OSRS Legends Quest Guide

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Legends Quest Guide OSRS

Legends' Quest stands as a pivotal adventure in which players receive a directive from Guildmaster Radimus Erkle. Their task involves embarking on a journey to navigate and chart the uncharted terrain of the Kharazi Jungle, nestled in the southern expanse of Karamja. The primary objectives encompass forging connections with the indigenous populace and securing a valuable offering from them.

Distinguished as the 50th quest to grace the RuneScape narrative, Legends' Quest held the distinction of being the final quest to be unveiled prior to the RuneScape 2 beta launch. An exceptional feat, it earned the esteemed title of being the inaugural quest to achieve a Master rating.

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Completion of the following quests:

Family Crest

Heroes' Quest

Shield of Arrav

Lost City

Merlin's Crystal

Dragon Slayer I

Shilo Village

Jungle Potion

Druidic Ritual

Underground Pass


Plague City

Waterfall Quest


quest point 107 Quest points

agility50 Agility 

crafting 50 Crafting 

herblore 45 Herblore 

magic 56 Magic 

mining 52 Mining 

prayer 42 Prayer 

smithing 50 Smithing 

strength 50 Strength 

thieving 50 Thieving

woodcutting 50 Woodcutting 

Start Point:

Talk to the Legends' Guards just outside of the Legends' Guild

start point

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To initiate the quest, engage in conversation with the vigilant Legends' Guards stationed just outside the Legends Guild (accessible via the fairy ring code "blr"). Upon assessing your worthiness, these sentinels will grant you passage through the gates, leading you to a meeting with Sir Radimus Erkle. Here, you'll receive your mission assignment. The Guildmaster will furnish you with a partially completed map of the enigmatic Kharazi Jungle, tasking you to fill in the gaps. Additionally, he'll instruct you to establish harmonious relations with the native inhabitants of the jungle, with the ultimate goal of acquiring a revered totem pole to adorn the guild's interior.

Before embarking on your journey, take a moment to secure some papyrus from the nearby table and retrieve a machete from the cupboard. While these items can also be purchased at the general store in Shilo Village, they are provided to you free of charge.

Transportation and Banking

Throughout the course of the quest, you'll find the need to visit a bank on multiple occasions. Depending on your character's attributes and willingness to take risks, it might be possible to accomplish several tasks in a single expedition. It's advisable to read ahead to understand the upcoming requirements.

For those who have unlocked the convenience of fairy rings, the most efficient route to the jungle involves utilizing the code "c.k.r." When a banking session is in order, teleport out of the jungle and return using the fairy ring. Equipping a charged amulet of glory or a ring of wealth during the quest will prove advantageous, offering swift teleportation to a nearby bank and a fairy ring (Edgeville and the Grand Exchange, respectively). On your initial trip, it might be worthwhile to consider an alternative route to Shilo Village, allowing you to purchase charcoal and papyrus.

Should you opt not to rely on the fairy rings, chart your course to Brimhaven by boarding a ship from Ardougne or utilizing any charter ship. Subsequently, avail the services of Hajedy's cart to reach Shilo Village (a fee of 200 coins is required). Later in the quest, when departing the jungle, you can use the same route taken for entry and return to Shilo Village to access the bank.

Exiting from the depths of the Viyeldi caves will be a necessity, with two instances required for the shorter path and three for the longer one. Even for players who opt for the convenience of a cart, teleportation offers a swifter exit compared to climbing. It's important to note that during the ascent, there's a possibility of encountering challenges, particularly at obstacles like the strength door, where attempts to open it from the inside can be disrupted by attacks from death wings. Opting for teleportation not only facilitates your exit but also presents a chance to engage in banking before continuing your expedition.

Navigating through the Jungle's Expanse

Necessary Items: Radimus notes (retrievable from Legends' Guild for 30gp), an axe, a machete, at least 1 charcoal (recommended to carry 3 for safety), at least 3 papyrus (recommended to carry 5 for safety).

Required Skill: 50 Crafting to accurately map the jungle.

Note: While a Woodcutting level of 50 is essential to fell the Yommi Tree at the quest's conclusion, it's not mandatory for entering the jungle.

Make your way to the jungle perimeter located to the south of Shilo Village. In order to penetrate the Kharazi Jungle, employ your axe and machete to carve a passage through the densely overgrown vegetation.

Once inside the jungle (preferably choosing either the eastern or western edges to minimize backtracking), initiate the mapping process using your charcoal and papyrus. Right-click on the Radimus notes and select the 'Complete' option to transfer the map. Exercise caution, as there's a possibility of the charcoal and/or papyrus breaking during this endeavor. It's wise to carry additional supplies to address any mishaps. Alternatively, if you err in handling the papyrus, you might still be able to salvage it. Remain vigilant of the aggressive jungle wolves, whereas tormented warriors and oomlie birds will only pose a threat if provoked (refer below).

You can opt to discard your charcoal and papyrus once the notes have been successfully completed on all three occasions.

Supplementary Tasks

Should you have intentions of rescuing Sir Amik Varze as part of the Recipe for Disaster quest, seize the opportunity to gather vanilla pod(s) during your sojourn. These pods can be found southwest from the Water Pool near the beach, arranged in groups of five plants.

For those aiming to achieve the Karamja Diary's hard tasks, shake a leafy palm tree to acquire a palm leaf. By collecting five palm leaves (or picking up and dropping the same leaf five times), you'll accomplish one of the hard tasks.

Additionally, take down an oomlie bird and retrieve its meat. Combine a palm leaf with the raw meat, then proceed to cook the resultant wrapped oomlie over a fire—this can be done immediately or at a later point. Consuming the prepared oomlie wrap will fulfill another hard task requirement.

To address two medium task objectives for the Karamja Diary, consider chopping teak and mahogany trees situated near the pool or at the southern coastal region (for teak) and southeast (for mahogany) within the jungle. This alternative action negates the need to spend 100 trading sticks for access to the Hardwood Grove.

The jungle is very dense.

Engaging with the Indigenous Inhabitants

Necessary Items: Radimus notes, an axe, a machete, and 4 available inventory slots.

Required Skill: 50 Agility.

It's advisable to consider banking your items here to facilitate the forthcoming Binding Book section.

Commence by initiating a conversation with one of the jungle foresters situated at various points along the exterior of the jungle boundary. Displaying a bullroarer in their possession, they will readily part with it in exchange for a copy of your notes. Utilize your completed Radimus notes on the forester, who will generate a duplicate before relinquishing the bullroarer to you.

Cautionary Note: Exercise restraint from employing the bullroarer in proximity to tormented warriors or oomlie birds, as this could provoke their aggression.

Proceed back into the jungle and wield the bullroarer near the totem pole located east of the water pool (marked by a blue square on the map). This action will summon a local named Gujuo out of concealment. In case there's no immediate response, try this action with another totem pole, as there are multiple scattered within the jungle. Gujuo will implore your assistance, revealing that his tribe's shaman, Ungadulu, is ensnared within a cavern.

Henceforth, you can summon Gujuo using the bullroarer from any corner of the jungle. Near the northwestern periphery of the jungle, you'll discover a gap between rocks that grants you access to the cave.

Upon entering, investigate the Fire Wall and subsequently converse with Ungadulu. The shaman will caution against approaching the flames and then becomes possessed, divulging that only pure water can extinguish the fiery barrier. Proceed to inspect various items within the cave, namely the bed, table, and crate. This effort will yield three distinct notes: Ungadulu's notes, a scrawled note from the crate, a scribbled note on the table, and a scrumpled note on the bed. Perusing these notes provides insights into the shaman's intentions of summoning his ancestors and paying homage, which ultimately succumbed to a malevolent presence within the cave.

Upon returning outside, utilize the bullroarer to call Gujuo. Inquire for additional information and express your need for pure water to quell magical flames (choose option 4). Follow up with the query, "What kind of vessel?" (select option 5). Gujuo will provide you with a sketch of the vessel. (If these dialogue options are not available to you, return to the cave's interior and engage in a conversation with Ungadulu again after reviewing the notes, and the options should become accessible.)

location of the cave .

totem pote locations in jungle

Binding Book

Essential Equipment:

Radimus notes, an axe, a machete, a pickaxe, and 1-2 lockpicks (recommended to carry 2 for safety). "SMELL" runes: 1 soul rune, 1 mind rune, 1 earth rune, and 2 law runes. Cut sapphire, emerald, ruby, diamond, red topaz, jade, and opal. Recommended Items:

Supplies to tackle level 83 Death Wings, along with combat gear to fulfill the Karamja Diary requirement if you wish to accomplish it during this venture. (Alternatively, the second trip might be more convenient, given the need for combat equipment.) A super restore potion if your relevant skill level is not significantly above the stated requirement below.

Required Skills: 50 Agility to navigate through the crevice, 50 Thieving to unlock the door, 52 Mining to break through boulders [If boosting mining, carry 2-3 Dwarven Stouts(m)], and 50 Strength to force open the heavy door.

First and foremost, ensure you have all the essential items at your disposal. Return to the cave, dismissing the fire wall, and direct your path to the eastern side of the room. Unveil a concealed crevice situated behind the easternmost bookcase by inspecting it closely.

Continuing your progression deeper into the cave, you will encounter an Ancient Gate. Utilize your lockpick to attempt unlocking it; should your attempt fail, be aware that there's a risk of losing your lockpick. However, you can evade this by clicking elsewhere when the message indicating the impending breakage appears, thus preserving your lockpick.

Having successfully surpassed the gate, employ a pickaxe to dislodge three boulders obstructing your path. Should your mining attempt prove unsuccessful, your Mining level will decrease by 1. Subsequent to surmounting these boulders, employ sheer strength to pry open the succeeding set of gates; a failed attempt will lead to a reduction in your Strength level. Exercise vigilance as you encounter level 83 Death Wings on the other side. Employing the "Protect from Melee" prayer can effectively nullify the damage inflicted by them. Eliminating a Death Wing, either now or during your second visit, will fulfill a hard task within the Karamja Diary.

Progress further into the cave and execute a leap over the jagged wall. As you delve deeper, you'll come upon a section of the wall adorned with markings. Peruse these inscriptions to reveal the following riddle:

"Place the five in order to pass or your life will dwindle until the last. All five are stones of magical power, place them wrong and your fate will sour. First is the spirit of man or beast (Soul rune), second is the place where thoughts are born (Mind rune), Third is the soil from which good things grow (Earth Rune), Four and five are the rules all men should know (Two Law Runes). All put together make the word of basic sense. And from perspective help make maps from indifference."


Cracking the Riddle and Confronting Puzzles

The riddle deciphers as "SMELL." To proceed, employ the runes in the sequence of Soul, Mind, Earth, Law, Law on the wall. Upon adhering to this order, a door will materialize. In the event of using the runes in an incorrect sequence, you'll be required to exit the cave and re-enter.

Once within, you'll be met with another puzzle. This time, Carved rocks will be found immersed in pools of water. Your task is to fit the corresponding gems into each rock by referring to the map provided earlier. Upon successfully placing all the gems, a captivating display of lights will ensue, culminating in the appearance of the binding book. Secure the book. (An added convenience of this book is its capacity to sanctify vials and fill them with pure water from your bowl, thus creating holy water. Wielding these vials during combat against demons inflicts damage upon them.)

Upon obtaining the binding book, you have the liberty to exit the cave (teleportation is recommended).

Note: Should you misplace the binding book, you'll need to retrace the aforementioned steps to reclaim it. It's important to note, however, that the "SMELL" runes are not necessary for a subsequent attempt.

Gems location for puzzle

Forging the Gold Bowl

Necessary Items: Sketch, hammer, 2-6 gold bars (if you're an Ironman), and an optional yommi tree sapling (for gathering magic logs later).

Required Skill: 50 Smithing.

Head to any anvil, equipped with the sketch of the vessel provided by Gujuo. Endeavor to craft the gold bowl, bearing in mind that there's a possibility of failure. To mitigate this risk, it's prudent to carry more than two gold bars. Should you be traveling on foot, the nearest anvil can be found in Tai Bwo Wannai Village. If you have access to fairy rings and possess a Smithing level of 60, you can employ the minigame teleport to Blast Furnace for access to an anvil. Upon completing your business at the Blast Furnace, utilize a mine cart to return to the Grand Exchange, followed by the fairy ring to swiftly re-enter the jungle.

Obtaining Pure Water

Necessary Items: Radimus notes, an axe, a machete, a bullroarer, a gold bowl, and a prayer potion (in the event of a failed blessing attempt that lowers your prayer below 42).

Required Skill: 42 Prayer to bless the bowl (if boosting Prayer, utilize your ancient mace special attack on a PoH max hit dummy before proceeding).

Recommended: Carrying the items required for the "Freeing Ungadulu" section.

Reenter the jungle and summon Gujuo using the bullroarer. Gujuo will assist you in blessing your gold bowl, rendering it capable of holding pure water. Your prayer points must either be at or exceed 42 to undertake this endeavor. A failed attempt will deplete 5 prayer points. Should the failed attempt lower your prayer below 42, you'll need to replenish it before making another effort.

Should you wish to bless multiple bowls, converse with Gujuo anew, refraining from expressing gratitude for his assistance.

Armed with your blessed golden bowl, proceed to the pool of pristine water situated at the center of the jungle. As you can't directly access the water, employ your machete to fashion a hollow reed by interacting with the tall reeds along the pool's edge. Subsequently, employ the reed on the pool to draw the water into your bowl. Take note that departing the jungle could lead to the water evaporating from the bowl, necessitating a refill upon your return.

Liberating Ungadulu

Necessary Items: Radimus notes, an axe, a machete, a bullroarer, the binding book, a blessed gold bowl filled with pure water.

Required Skills: 50 Agility to enter the cave and 50 Woodcutting for yommi tree seeds.

Recommended: Combat equipment, food, and several prayer potions.

Prepare yourself for an impending battle, ensuring you are well-equipped. Keep in mind that if you perish during the confrontation, you'll need to reacquire all quest-related items. Once you're geared up, proceed with the following steps:

1. Using Pure Water and the Binding Book:

  • Use your pure water on the fire wall to safely traverse without sustaining damage.
  • Employ your binding book on Ungadulu, releasing the demon Nezikchened. Refrain from engaging in conversation with or attacking Ungadulu, as both actions will result in damage. Talking to Ungadulu will inflict damage, and attacking him will not only cause damage but also expel you from the octagram.

2. The Battle with Nezikchened:

  • Nezikchened, a level 187 demon, will commence the battle by draining a substantial amount of your prayer (90%) at the outset. However, he won't repeat this action thereafter. Be cautious if you intend to use prayer during the fight. It's important to note that just before his demise, he'll cast a Fire Blast, so ensure your hit points are maintained to avert falling victim to his final attack. This Fire Blast has the capability to bypass the Protect from Magic prayer.
  • Utilizing the Arclight weapon is recommended due to its damage and accuracy enhancement, as well as its stat-reducing special attack against demons. If Arclight is unavailable, alternative demonbane weapons like Silverlight, Darklight, or Holy Water, combined with a higher-tier weapon, can be used. A safespot exists behind the desk, causing Nezikchened to switch to Magic attacks.
  • A glitch may occur where if there are multiple individuals in the room (not inside the octagram), Nezikchened could target the other player. This renders Nezikchened harmless and unable to assail you.
  • If Nezikchened isn't defeated promptly enough, he will reset. Consequently, you'll need to use the binding book on Ungadulu once more. The battle will reset, restoring Nezikchened's health and draining your prayer anew.

       dfeat nezikchened 1

3. Ungadulu's Liberation and Yommi Tree Seeds:

  • After vanquishing Nezikchened, engage in conversation with Ungadulu. He'll express gratitude and bestow yommi tree seeds upon you. Exercise caution to avoid attacking Ungadulu, as this could expel you from the octagram and inflict damage. Should your health be low after the fight, this could potentially lead to your demise. The drop trick can be employed to gather additional yommi tree seeds, which proves useful if the plants decay or for Ironman players seeking magic logs. Inquire with Ungadulu about the exit strategy, and he'll inform you of the spell he cast to safeguard you from the flames. Henceforth, you can traverse the flames unharmed without requiring the gold bowl.

4. Final Steps:

  • You can now discard the binding book.
  • Exit the cave and return to the pool of pure water. Refill your gold bowl with water if necessary. Subsequently, employ the bowl on the yommi tree seeds to stimulate their growth. This action will empty all your bowls (if more than one was held), and it's essential to have additional pure water to continue planting seeds.
  • Following the germination of the seeds, endeavor to refill your bowl, only to discover the once-pure pool now tainted with sludge. The subsequent section necessitates cleansing the pool before planting the seeds. Engage in a dialogue with Gujuo by using a hollow reed on the pool, unlocking the next phase of the process.

Upon calling Gujuo, he'll provide insights into the possibility of the underground source being obstructed. He will advise the use of a bravery potion to navigate the dark tunnel that lies ahead.

Brewing the Bravery Elixir

Necessary Items: Ardrigal, snake weed, vial of water.

The locations of the herbs for the bravery potion. Creating the potion involves using Ardrigal and Snake weed, both of which you previously acquired during the Jungle Potion quest. To retrieve Snake weed, venture west of Tai Bwo Wannai and scour the green and yellow vines on the ground. Ardrigal can be found northeast of Tai Bwo Wannai, lining the shore near the Harpie Bug Swarms. Search the small palm trees located near the agility shortcut to locate the Ardrigal. Combine these herbs with the vial of water in any order to concoct the bravery potion. If you wish, you can consume the potion now to free up inventory space.

the locations of the herbs fro the bravery potion

Locating the Water Source

Necessary Items: Radimus notes, an axe, a machete, a pickaxe, 1-2 lockpicks, rope, a blessed gold bowl, and the bravery potion (if not yet consumed). An unpowered orb and the necessary runes or staff to cast a Charge Orb spell. Bring two sets if taking the long path without intending to bank between the two cave descents. Ensure you're on the normal spellbook. Food and potions for combat against three warriors followed by Nezikchened. If you're opting for the long path and teleporting out of the cave, you can restock prior to facing Nezikchened. Come equipped with the boosts required to re-enter the cave.

Required Skills: 56 Magic to cast the Charge Orb spell, and 50 Crafting to utilize the furnace. Additionally, you'll need the skills to traverse the cave once more (as mentioned above).

Recommended Items: A Super Restore potion in case you fail obstacles, and a Salve amulet or Salve amulet (e) for battling the three undead warriors.

Return to Ungadulu's cave and descend once more into the depths, traversing the same areas you previously navigated. If you haven't yet completed a Karamja Hard Task, seize the opportunity to slay a death wing along the way.

Upon reaching the section with the seven pools, continue onward to encounter another door. Cast any Charge Orb spell on the door to unlock it. You'll find yourself in a room filled with barrels. While you can smash these barrels to reveal items like food, rope, weapons, or adversaries, you can disregard them for now.

Fasten your rope to the winch and ensure you consume your bravery potion before proceeding downward. If you have a Salve amulet, this is the moment to equip it. In case the rope vanishes, search the winch again to make it reappear, then proceed to descend.

You'll arrive at the pinnacle of a lengthy, winding path, strewn with rocks. The blue wizard hat situated next to the ladder is the spirit of Viyeldi, whom you can converse with or bypass temporarily. Ascend over the rocks to reach the base of the path, but exercise caution. Falling off the path can result in significant damage (40+), contingent on where you land. Furthermore, you might face an immediate assault from one of the three warriors detailed below.

Upon reaching the base, you'll encounter three distinct groups of undead warriors: Ranalph Devere (level 92), Irvig Senay (level 100), and San Tojalon (level 106). These warriors drop the lump, hunk, and chunk of crystal, respectively. Engage them individually in combat. There are multiple instances of each warrior in the room. Employing Ranged or Magic tactics while hiding behind one of the empty ore rocks enables you to safely engage them. Once defeated, they won't pose a threat again. Transport the crystals to the furnace in the northeastern corner and insert them to form a heart crystal.

Journey south to the shimmering field and observe the minimap. You may have already noticed that the area to the north-northwest resembles the head of a dragon.

Proceed to the location of the eye within this formation and employ the crystal on a moss-covered rock. The crystal will illuminate. Return to the shimmering field and place the crystal within the heart-shaped recess adjacent to it. Subsequently, cross the barrier. Beyond the barrier await three lesser demons, and farther west lies the origin of the pure water.

The mossy rock that players must use the heart crystal on to activate it.

The Second Confrontation

As you approach, you'll notice a boulder obstructing the water's course. Endeavor to move the boulder, prompting the appearance of a spirit named Echned Zekin (an anagram of Nezikchened). Echned Zekin will reveal his torment and plead for your aid in ending his suffering by slaying the spirit Viyeldi. He'll entrust you with a dark dagger to accomplish this task.

Even if you harbor no intention of eliminating Viyeldi, it's imperative to accept the dagger from Echned Zekin, as this dagger is required to proceed with the quest when presented to Ungadulu.

At this juncture, two paths become available for you to choose from.

Note: Players exiting the cave will need another Charge Orb spell to access the door once more. An additional rope or bravery potion is not necessary. The Short Path Note: Opting for the short path mandates that you confront the three undead warriors again during the final battle!

Comply with the spirit's request. Traverse back to the rocky path where you initially descended and ascend the rocks to the highest point (there's no risk of failure here).

During your journey, you may have encountered a blue wizard hat—possibly even attempted to retrieve it. If so, you came across a spirit named Viyeldi, whom Echned Zekin wishes you to eliminate. Employ the dark dagger to stab Viyeldi (use the dagger on Viyeldi while the dialogue is active). Subsequently, descend back to the boulder.

Before manipulating the boulder, head towards the southern boulder if you intend to use a safespot against Nezikchened. Inform Echned Zekin that you've fulfilled his request, then utilize the dark dagger on him. Nezikchened will unveil himself and initiate an attack against you, sapping your Prayer points.

Following the encounter, dislodge the boulder obstructing the water's passage. You might need to experiment with various angles to effectively move the boulder, attempting to push it from the east side if necessary.

Restoring the Totem

Gather the following items: Radimus notes, axe (a rune or higher quality axe is necessary to cut the yommi tree), machete, bullroarer, yommi seeds, blessed gold bowl, and any equipment, potions, or food required for the upcoming challenging battle.

Skills required: 45 Herblore to plant the yommi tree, 50 Woodcutting to craft the yommi totem.

Note for Ironmen: Reserve crafting the yommi totem until you have all the magic logs required! In the event that you stop receiving magic logs (after chopping down 6 or more trees without yielding any logs), exit the Kharazi Jungle and reenter. Based on anecdotal evidence, standing immediately adjacent to the tree's trunk increases the likelihood of obtaining logs. Allowing a yommi tree to wither and subsequently chopping it down has a chance (approximately 1 in 4) to produce magic logs, occasionally in multiples. At the minimal Herblore requirement to plant the tree, around 192 seeds should suffice to acquire 16 magic logs, accounting for a relatively high (66%) failure rate from planting the seeds. Chopping down a deceased tree damages the soil, necessitating a world hop or relocation to another spot. It's feasible to plant two yommi trees simultaneously by moving between two fertile soils.

Note: A simpler method to obtain magic logs from the yommi tree is to harvest the yommi tree sapling. Allow the sapling to die without watering it, then cut the dead sapling. This method boasts the same probability of generating magic logs as a fully grown yommi tree. This approach is considerably less click-intensive and doesn't necessitate the use of the gold bowl, machete, or hollow reed, as watering the tree is unnecessary.

Return to the pool of pure water and employ the bullroarer to summon Gujuo, seeking instructions for the subsequent steps. Replenish the bowl with water once again. Identify a patch of fertile soil—evident by its lack of vegetation and brown hue on the map. Plant the germinated seeds in this fertile soil and await the tree's growth (boost to 45 Herblore if necessary). If you encounter an error message indicating incorrect seed planting, persist until you succeed (the success rate is determined by your Herblore level). The growth process transpires rapidly, so be prepared. As the tree advances to its second stage, utilize the bowl of water on it. Upon reaching the third and final stage, the yommi tree will mature. Apply your axe to it, and continue this process until all branches are severed and the tree has been fashioned into a yommi totem. You'll realize it's complete when you're able to pick it up.

Note: Remain attentive, as once the Yommi tree attains adulthood, there's only a brief window during which you can cut it. Failure to do so promptly will result in its deterioration, necessitating a restart.

If you deplete all your seeds, remember that you can retrieve more from Ungadulu within the cave. Ensure to germinate them using the sacred water.

A player creating the yommi totem.

The Final Battle

Find one of the locations with old, brown totems. Place your new totem on the old one and activate "Protect from Ranged" before replacing it.

Nezikchened will spawn, speaking and attacking you. Activate "Protect from Ranged" before swapping the totems to stay safe.

If you chose the short path, you'll need to fight the three undead warriors in the dragon cave again. Nezikchened will summon them one by one. Make sure to maintain "Protect from Ranged" as the sequence repeats, as Nezikchened will hit you four times on three occasions.

If you took the long path, Nezikchened won't summon the undead heroes due to Viyeldi's protection. Still, be cautious as he'll hit four times before the fight.

Nezikchened attacks with ranged attacks and drains your Prayer points. His attacks include Magic, which is more effective this time. Facing him with Ranged, Magic, or a halberd from between trees with "Protect from Magic" on will let you defeat him without taking damage.

Warning: If you take too long to fight him, he'll disappear. When resummoned, he returns with full health.

defeat nezikchened

After defeating Nezikchened, put the totem back in place. Gujuo will appear, expressing gratitude for your victory and presenting you with a totem pole as a reward.

Head back to Radimus Erkle at the Legends' Guild (fairy ring code BLR), bringing the Radimus notes and the gilded totem. He will grant you access to the guild and offer training in one of 12 skills, up to four times.

Once you've claimed all the experience rewards, the quest is successfully finished.

Congratulations! Quest Completed!