OSRS In Search of the Myreque Quest Guide

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In Search of the Myreque Quest Guide OSRS

In Search of the Myreque

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agility 25 Agility

The ability to defeat a level 97 foe

Quest Required:

Nature Spirit

Items Required:

A steel longsword

2 steel swords

A steel mace

A steel warhammer

A steel dagger

225 steel nails

A Druid pouch containing at least 5 charges

A hammer or Imcando hammer

6 planks

10 coins or a ring of charos (a)


combat level 45 Combat level

prayer 43 Prayer (for Protect from Melee)

The Silver sickle (b) to fill the druid pouch and to collect fungi

Prayer potions


Mort'ton teleports

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Ok Let’s do this!

Starting the Quest

1. Speak to Vanstrom Klause: Visit the Hair of the Dog tavern in Canifis and locate Vanstrom Klause, a man dressed in maroon-brown clothes. You can reach Canifis using a fairy ring with the code "c.k.s."

Start point

2. Learn About the Myreque: Vanstrom will inform you about the Myreque, an organization dedicated to fighting vampyres. They are in dire need of steel weapons to bolster their arsenal. Vanstrom is unable to deliver these weapons himself since he has not yet met his Myreque comrades.

3. Offer Your Help: Agree to assist Vanstrom in this endeavor. He will also provide information about a boatman in Mort'ton who is rumored to know the way to the Myreque hideout.

Important Note: Ensure that you offer your help and that your Quest journal indicates that you have initiated the quest. Failure to do so may render your trip to Mort'ton futile.

Traveling to Mort'ton

1. Journey to Mort'ton: You can travel to Mort'ton by walking on foot, but be cautious of the ghasts along the way as they will deplete charges from your Druid pouch. Ensure that your pouch has at least five charges when you reach your destination. An alternative approach is to carry six Mort myre fungus, allowing you to fill the pouch twice upon arrival in Mort'ton.

Alternative Travel Methods: You can also consider alternative methods to reach Mort'ton, such as:


Using the Swamp Boaty located at The Hollows (reachable on foot or via fairy ring code "bkr," which is closer to Canifis).

Utilizing the bip (west of Mort'ton through the winding path; requires 50 Agility).

Employing a Mort'ton teleport.

Using the Grouping teleport to Shades of Mort'ton.

Utilizing a Barrows teleport.

Important Note: This quest culminates in a small boss fight against a level 97 Skeleton Hellhound. Players should be prepared for combat upon entering the Myreque Hideout. While the creature isn't overly challenging for mid-leveled players, lower-level players should be adequately prepared.

Convincing Cyreg Paddlehorn

1. Locate Cyreg Paddlehorn: Find Cyreg Paddlehorn on the eastern edge of Mort'ton, near his boat at the bridge leading to the Barrows.

Cyreg's location, east of Mort'ton.

2. Persuade Him: Attempt to persuade Cyreg to bring you to the Myreque. He will initially be secretive about their location, so follow these responses in the given order to make him feel guilty and allow you to use his boat:

  • "Well, I guess they'll just die without weapons..." (Option 2)
  • "Resourceful enough to get their own steel weapons?" (Option 2)
  • "If you don't tell me, their deaths are on your head!" (Option 3)
  • "What kind of man are you to say that you don't care?" (Option 3)

3. Prepare Wooden Planks: Cyreg will decline to take you himself but will allow you to take his boat if you have six wooden planks. These planks can be purchased at Razmire Builders Merchants, Mort'ton's general store. To use the store, you must have partially completed "Shades of Mort'ton" and cured Razmire Keelgan with Serum 208. Do not repair the bridge before speaking with Cyreg.

4. Give Cyreg Three Planks: Offer him three of the wooden planks, and he will provide you with directions. Ensure that you are carrying your Druid pouch with at least five charges, and consider having a blessed silver sickle to refill your pouch. Also, take the Swamp Boaty by paying the 10 gold or using the ring of charos (a), as it will be needed later in the quest.

5. Board the Boat: You can now finally board the boat and proceed with your journey.


1. Arrival at The Hollows: Upon landing at The Hollows, head north while avoiding the ghasts until you come across a strange tree. Climb up to reach a damaged rope bridge. As you walk along the bridge, you'll need to mend it. This requires 75 steel nails per plank (a total of 225 steel nails) and three planks. Once the bridge is repaired, climb down the other side.

Repairing the rope bridge.

2. Meeting Curpile Fyod: Proceed north to the strange hollow tree and speak to Curpile Fyod outside. Let him know that you've brought the weapons for the Myreque. He will then ask you some questions to verify your identity. If you answer incorrectly, you will be knocked unconscious and wake up at the boat, but you won't need to rebuild the bridge again. Your Druid pouch won't require the full five charges to re-board the boat. Here are the correct answers to the possible questions:



Name the only female member of the Myreque.

Sani Piliu

Who is the leader of the Myreque in Mort Myre?

Veliaf Hurtz

What is the name of the boatman who helps the Myreque?

Cyreg Paddlehorn

Which member of the Myreque was originally a scholar?

Polmafi Ferdygris

What family is rumoured to rule over Morytania?


Who is the youngest member of the Myreque?

Ivan Strom

What does Myreque mean?

Hidden in Myre

What vampyre family rules over Morytania?



3. Enter the Hideout: Once you've correctly answered Curpile Fyod's questions, circle around his tree to the north. You will see a set of doors in the earth (these will be unlocked after you've answered the questions). Enter the doors and follow the path to the northwest. About halfway up, there's an alcove to the east, and on the southern wall of this alcove is the cave entrance you need to access (this texture can be a bit hard to see but is located in the southeastern corner of the alcove).

4. Meet the Myreque: Start by talking to Veliaf. Then, engage in conversation with all the other members before returning to Veliaf. You don't need to ask any specific questions; just inform them that you'll be back later and talk to another member.

5. Return to Veliaf: Go back and talk to Veliaf once more. He will now accept the weapons you brought, but there's a catch...

Vanstrom Klause

Once you've gathered the weapons, hand them over to Veliaf. A cutscene unfolds as a mysterious mist fills the room. Veliaf realizes that it's a vampyre, and the mist dissipates, revealing Vanstrom Klause, the very person you were trying to aid. He transforms into his vampyre form, using Blood Burst to brutally slay Sani Piliu and Harold Evans. After the horrifying act, Vanstrom vanishes but not before leaving you a "gift" in the form of a level 97 Skeleton Hellhound. You must defeat this hellhound to regain the Myreque's trust after unwittingly leading Vanstrom to them.

The hellhound possesses 55 Hitpoints but packs a punch, especially for lower-level players, so bring food if you're not confident. Magic is highly effective against it since it has no Magic Defence. If you have access to Protect from Melee, the fight will be significantly easier. If you're using Magic, you can even safespot the hellhound by trapping it on the south side of the chair located on the eastern side of the room.

The safespot for killing the hellhound with magic attacks.

After defeating the hellhound, speak to Veliaf Hurtz. He mentions that he needs to consult with his superior to induct you into the Myreque. You can also inquire further about the Myreque and Vanstrom. Finally, ask Veliaf about how to exit the hideout. He informs you of a secret passage to Canifis. Leave the chamber and search the wall at the end of the tunnel; it will open. Now, climb up the ladder.

The Myreque Shortcut

After using the secret passage, you will emerge south of the Canifis tavern. There's a trapdoor nearby leading back to the cave, which you can use as an alternative route to return to Mort'ton in the future.

Note: Exiting through the trapdoor is a quest requirement. If you use other methods like the fairy ring, you'll need to return here to complete the quest. You cannot use the fairy ring to return until the quest is completed.

Now, head back into the tavern and look for Vanstrom Klause. However, when you approach the location, you won't find Vanstrom, only a Stranger. Speak to the Stranger to successfully complete the quest.

Congratulations! Quest Complete!

In Search of the Myreque completed

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