OSRS My Arm's Big Adventure Quest Guide

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My Arm's Big Adventure Quest Guide OSRS

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60% Tai Bwo Wannia Cleanup favor

Must be able to defeat a level 172 enemy

farming 29 Farming 

woodcutting 10 Woodcutting 

Quest Required:

Eadgar's Ruse

The Feud

Jungle Potion

Items Required:

Bucket (can be obtained during the quest, south of the cooking pot on Death Plateau)

3 Ugthanki dung, or the following materials to gather it:

  • Red hot sauce (obtainable in Pollnivneach) or the Camulet (from Enakhra's Lament quest)
  • Spade
  • 3 additional buckets

Several farming supplies, which can be stored by any Tool Leprechaun and withdrawn from the Trollheim Tool Leprechaun - except for Supercompost, these may also be purchased from this Leprechaun:

  • 7 Supercompost (must be Supercompost, one extra can be used later rather than the plant cure so 8 total) (He doesn't sell supercompost)
  • Spade
  • Rake
  • Seed dibber
  • Plant cure


Combat level 55 Combat level

Prayer 43 Prayer (not boostable) for Protection prayers

Magic¬† 61 Magic (boostable)for Trollheim Teleport

Fast travel to Al-Kharid (ring of dueling or amulet of glory) or Pollnivneach (Pollnivneach Teleport or coins to use the magic carpet system) to obtain Ugthanki Dung

Fast travel to Death Plateau (games necklace to Burthorpe or combat bracelet to the Warriors' Guild)

Climbing boots, if walking from the Troll Stronghold to Death Plateau (can be bought from Tenzing for 12 coins)

Stamina or energy potions

Food, armour, and a weapon

A Machete if you have less than 60% favour in the Tai Bwo Wannai Cleanup minigame

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Ok Let’s do this!

Starting the adventure

1. Travel to the Troll Stronghold and find Burntmeat in the Troll kitchen, located south after descending the stairs.

2. Engage in a conversation with Burntmeat, who has heard of humans growing goutweed. He'll express a desire for his assistant, My Arm, to learn farming.

3. Locate My Arm at the back of the Troll kitchen and speak to him. My Arm will inform you about the goutweedy lump required from the cooking pot on Death Plateau.

4. You can reach Death Plateau by either following Burntmeat's instructions or using alternative methods such as a games necklace.

5. It is recommended to activate Protect from Ranged against the rock throwers and Protect from Melee while on the plateau. Obtain the goutweedy lump by using a bucket on the cooking pot. A bucket spawn is available in a nearby hut if needed.

6. Return to the Troll Stronghold and converse with My Arm again. He will consume the goutweed and lead you to his farm on the stronghold's roof.

7. Speak with My Arm on the rooftop, and he will provide you with a farming manual that he requests you to read.

Obtaining Fertiliser

Your next task is to acquire the fertiliser needed for the goutweed. You'll require three buckets of Ugthanki dung and seven supercompost.

There are two methods to obtain Ugthanki dung:

1. Using Red Hot Sauce:

Travel to Pollnivneach.

If you don't have a camulet, talk to Ali the Kebab seller and request his red hot sauce.

Head to Ali the Camel Man's store and apply the red hot sauce to the trough. A nearby camel will consume it and produce dung.

Use empty buckets on the dung pile. Picking it up will result in a humorous message.

2. Using the Camulet:

If you possess a camulet, interact with the camel directly and ask it to produce dung for you. The camel may agree or refuse, so repeat the request until it complies.

3. After obtaining the camel dung, return to the goutweed patch with a spade and seven supercompost.

4. Use all seven supercompost and the camel dung on the patch that My Arm prepared.

Exploring Karamja

1. After fertilizing the goutweed patch, speak to My Arm once more. He will express a desire to travel with you to Tai Bwo Wannai, believing that goutweed originates from there. A short cutscene will play on the Ardougne docks, followed by another on the ship.

El jugador y My Arm se dirigen a Karamja .

2. Upon arrival in Brimhaven, My Arm will have already headed to Tai Bwo Wannai. You can locate him just east of the general store in Tai Bwo Wannai. Interact with him there.

3. If you have at least 60% favour with Tai Bwo Wannai, talk to Murcaily. Keep in mind that speaking to him will deduct this percentage from your total favour, so you may want to reach 100% for the diary first.

4. Initially, Murcaily will provide you with a single hardy gout tuber. Following this, a cutscene will ensue in which My Arm creates chaos in the village while searching for the tubers.

5. Murcaily will then give you numerous hardy gout tubers, and you will return to Ardougne.

Dealing with the Rocs

1. Speak with My Arm once more, and he will suggest returning to the bank to prepare for some "large birds" on top of the mountain. Ensure you have the necessary farming tools or that your tool leprechaun has them. Also, bring decent armor, weaponry, and food.

2. Return to the summit of the Troll Stronghold where My Arm is located. You can retrieve or purchase the tools from the nearby tool leprechaun.

3. Give My Arm the materials to plant his tubers as if you were planting them yourself. Hand over the tools in the following order: a. Rake (note that this may break; if it does, retrieve the head and combine it with the handle, then return it to My Arm) b. The hardy gout tubers c. Seed dibber d. Supercompost before it fully grows, or plant cure after it becomes diseased (keep a plant cure stored in the leprechaun just in case)

My Arm planting the hardy gout tubers.

4. As the goutweed finishes growing, a level 75 Baby Roc will swoop down and attack it. Defeating this bird should be fairly easy.

5. Subsequently, a more formidable level 172 Giant Roc will become agitated and immediately attack you. It employs both Melee and Ranged attacks. Activate Protect from Missiles and eat when necessary to withstand its attacks. The Giant Roc is more resistant to Ranged or Melee damage compared to Magic damage, so use Magic to damage it. My Arm will also join the fight, but his attacks are not very effective.

An ideal spot to fight the Giant Roc. Note that you can still get hurt by the wing blasts and ranged attacks.

6. After defeating the Giant Roc, speak with My Arm again. You will need to give him a spade to dig up the goutweed. If you forgot the spade, climb down the ladder and back up to make the leprechaun reappear.

7. My Arm will then instruct you to speak with Burntmeat for your reward, which is a full inventory of burnt meat.

8. Finally, talk to My Arm once more to complete the quest. He will offer you better rewards.

Congratulation! Quest Complete!

My Arm's Big Adventure completed