OSRS The Restless Ghost Quest Guide

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The Restless Ghost Quest Guide OSRS

One of RuneScape's original quests introduced during its launch is "The Restless Ghost." In this quest, players assist the priest residing in the Lumbridge church in his efforts to rid the local graveyard of a bothersome ghostly presence.

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Quest Requirements:


Skill/Other Requirements:

Must be able to fight a level 13 Skeleton.(10 Combat level )

Start point:

Speak to Father Aereck in the chapel south-east of Lumbridge Castle. 

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Initiate the quest by conversing with Father Aereck, who can be located within the Lumbridge chapel to the east of Bob's Brilliant Axes. He will reveal the unsettling presence of a ghost within the graveyard and solicit your assistance in resolving the matter. Subsequently, he entrusts you with the task of seeking guidance from Father Urhney, situated in a residence west of Lumbridge Swamp. Your objective is to gather insights about ghosts from him.

talk to father aereck

Travel south from the castle until you reach the expanse of Lumbridge Swamp. Continue westward through the swamp until you encounter a modest dwelling.

the dwelling location

Enter the dwelling and engage in a conversation with the somewhat irritated Father Urhney. Upon relaying Father Aereck's plea, Father Urhney will furnish you with an amulet of ghostspeak. This amulet serves the purpose of enabling communication with the ghostly entity. It's recommended to retain the amulet for potential future quests. With the amulet now in your possession, return to Lumbridge either by teleportation or on foot, and proceed to the graveyard area.

talk to father urhney

Discover the marble coffin, housed within a small edifice situated in the southeastern corner of the graveyard. With your amulet of ghostspeak equipped, meticulously investigate the contents of the coffin, prompting the emergence of a ghostly figure in a theatrical fashion. Engage in dialogue with the apparition, who will divulge his predicament of a missing skull and beseech your assistance in retrieving it. The ghost reminisces about his last moments near the Wizards' Tower, an island located south of Draynor Village.

talk to restless ghost

Embark on a journey to the Wizards' Tower, venturing downward through the ladder positioned in the room immediately adjacent to the entrance. Across the chamber, an altar awaits your scrutiny, concealing the coveted ghost's skull. As you seize the skull, remain vigilant, as a skeleton materializes to assail you. Engaging in combat with the skeleton remains optional; you are free to evade confrontation and exit the room unscathed. Ensure the skull now rests within your inventory before making your return to Lumbridge.

search altar

Once again within the precincts of the graveyard, engage in discourse with the perturbed spirit. He will express his desire for you to deposit the recovered skull within his resting place. Seamlessly combine the skull with the coffin, eliciting the poignant sight of the ghost's essence dissipating into the flowing river.

use ghost skull in coffin

Congratulations! Quest Completed!

The Restless G completed host

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