OSRS Kudo guide


OSRS Kudo guide

Kudos in Old School RuneScape are rewards for assisting the staff at the Varrock Museum. By helping the museum staff, players earn Kudos, which are not spent but accumulated. The Kudos count is displayed in the upper left corner of the screen when earned. Players can also check their Kudos count and incomplete tasks by right-clicking the information booth on the Museum's ground floor.

Earning 100 or more Kudos is necessary to access Fossil Island. Previously, the maximum Kudos was 153, allowing access to the Digsite. However, with the Fossil Island update, additional tasks were introduced, and more Kudos can now be earned beyond the previous maximum.

As players complete specific tasks and reach certain Kudos thresholds, various rewards are given by the museum staff. These rewards can include access to new exhibits, displays, and other benefits, making Kudos an essential currency for exploring and enjoying content in the Varrock Museum and beyond.

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How to get them

A player can earn a maximum of 225 Kudos in the Varrock Museum activity through four different methods:

Cleaning finds (50 Kudos)

Answering Orlando Smith's natural history quiz (28 Kudos)

Relating details of certain completed quests to Historian Minas (75 Kudos)

Completing fossil exhibits (72 Kudos)

1. Varrock Museum Quiz: Speak to the Historian Minas on the first floor of the Varrock Museum and complete the Varrock Museum Quiz. Answering all the questions correctly will grant you Kudos.

2. Fossil Cleaning: After completing the Museum Quiz, you can participate in Fossil Cleaning on the ground floor of the Varrock Museum. Cleaning different fossils will reward you with additional Kudos points.

3. Medium Varrock Achievement Diary: Completing the Medium Varrock Achievement Diary grants 2 Kudos. This task requires various achievements in the city of Varrock.

4. Completing Displays: Certain natural history displays in the Varrock Museum can be completed by adding the correct fossils or artifacts. Each completed display rewards you with additional Kudos points.

5. Fossil Island Activities: On Fossil Island, various activities can provide Kudos:

"The Forsaken Tower" miniquest (1 Kudos)

"Bone Voyage" quest (3 Kudos)

"Hardwood Grove" miniquest (1 Kudos)

"Mushroom Forest" miniquest (1 Kudos)

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Completing quests

Upon completing certain quests in Old School RuneScape, players can go to the first floor of the Varrock Museum and talk to Historian Minas. Doing so will provide a short explanation of the quest they are "turning in" and reward them with Kudos and/or antique lamps. The antique lamps can grant 1,000 or 10,000 experience in a skill of the player's choice, depending on their skill levels (20 or higher for the 1,000 XP lamp, and above 60 or higher for the 10,000 XP lamp).

Additionally, one of the various display cases in the museum will now showcase something related to the quest that was completed.

Quests for which players can earn Kudos are:

Free quests




Demon Slayer



Rune Mysteries



Shield of Arrav



Members quests