OSRS Lost City Quest

Osrs lost city quest

"Lost City" is an adventure centered around the enchanting fairy realm of Zanaris. A band of intrepid explorers has set up a campsite within the eerie depths of Lumbridge Swamp, proclaiming their relentless quest for the elusive lost city. Your task is to unravel the truth concealed behind their declaration and secure passage to the otherworldly moon of Gielinor, known as Zanaris.



31 Crafting

36 Woodcutting

Ability to kill a level 101 Tree spirit with limited armour and weapons.

Items required


Woodcutting axe (you will need to bank the axe before accessing Entrana you cannot use a blessed axe)


45 Combat level

Some stamina potions

Some food (armour is not allowed on Entrana)

Prayer potion for the Entrana Dungeon (highly recommended if using Melee, Prayer is almost fully drained when entering the dungeon)

Some rings of recoil (highly recommended if using Melee)

39 Magic and enough runes to cast Crumble Undead against the Zombies and the Tree Spirit, who are susceptible to it (about 65 casts should be enough)

A Celastrus bark to fletch into a battlestaff for an added Magic bonus (requires 40 Fletching)

Arrows, bow string and an unstrung bow as an alternative to Magic against the Zombies

Any instant teleport to leave the Entrana Dungeon

Fast travel to the Lumbridge Swamp (A charged ring of the elements, Lumbridge teleport or necklace of passage to the Wizards' Tower)

Start point

Go to Lumbridge Swamp. Talk to the campers there

Start point


To embark on this quest, make your way towards the mysterious Lumbridge Swamp. You can either traverse the terrain on foot or utilize the teleportation magic of Draynor Village, and then proceed southeast. As you venture to the northwestern fringes of the swamp, a peculiar scene unfolds before you – a campfire encircled by a quartet of individuals: a valiant Warrior, a skilled Archer, a knowledgeable Wizard, and a contemplative Monk. Engage the warrior in conversation, your curiosity piqued. Prompt him with the question, "For what purpose do you bivouac in this locale?"

In a moment of candor, he inadvertently divulges his quest for the enigmatic Zanaris. Exploit this disclosure by inquiring further, "And what might Zanaris be?" With intrigue taking hold, steer the discourse towards the methodology of their search, prompting, "Given its elusive nature, how do you intend to unearth Zanaris?" With a subtle grin, deliver the final question, "It appears even your knowledge is incomplete." In a surge of exasperation, he unwittingly reveals a concealed leprechaun nestled within an adjacent tree – a leprechaun privy to the knowledge of accessing Zanaris.

Proceed a few paces northwestward, and identify a distinctive tree that provides a solitary option: "Chop." Manipulate this prompt to interact with the tree, prompting the emergence of a leprechaun christened Shamus. Engage him with the query, "How is it feasible for it to fit inside a shed?" His response elucidates the need for a Dramen staff, hewn from a branch of the Dramen tree ensconced within the depths of Entrana Dungeon beneath the hallowed grounds of Entrana

The island of Entrana

The Monks of Entrana stand as steadfast sentinels of tradition, upholding their code of prohibiting the presence of weapons or armor upon the sacred soil of Entrana. However, they extend a gracious allowance for certain items, among them:

1. Materials requisite for crafting armor, such as needle, thread, and hides like dragonhide or leather.

2. Varieties of clothing like the H.A.M. Robes or the ethereal full graceful attire.

3. Celastrus bark, instrumental in forging a formidable battlestaff.

4. A trusty knife accompanied by logs or an unstrung bow, complemented by a bowstring for bow fabrication.

5. Ample quivers of arrows.

6. An assortment of runes, vital for both combat and teleportation.

7. Potions that empower and sustain.

8. Sustenance in the form of food.

9. Embellishing jewelry.

10. Sacred volumes of god books.

11. Scrolls that bestow unholy blessings.

To navigate this intricate tapestry, commence your journey in Port Sarim. Within the vicinity of the Rusty Anchor Inn, on the second jetty, congregates the enclave of the Monks of Entrana, their convictions unwavering. A conveniently located bank deposit box offers sanctuary for your axe, preserving it for the course of your voyage. Your next step, a maritime passage to Entrana, materializes as a boat ride accessible south of the inn.

Upon disembarking on the sacred isle, proceed eastward. Traverse the path that leads you north over a bridge, and then chart a westerly course. Your destination reveals itself – a Cave Monk stationed near the entrance of a subterranean passage. Exercise caution as you approach, ensuring that neither a Battlestaff nor a Bow has been crafted prior to this juncture. The gravity of this rule cannot be overstated, for transgression warrants expulsion, and your quest would stand poised for a fresh beginning. Take the plunge, descending the ladder that beckons from below.

Begin your journey at Port Sarim, locating the Monks of Entrana and a deposit box on the second jetty south of the Rusty Anchor Inn. Store your axe securely in the deposit box before boarding the boat destined for Entrana. Upon disembarking, move east, then north across a bridge, finally turning west. Near a dungeon entrance, you'll find a Cave Monk. Ensure you haven't forged a Battlestaff or Bow prior to descending the ladder, as this misstep would necessitate restarting.

Venturing into the dungeon, be aware that your prayer will be nearly depleted. For the unguarded, it's prudent to carry a prayer potion. Within the dungeon, acquire a woodcutting axe by dispatching level 25 zombies. A straightforward approach is to defeat zombies until one drops a bronze axe. Safespots can be found by the mushrooms along the west wall or in the southern section of the zombie area.

Once armed with an axe, proceed south through the cave. As you encounter greater demons, spot a small cave to the south. Beware the magical door to the east that leads to the perilous level 32 wilderness. Pass the demons and locate the Dramen Tree within the southern cave. Execute your woodcutting skills and gather a Dramen branch.

At this point, a level 101 Tree Spirit will emerge. To safely confront it, draw it northward and then to the south, positioning it behind the mushrooms. Magic is a potent weapon, with spells like Crumble Undead effective even at low levels. For ranged enthusiasts, ensure ample arrows, materials for crafting a bow, and preferable ranged armor.

An alternative method involves someone weakening the Tree Spirit with a ring of recoil, though the quest-doer must deal at least 1 damage during the encounter. Another viable approach is to cut the branch from the tree's southern side, leading the spawned Tree Spirit to the opposite side, where it can be vanquished with magic. Avoid using the nearby mushroom as a safespot against the greater demons, as the Tree Spirit will respawn.

Having triumphed over the Tree Spirit, reacquire the Dramen branch by cutting the tree once more. A crucial note: while a Dramen branch is needed for Freeing Sir Amik Varze in Recipe for Disaster, having a few additional branches is recommended.

The final step involves using a knife on the Dramen branch to craft the invaluable Dramen staff, an essential tool for your forthcoming odyssey.

Finishing up

Teleport out and go to the tool shed in the centre of Lumbridge Swamp, north-west of the Lumbridge Swamp training mine. A player can use Lumbridge Home Teleport for quick transportation. Wield the Dramen staff and enter the tool shed and you'll find yourself in Zanaris.