OSRS A Tail of Two Cats Quest Guide

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A Tail of Two Cats Quest Guide OSRS

"A Tail of Two Cats" is indeed an intermediate quest in the popular MMORPG RuneScape. This quest revolves around the life of Bob the Cat, a character well-known to players. Not only does it delve into Bob's story, but it also introduces the character Robert the Strong and delves into the lore of the Dragonkin, adding depth and intrigue to the game's narrative. It's a quest that combines humor, adventure, and lore, making it a memorable experience for players.

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Completion of the following quests:

Icthlarin's Little Helper

Gertrude's Cat

Items required:         

Cat or kitten (Hellcats work. Be sure to bring fish for your kitten if you're using one.)

Catspeak amulet

5 death runes

Chocolate cake



Bucket of milk


4 potato seeds


Seed dibber

Vial of water

Desert shirt (obtainable during quest) or Druid's robe top (The desert outfit does not work)

Desert robe (obtainable during quest) or Druid's robe (The desert outfit does not work)

Start point:

Talk to Unferth at his house in Burthorpe.

start point

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Upon arriving in Burthorpe, approach Unferth and express your willingness to assist him in locating Bob the cat. Unferth will then direct you to Hild, who can be found across the street. Seek out Hild to continue your quest to find Bob the cat in "A Tail of Two Cats."

talk to unferth

Hild, after being approached, will offer to enchant your Catspeak amulet to aid in the search for Bob. This enchantment will require 5 death runes as payment.

Once your Catspeak amulet is enchanted, you can use it to help pinpoint Bob's location. Open the amulet, and a screen featuring a cat's face will appear. To navigate, click on the whiskers to move the arrow to different compass directions. Keep an eye on the cat's eyes; they will light up when you are facing the correct direction to find Bob. As you get closer to Bob, the cat's mouth on the compass will open wider, indicating your proximity to him.

Use this enchanted amulet as a valuable tool to track down and reunite with Bob during your quest in "A Tail of Two Cats."

talk to hild

Indeed, when the cat's eyes light up while using the enchanted Catspeak amulet's compass, it signifies that you are heading in the correct direction to find Bob. It's a helpful indicator to guide you on your quest in "A Tail of Two Cats."

The interface of the Amulet of catspeak

Precisely, when using the enchanted Catspeak amulet's compass, if the cat's eyes do not light up, it signifies that you are heading in the wrong direction to find Bob. This feedback helps you adjust your course and navigate more effectively during your quest in "A Tail of Two Cats."

The interface of the Amulet of catspeak 2

It seems you've provided a series of steps in the quest "A Tail of Two Cats" in RuneScape. To summarize:

1. Locate Bob, who has been reported in various places around RuneScape, often near Burthorpe or the Heroes' Guild. Speak to Bob to discover that he is lovesick.

2. After speaking with Bob, visit Gertrude and inquire about Bob's parents. She will provide you with information about Robert the Strong.

3. Proceed to visit Reldo, the librarian in Varrock, to gather more information and continue your quest.

These steps will help you progress through the quest as you unravel the story of Bob and his family.

talk to gertrude

Once you've spoken to Reldo, the Varrock librarian, and gathered more information about Robert the Strong, it's time to return to Bob, the lovesick cat. Share the newfound knowledge with Bob and continue your quest in "A Tail of Two Cats."

talk to reldo

To jog Bob's memory about Robert the Strong, Bob will suggest that you visit the sphinx in Sophanem. Here's how to proceed:

1. Teleport to Al Kharid.

2. Enter the desert and take a carpet ride to Pollnivneach.

3. Proceed on foot to Sophanem.

4. Engage in a conversation with the sphinx.

During your interaction with the sphinx, you will have the option to view a 5-minute and 20-second cutscene. This cutscene will be well worth your time, as it depicts Bob reuniting with Neite, the cat he loves. Following the cutscene, Bob will instruct you to carry out some chores for Unferth, advancing the quest in "A Tail of Two Cats."

To complete the chores for Unferth in the quest "A Tail of Two Cats," follow these steps:

1. Tidy House: Go to Unferth's house and clean the bed in the corner.

2. Warm Human: Use your logs on the fireplace and then use the tinderbox on the fireplace to light the fire.

3. Feed Human: Place your Chocolate cake and Bucket of milk on the table. If you require the recipe for the Chocolate cake, search the cupboard.

4. Tidy Human: Acquire shears and use them on Unferth. He will be left bald after this action.

5. Tend Garden: Weed the garden and then plant four potato seeds. The patch doesn't require compost or water. Allow the potatoes to grow completely to finish this task.

Completing these chores will allow you to progress further in "A Tail of Two Cats" and contribute to the story's development.

Completing these chores

Upon completing the chores, your cat will inform you that they are finished and that it's time to speak to Unferth. However, upon your arrival, you'll discover that Unferth is feeling unwell, and you'll need to assist him. Your cat will suggest seeking help from the Varrock apothecary.

Upon visiting the apothecary in Varrock, you'll learn that Unferth isn't actually sick. Instead, you'll need to disguise yourself as a doctor or nurse. The apothecary will provide you with either a nurse's or doctor's hat. To complete your disguise, put on the new hat and wear desert robes. Ensure that you remove any weapons and shields before approaching Unferth to assist him in your doctor or nurse persona. This disguise will be essential to progress further in the quest "A Tail of Two Cats."

talk to apothecary

To continue with your quest, you'll need to convince Unferth that a water-filled vial you provide him with is a potent super potion, ultimately making him believe he's cured and no longer ill.

After successfully assisting Unferth, use your amulet to locate Bob, who should be in close proximity. Speak to Bob, and you'll be treated to a captivating cutscene showcasing his adventures, including encounters with the King Black Dragon (KBD) and a playful Titanic spoof. Enjoy the unfolding story in "A Tail of Two Cats" as you progress through the quest.

defeat king black dragon

Head back to Unferth and inform him that Bob is safe and sound. In gratitude for your help and the good news about Bob, Unferth will reward you with a present left for you by Bob himself. Continue your quest in "A Tail of Two Cats" as you uncover more about Bob's adventures and the story's development.

Congratulations! Quest complete!

A Tail of Two Cats Completed

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