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Steel Bar Guide OSRS

steel bar guide

A Steel bar serves a crucial role in crafting steel weaponry and armor. Through the Smithing skill at level 30, you can smelt it by combining 1 iron ore and 2 coal in a furnace, earning you 17.5 experience points. These bars are then instrumental when used in conjunction with an anvil to craft steel armor and weapons, bestowing 37.5 Smithing experience per bar. Alternatively, the combination of the bar with a furnace and cannonball mould leads to the creation of cannonballs, reaping 25.6 experience per bar. This method is particularly popular among lower and mid-level smiths due to its profitability.

As of now, smelting a steel bar results in a profit of approximately -40 coins. For players without a coal bag, the maximum number of bars that can be smithed at once is 9, requiring an inventory stocked with 18 coal and 9 iron ore.

You can also come across steel bars as drops from certain creatures like moss giants and fire giants, while steel dragons offer a guaranteed drop of 5 steel bars.

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Giants' Foundry 

"Giants' Foundry" is a Smithing minigame where players are assigned the challenge of crafting colossal weapons for Kovac. To engage in this minigame, players need to complete the "Sleeping Giants" quest.
In the "Giants' Foundry" minigame, players receive commissions from Kovac to craft massive weapons. They must:

1. Choose a commission based on descriptive words.

2. Select the correct mould from Kovac's library.

3. Fill the crucible with metal bars or items that can be smithed.

4. Pour the molten metal into the chosen mould.

5. Forge the sword, considering metal type and accuracy of the commission.

6. Store materials in a nearby bank chest.

7. Alloys yield better results.

8. Commissions can be canceled by talking to Kovac.

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Smithing Table

Smithing Table