance between difficulty and efficiency.

Focus on cleaning rooms, solving puzzles and killing monsters to gain experience.

Prioritize opening as many doors as possible, as this will give you access to higher level areas and better rewards.

Use the map and the Ring of Fellowship to navigate the dungeon more efficiently.

Level 30-59: Floors 5-17

Start considering building a team of 2-5 players to speed up dungeon exploration and increase efficiency.

Continue to Complexity 2 mode for faster floors and better rewards.

Prioritize locked doors as they lead to bonus rooms with additional experience and rewards.

Dungeoneering links are crucial at this stage. Link the best weaponry you can use and consider secondary links for armor or food.

Focus on completing the floors as quickly as possible while still getting a good experience.

Level 60-99: Floors 18-29

Continue the team-based approach on floors 18-29, but consider increasing the complexity to 4 for better rewards.

Start focusing on optimizing your roaming and room cleaning strategy to reduce time spent on each floor.

Consider using the "Occult" and "Warped" floors for faster experience, as they have more rooms and higher experience rewards.

Begins to use teleportation with group stones to facilitate team movement.

Aim to complete floors in 15-20 minutes for maximum efficiency.

Level 100-119: Hidden Floors, Distorted Floors, and Abandoned Floors

At level 100, you gain access to the Hidden floors. These floors are the fastest to gain experience and should be prioritized.

Focus on speed and efficiency when jumping unnecessary rooms and puzzles.

Continue increasing the complexity to 6 for better rewards.

Start exploring the Distorted floors for additional experience and rewards.

Use advanced tactics like skipping bosses and engaging in Sinkhole Warp for additional experience.

Aim to complete floors in less than 10-15 minutes for maximum efficiency.

Level 120: Elite Dungeons and Completionist Cloak

At level 120, you have access to Elite Dungeons. These dungeons offer tough challenges, unique rewards, and elite pets.

Continue completing Hidden and Distorted floors to gain experience.

Focus on mastering Elite Dungeons for unique rewards and prestige.

Aim to get either the Completionist Cloak or the Quest Master Cloak, which requires all floors and challenges to be completed.

Remember to regularly upgrade your equipment, link higher level weapons and armor, and use various potions and prayer abilities to improve your combat effectiveness.