OSRS Last Man Standing Guide

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Last Man Standing Guide OSRS

Last Man Standing Guide

The Last Man Standing (LMS) minigame is a player-versus-player battle royale-style experience where you and a group of 3 to 23 others are dropped onto an island, fighting for survival until only one remains—the last man standing.

To start, players can talk to Lisa at the Ferox Enclave. Items from your inventory are temporarily removed for the duration of the game; however, a nearby bank deposit box allows you to store your belongings before entering.

When talking to Lisa, you'll be prompted to choose from three game modes:

1. Casual: No rewards are gained, and you can begin with just four players. Your rank won't affect the highscores.

2. Competitive: Available for members, you earn points and your highscore rank changes. At least 24 players are required to start a competitive game. Afterward, your rating is updated and displayed.

3. High Stakes: Similar to competitive mode, but there's a 500,000 coin entry fee. This mode is selectively enabled and not available to Ironman accounts.

For Competitive and High Stakes modes, you need a minimum total level of 750 and 30 Quest points or a minimum total level of 1,500 if your Quest points are less than 30.

Note: Hardcore Group Ironmen can experience safe deaths in LMS, as well as in Soul Wars and Castle Wars.

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Official worlds

Unlike many other minigames, Last Man Standing can only be accessed and played on specific worlds designated for this purpose.





 United Kingdom

LMS Casual


 United States (east)

LMS Casual


 United States (east)

LMS Competitive

Getting there

You have four reliable options for reaching Ferox Enclave without having to travel through the Wilderness:

1. Use a ring of dueling to teleport straight to Ferox Enclave.

2. Access the Last Man Standing minigame through the Grouping interface teleport.

3. Employ a waka canoe to row your way to Ferox Enclave (requires level 57 Woodcutting).

4. Enter Ferox Enclave by using the Soul Wars portal, which leads to the enclave's dungeon area.

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At the beginning of each game, a map is selected at random from the available map pool. Currently, two island maps are in rotation: Desert Island and Wild Varrock. The choice between the two is made with a 50% chance for each.

Upon entering the lobby, players have the option to define their preferred account build by using the Settings button on the screen. There are three distinct account builds to choose from: Max/Med, Zerker, and 1 Def Pure.

https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/images/Last_Man_Standing_Desert_Island_map.png?8e5bd  https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/images/Last_Man_Standing_Wild_Varrock_map.png?c5ff3






















1 Def Pure







Upon reaching the island, players' account builds are randomly assigned, with a higher likelihood of getting a build that more players have preferred in the waiting area. All prayers (except Redemption, Smite, Preserve, and Retribution, as well as Rigour, Augury, Piety, and Chivalry for zerker and 1 def pure builds) are accessible, and the player's spellbook is automatically switched to Ancient Magicks, even if they haven't completed Desert Treasure I. Moreover, players are granted unlimited run energy and prayer. The game commences 12 seconds after a player's arrival.

When a player eliminates another participant, their stats, run energy, special attack, and supplies are completely replenished. Additionally, they receive a bloody key (or a bloodier key if there are fewer than six players) which can be used on a chest to acquire more potent equipment. During this grace period, players are invulnerable for 20 seconds, providing them the opportunity to locate a chest for looting and to prepare for their subsequent encounter with another player.

Items discovered on the island possess distinct item IDs from their regular counterparts. Should players attempt to carry these items outside the minigame and use them, the items will instantaneously disappear.


Upon arrival, players are equipped with a default preset of items determined by the chosen account build. This includes Super restore, Super combat potion, Saradomin brew, Ranging potion, and, by default, a distinctive rune pouch capable of casting Blood Blitz, Blood Barrage, Ice Blitz, and Ice Barrage. The supply chest located to the east of Lisa's position allows players to customize their inventory, equipment loadout, and spellbook based on their personal preferences. It's important to note that players cannot carry more than eleven sharks and two cooked karambwans in their loadout. Similarly, players cannot pick up the same amount of food from a defeated player's loot.

In the supply chest, players can choose between the Standard Spellbook, Ancient Magicks, and Lunar Spellbook. This selection grants access to various spells such as the Surge spells, Entangle, Ice and Blood Blitz and Barrage spells, Vengeance, and Cure Me. However, it's worth mentioning that the Lunar Spellbook cannot be activated for Pure builds.

To enhance their chances of survival, players must scavenge chests scattered across the island using bloody keys and bloodier keys. Chests unlocked with bloody keys offer items from two distinct loot tables, one containing offensive gear and the other defensive gear. Bloodier keys, on the other hand, provide access to an upgraded offensive loot table. If an opponent logs out before being defeated, the attacker will still receive a bloody/bloodier key.

Throughout the map, loot crates may spawn, and their location will be broadcasted to all remaining players via the chat box. These loot crates can yield items from the upgraded loot table.

Below are lists of equipment that can be obtained for each account build during the minigame.


Melee equipment

 Rune scimitar

 Rune 2h sword

 Rune battleaxe

 Granite maul


 Dragon scimitar

 Dragon 2h sword

 Dragon dagger

 Abyssal whip

 Armadyl godsword

 Dragon warhammer

 Dragon claws

 Elder maul

 Dragon sword

 Dragon chainbody

 Dragon platelegs

 Proselyte sallet

 Proselyte hauberk

 Proselyte cuisse

 Adamant full helm

 Adamant platebody

 Adamant platelegs

 Rune platebody

 Rune platelegs

 Climbing boots

 Warrior helm


Ranged equipment

 Maple shortbow

 Yew shortbow

 Magic shortbow

 Dark bow

 Adamant arrow

 Rune arrow

 Dragon arrow

 Dragon thrownaxe

 Blue d'hide body

 Blue d'hide chaps

 Red d'hide body

 Red d'hide chaps

 Black d'hide body

 Black d'hide chaps

 Archer helm

 Snakeskin boots

Magic equipment

 Air rune

 Water rune

 Earth rune

 Fire rune

 Chaos rune

 Death rune

 Blood rune

 Beginner wand

 Apprentice wand

 Master wand

 Splitbark helm

 Farseer helm

 Mystic hat

 Mystic robe top

 Mystic robe bottom

 Mystic boots

 Infinity top

 Infinity bottoms

 3rd age robe top

 3rd age robe

 Ancient staff

 Ahrim's robetop

 Ahrim's robeskirt





 Prayer potion

 Super energy

 Mithril gloves

 Rune gloves

 Amulet of glory

 Amulet of accuracy


As time progresses, approximately after a minute into the game, a broadcast will announce the imminent arrival of lethal fog, which will gradually envelop the island. In order to escape damage from the fog, players must make their way to the designated safe zone. The safe zone's location will be marked by fog markers, appearing as glowing orbs, as well as a prominent yellow arrow.

Failure to reach the safe zone within 9 minutes and 10 seconds will result in players suffering rapid damage. The damage will commence at around 1 point per tick and will progressively intensify to a staggering 10 points per tick.


Bloody Keys

In Last Man Standing, players have the opportunity to eliminate other players and acquire valuable keys. Defeating opponents grants players a bloody key, which serves multiple purposes. It can be used to re-loot chests that have previously been searched, essentially granting another chance at acquiring valuable items. Furthermore, using a bloody key will completely restore the player's hitpoints.

Notably, players who secure kills when only five or fewer participants remain will be rewarded with a bloodier key. This enhanced key not only slightly replenishes prayer points and special attack energy but also offers distinct advantages during gameplay. When utilizing bloodier keys to re-loot chests, players are guaranteed to obtain food, and their chances of obtaining high-tier special attack weapons are significantly increased.

Even if an opponent logs out before being defeated, the attacker will still be granted a bloody or bloodier key as a reward.


Casual games in Last Man Standing do not yield any rewards.

In competitive games, players earn points based on their performance:

1st place: 5 points

2nd place: 4 points

3rd/4th place: 3 points

5th-9th place: 2 points

10th-19th place: 1 point

Players must eliminate at least one opponent to be eligible for points. Bonus points are also awarded based on kills:

3 kills: 1 point

5 kills: 2 points

These points can be exchanged for rewards at Justine's reward shop, known as "Justine's stuff for the Last Shopper Standing." Each point has a value of up to 29,600 coins for members or 24,778 coins for free-to-play players.

In high stakes games, the last survivor wins 7,500,000 coins, while the runner-up receives 2,500,000 coins, which can be claimed from a chest near Justine. Players who rank third to fifth in the game earn a free entry to their next high stakes game. With a minimum of 24 players required per match, a total of 12,000,000 coins is invested. Of this amount, 10,000,000 coins are distributed to the last two players, and the top three players receive free access to their subsequent game. This setup ensures that Last Man Standing serves as a money sink, removing a minimum of 500,000 coins from the game economy per high stakes match.