OSRS Shilo Village Quest

OSRS Shilo Village Quest


Start point

Talk to Mosol Rei outside of Shilo Village in the south part of Karamja.

Start point quest


Completion of the following quests:

Jungle Potion

Druidic Ritual

20 Crafting

32 Agility

Must be able to defend from many Undead ones (level 61-73) and able to defeat three monsters that are about level 90.


(Make sure you have at least 1 free inventory space. Using a gnome glider to travel to "Gandius" is the fastest way to get there, but it requires 30 Agility to cross a shortcut. You can also move your player-owned house to Brimhaven for another fast transportation option.)

1. Speak to Mosol Rei outside Shilo Village. Choose the dialogue options: (1 • 1 • 1 • 4 • 2)

2. Head to Trufitus's house in the eastern part of Tai Bwo Wannai (look for the search icon on the minimap). The fairy ring code c k r is nearby.

3. Use the wampum belt on Trufitus. Choose the dialogue options: (2 • 2 • 1 • 3 • 1)

This simplified summary will guide you through the initial steps of the "Shilo Village" quest.

points for the mission

Ah Za Rhoon 

Ah Za Rhoon cave
After giving the wampum belt to Trufitus, follow these steps to reach Ah Za Rhoon:

Head east and then south until you reach the log crossing near the crashed gnome glider. Cross the log and continue south until you reach a dark rocky area on the minimap. You can teleport to Emir's Arena using the ring of dueling to get there faster and then use the nearby gnome glider to reach Gandius.

Use your spade on the mound of earth to uncover a fissure in the ground. Use a lit torch or candle on the fissure, then add your rope to the fissure. Note that you'll lose any light source you use on the fissure. Search the fissure (requires 32 Agility) to descend, and follow the cave south until you reach a stream.

Use your chisel on the strange-looking stone at the marked point "4" on the map to obtain a stone-plaque. Read its contents. Search the loose rocks at point "6" to find a tattered scroll. Read it.

Search the sacks at point "7" to find a crumpled scroll. Read its contents. Search the ancient gallows at point "8" to obtain Zadimus's corpse. Talk to it.

Teleport or return to the first area using the "Cave in" entrance marked as "2". If you return to the first area, use the remains of the broken table at point "3" to build a raft or search the rocks at point "5". Note that failing the rock search will cause significant damage.

Return to Trufitus and use the 4 collected items on him. Head west until you find a tribal statue near Trufitus's hut and bury the corpse. Use the bone shard on Trufitus. Choose dialogue options 1 • 1 • 1.

Tomb of Bervirius

After giving Trufitus the wampum belt, proceed east then south to Cairn Isle, accessed via a gnome glider to Gandius. Use your spade on a mound of earth to uncover a fissure. Light it with a torch, add a rope, and enter (32 Agility required). Inside, search the dolmen and use a chisel on a sword pommel. Combine bronze wire with bone beads.

Teleport or climb out, then head southeast to the northeastern Karamja point. Use a chisel on a bone shard for a bone key. Equip Beads of the Dead, open doors with the key, and descend rocks. Navigate through the dungeon to doors, placing 3 regular bones. Search a dolmen, defeat Nazastarool in 3 forms, and take the Rashiliyia corpse.

Returning to Cairn Isle via fairy ring ckr, place the corpse on a dolmen to complete the quest. This process involves crafting, agility challenges, combat, and item interactions, leading you to solve the mystery of Shilo Village.

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