OSRS Recruitment Drive Quest Guide

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Recruitment Drive Quest Guide OSRS

"Recruitment Drive" is indeed the introductory quest in the Temple Knight series within RuneScape. In this quest, you encounter Sir Tiffy Cashien, who plays a significant role in recruiting you into the Temple Knights, a secretive order dedicated to safeguarding RuneScape.

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Completion of the following quests:

Black Knights' Fortress

Druidic Ritual

Start point  

Speak to Sir Amik Varze on the 2nd floor of the White Knights' Castle's western tower in Falador. 

start point       

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Certainly, if you're interested in embarking on a quest in RuneScape, you can approach Sir Amik Varze on the third floor of the western tower within the White Knights' Castle in Falador. Express your desire to undertake quests, and Sir Amik Varze will inform you about the opportunity to become a Temple Knight.

He will instruct you to meet his contact person in Falador Park to initiate your journey into the Temple Knight order. This quest is known as "Recruitment Drive," and it marks the beginning of your adventures with the Temple Knights in RuneScape.

talk to sir amik varze

To prepare for your Temple Knight initiation, visit a bank and empty your inventory of all items and armor. If you're playing as a male character, consider visiting the Make-over Mage to change your gender if required. Afterward, proceed to the southwestern part of Falador Park and engage in conversation with Sir Tiffy Cashien, who can be found seated on a bench. He will teleport you to the covert training grounds, where the initiation tests into the Temple Knights will commence. Prepare yourself for the challenges that lie ahead in your quest to become a Temple Knight in RuneScape.

talk to sir tiffy cashien

During the Temple Knight initiation in the secret training grounds, you'll face seven different tests. However, you'll only need to successfully complete five out of these seven tests to pass the initiation. The order in which you receive the puzzles is random, and you have the option to seek hints or request new puzzles from the overseers if you find yourself stuck. It's essential to note that failing a test or leaving the training grounds will require you to start the initiation process from the beginning.

Ms. Hynn Terpett (Riddles):

talk to ms. hynn terprett

During your Temple Knight initiation, Ms. Hynn Terprett will present you with several riddles to solve. Here are the riddles along with their answers:

1. If you can choose how to die: The answer is to be thrown to wolves that have not eaten in a month because wolves cannot survive without food for such an extended period.

2. I have dropped four identical stones: The stone in the bucket at 32 degrees hit the bottom last because water freezes at 32 degrees Fahrenheit.

3. A father is four times as old as his daughter: The daughter is 10 years old.

4. The number of false statements here: There are 3 false statements. If the statement itself is true, it contradicts its claim, making it false.

5. Counting the creatures and humans: You cannot determine the number of fingers each inhabitant has, so you cannot calculate the total number of fingers by multiplying. The answer is 0.

Sir Ren Itchood (Riddles):

To unlock the door during the Temple Knight initiation, pay attention to the first letter of every line Ms. Hynn Terprett says. These letters will spell out a word, and you'll need to enter the correct combination to proceed. The possible answers you can form from these letters are: FISH, BITE, RAIN, LAST, PASS, TIME, CLUE, or MEAT.

Carefully consider the letters and choose the correct combination based on the word you've spelled out.

Sir Tinley (Patience):

To initiate this test in the Temple Knight initiation, speak with Sir Tinley. He will provide you with the clue "patience." In this test, your task is straightforward: you need to demonstrate patience by standing still. Maintain your composure and remain stationary until Sir Tinley informs you that you have successfully passed this test. This will bring you one step closer to completing the Temple Knight initiation in RuneScape.

talk to sir tinley

Sir Kuam Ferentse (Combat):

For the next task in your Temple Knight initiation, Sir Kuam Ferentse will instruct you to defeat Sir Leye. To accomplish this, you must be playing as a female character. If your character is not female, you may need to visit the Make-over Mage once more to change your gender temporarily. Once your character is female, you can engage in combat with Sir Leye and complete this portion of the initiation.

defeat Sir Leye

Sir Spishyus (Chicken, Fox, and Grain Puzzle):

cross precarious

To successfully solve Sir Spishyus' puzzle during the Temple Knight initiation, where you need to transport a Chicken, a Fox, and Grain across a bridge without leaving the Fox alone with the Chicken or the Chicken alone with the Grain, follow these steps:

1. Take the Chicken across the bridge to the other side.

2. Return alone to the starting side of the bridge.

3. Take the Fox across the bridge to the other side.

4. Bring the Chicken back to the starting side (take the Chicken with you).

5. Take the Grain across the bridge to the other side.

6. Leave the Grain with the Fox on the other side.

7. Return alone to the starting side of the bridge.

8. Finally, take the Chicken across the bridge to the other side.

Miss Cheevers (Alchemy Puzzle):

talk to miss cheevers

To proceed through the locked doors in the Temple Knight initiation, follow these steps to create a handle for the stone door and a key for the wooden door:

Handle for the Stone Door:

1. Collect all the items available in the room, including those from the shelves, bookcases, crates, chest, and table.

2. Speak to Miss Cheevers and request her assistance.

3. Search one of the bookcases to find the Alchemical notes, a book that may provide you with clues on how to solve the puzzle.

4. To create a handle for the stone door:

  • Use the Metal spade with the Bunsen burner to remove the handle.
  • Use the spade head with the stone door.
  • Apply Cupric sulphate to the spade in the door.
  • Finally, use a Vial of Liquid on the door to expand the spade, allowing you to pull it and open the door.

Key for the Wooden Door:

1. To create a key for the wooden door:

  • Combine Gypsum with Tin.
  • Use a Vial of Liquid with the Tin.
  • Combine Tin with the hardening substance in it with the key on the floor.
  • Use Tin ore powder and Cupric ore powder on the Tin.
  • Use Tin with the Bunsen burner.
  • Combine Bronze wire with Tin.

By following these steps, you'll craft a Bronze key (or Knife) to open the wooden door and create a handle to access the stone door

Lady Table (Memory Puzzle):

Memory Puzzle

During this part of the Temple Knight initiation, you'll need to put your memorization skills to the test. Here's how to successfully complete this puzzle:

1. Lady Table will show you 11 statues, each with various attributes (color and weapon type). You have 10 seconds to memorize these statues.

2. After the 10-second timer is up, 12 statues will appear, but one of them is new and not among the original 11. Your task is to identify and select the newly added statue.

Here are some tips to help you solve the puzzle:

  • First, look for the color that appears only three times among the 12 statues.
  • Next, search for the weapon type that is also held by only three statues.

The statue that matches both criteria (color and weapon type) will be the newly added one.

After successfully completing five of these puzzles, you will be teleported back to Falador Park. Speak to Sir Tiffy Cashien to receive your well-earned reward.

Note: If you had to change your character's gender to complete the quest, you can visit the Make-over Mage for a free makeover to revert to your original gender.

Congratulations! Quest Complete!

Recruitment Drive

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