OSRS Top 5 Crush Weapon Tier List

OSRS Top 5 Crush Weapon Tier List

Dragon Warhammer

Requirements: 60 Strength

The Dragon Warhammer is unequivocally the most exceptional crush weapon in "Old School RuneScape" (OSRS) accessible to any player with just 60 Strength. Its versatility for both PvM and PvP is unparalleled. However, obtaining it demands a significant grind, given its rarity as a drop from Lizardman shamans. For those who have not restricted themselves to Ironman mode, purchasing the Dragon Warhammer from the Grand Exchange is highly recommended, given its immense value.


Elder Maul


Requirements: 75 Attack and 75 Strength

The Elder Maul in "Old School RuneScape" (OSRS) indeed surpasses the Godswords in terms of strength bonuses, making it the best tier crush weapon in the game. It boasts an impressive crush bonus of +135, making it a formidable choice for PvP scenarios and less commonly used in PvM.

Inquisitor’s Mace

Requirements: 80 Attack

The Inquisitor's Mace in "Old School RuneScape" (OSRS) stands out as the sole one-handed crush weapon, and it proves highly effective in combat. With its crush bonus of +95, it offers substantial damage output, complemented by a +2 Prayer bonus, making it an attractive choice for players seeking both offensive and defensive capabilities.

Unlike the Abyssal Bludgeon, the Inquisitor's Mace allows players to equip an Avernic defender, further boosting their combat prowess. This unique combination of weapon and shield enhances a player's survivability and makes the Inquisitor's Mace even more appealing for challenging encounters.

The Abyssal Bludgeon

Requirements: 70 Attack and 70 Strength

The Abyssal Bludgeon is an exceptional crush weapon with a specific acquisition method. To obtain this powerful weapon, players must combine three untradeable pieces: the Bludgeon spine, Bludgeon claw, and Bludgeon axon. All three components can be acquired by killing the Abyssal Sire and receiving an unsired drop, which can then be converted into one of the three pieces at the Font of Consumption.

With a strength bonus of +85 and an impressive crush bonus of +102, the Abyssal Bludgeon proves to be a formidable choice for combat. Its attack speed of 2.4 seconds is unique among two-handed weapons, matching that of the Rune Scimitar. This exceptional speed makes it one of the best crush weapons for specific slayer tasks and other combat situations where rapid attacks are desired.

Hill Giant Club

Requirements: 40 Attack

The Hill Giant Club in "Old School RuneScape" (OSRS) is indeed a weapon primarily used in free-to-play worlds or by low-level players. In these contexts, it stands out as the best free-to-play crush weapon, particularly for player killers.

While the Hill Giant Club's requirement level to equip it may be lower than other weapons, it remains comparable to a rune 2-handed sword in terms of performance. Although the rune 2-handed sword boasts a superior slash bonus, the Hill Giant Club excels with its outstanding crush bonus of 65+, unmatched by any other free-to-play weapon.


Keep in mind that the effectiveness of weapons can vary depending on the situation and playstyle, so it is always advisable to try different weapons and strategies to find the one that best suits your needs.