OSRS Tears of Guthix Quest Guide

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Tears of Guthix Quest Guide OSRS

"Tears of Guthix" is a quest in RuneScape that tasks players with assisting Juna, a devout follower of Guthix, in restoring a cavern located in the Lumbridge Swamp Caves. Within this mysterious dungeon, the walls flow with tears, which are a relic of Guthix's profound sorrow and anguish at the destruction caused during the God Wars.

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43 Quest points

49 Firemaking 

20 Crafting (adding the sapphire lens to a Bullseye lantern (unf) is boostable, but Bullseye lantern (empty) and Bullseye lantern is not boostable.)

20 Mining 

Items Required:

Lit sapphire lantern (use a cut sapphire on a bullseye lantern or on a bullseye lantern (unf)), make sure to use a tinderbox on it as Juna is busy

Swamp tar to fill an empty sapphire lantern using the chemist in Rimmington or the lamp still in Dorgesh-Kaan




Rope (if you have not yet entered the Lumbridge Swamp Caves)

Start Point:   

Talk to Juna, deep inside the Lumbridge Swamp Caves.

start point

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Begin the "Tears of Guthix" quest by heading southwest of the Lumbridge Swamp and entering the dungeon. Be cautious of Wall Beasts (level 49) that may attack you from the walls. Continue southeast until you reach a small stream where you'll use a stepping stone to cross. On the other side, you'll find giant frogs and another cave entrance. Enter this cave, follow the path, climb down the rocks, and finally, speak to Juna to kickstart your quest

talk to juna

After speaking with Juna in the "Tears of Guthix" quest in RuneScape, she will explain the significance of the Tears of Guthix and offer you the opportunity to enter the cave for a short time. To access the tears, you must share a story about your adventures with her. Once you've done so, she will inform you that you need to craft a bowl from a special rock found on the other side of a chasm.

Follow these steps to continue your quest:

1. Use your Sapphire gem with an unlit Bullseye lantern to create a Sapphire lantern. Light the lantern.

2. Head to the north side of the chasm, where you'll encounter a group of Light creatures flying around.

3. Use your Sapphire lantern on one of these Light creatures to be carried across to the other side of the chasm.

Note: If your lantern runs out of oil, you can add more by taking Swamp tar to the Chemist's house west of Rimmington and using the lantern on the Lamp Oil Still.

This will bring you closer to collecting the Tears of Guthix and progressing in the quest.

use sapphire lantern in light creature

To proceed with the "Tears of Guthix" quest in RuneScape, follow these steps:

1. Mine a rock to obtain a magic stone.

2. Use a Chisel on the magic stone to craft a Stone bowl.

3. Once you have the Stone bowl, use your Sapphire lantern again on the Light Creatures to cross back over the chasm.

4. Return to Juna and engage in conversation with her once more.

Congratulations! Quest Complete!

tears of guthix completed