OSRS Fire Giant Guide

Fire Giant Guide OSRS

Fire giants are powerful giants that are popular for training Ranged and Slayer. They are also the strongest of the standard giants, being significantly stronger than their Ice, Moss, and Hill giant relatives.

Fire giants are assigned by a multitude of Slayer Masters, providing fairly decent experience for both combat and Slayer. They're also frequently killed by Ironman players early on due to their signature rune scimitar drop, as they are fairly easy to access with numerous safespots. Low-level players may find enchanted pearl bolts helpful when training Ranged against these enemies. Although there are many locations where cannons can be used, none of these locations are in a multicombat area.

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Before venturing to face Fire Giants, it's essential to ensure you have the right equipment and statistics. Here's a list of recommended requirements:

1. Combat Levels: It's suggested to have at least 70 in Attack, Strength, and Defense.

2. Gear: Use armor with good defense to resist their melee attacks.

3. Weapons: Use high-level melee or ranged weapons, such as the Abyssal Whip or Crystal Bow.

4. Food: Bring enough food to restore your health during combat.

5. Potions: Super Restore or Prayer Potion and Super Attack potions can enhance your combat performance.

6. Multicannon: It is highly recommended to use the multicannon to further increase the experience received.

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1. 100%:


2. Weapons and armour:

Weapons and armour

3. Runes and ammunition:

Runes and ammunition

4. Herbs:


5. Others:


6. Rare and Gem drop table:

Rare and Gem drop table

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