How to get Bloody Tokens WOW DF

How to GET Bloody Tokens

 in WoW Dragonflight


Welcome to the Guide to Bloody Tokens in World of Warcraft Dragonflight!

In this thrilling adventure, you'll immerse yourself in the exciting world of PvP (Player versus Player) to obtain the valuable Bloody Tokens in the Dragon Isles. Discover the various ways to acquire these precious tokens, upgrade your gear, and unlock powerful achievements. Get ready to face challenges and dominate battles as you embark on this epic quest.

Explore strategies to earn Bloody Tokens through quests, PvP engagements, and thrilling encounters on the battlefield! Additionally, we'll reveal the secrets of set bonuses and the valuable rewards you can obtain with these tokens.

Plunge into the world of World of Warcraft Dragonflight and unleash your prowess in PvP combat to obtain the coveted Bloody Tokens.

The Bloody Tokens

In Dragonflight, Bloody Tokens play a significant role as a currency earned through thrilling PvP activities. These valuable tokens can be found in Dragon Isles Supply Caches and War Supply Chests, or as rewards for completing quests or defeating players from the opposing faction. As a game currency obtained through PvP, they can be redeemed for various items, including armaments.


¿So, How to get the Bloody Tokens?


World quests:

The primary and most common way to gather Bloody Tokens is by completing PvP world quests scattered throughout the Dragon Isles. These quests appear sporadically, so it's crucial to keep a vigilant eye on the world quests availability. Remember that engaging in PvP world quests requires turning on your War Mode, which can only be done in your capital cities of Orgrimmar and Stormwind.

World quests in Dragonflight typically remain active for a couple of days, allowing ample time for completion. By conducting a round of PvP world quests two to three times a week, you'll have the opportunity to complete all the quests and earn a significant number of Bloody Tokens.

PVP Directly:

To optimize your chances of obtaining Bloody Tokens, consider opting for War Mode and engaging in PvP matches. Fulfilling certain requirements will increase the drop rate of this valuable currency.

For the most efficient results, complete all PvP games in War Mode, as it offers the highest token drop rate. Spending time in War Mode will allow you to accumulate larger amounts of Bloody Tokens.

Additionally, participating in open-world PvP and eliminating enemies will also reward you with Bloody Tokens, although the quantity obtained may be less compared to War Mode. Keep this in mind as you strategize your approach to gather these precious tokens.


PVP Directly:


War Supply Chests:

There are other ways to obtain Bloody Tokens. War Supply Chests also provide a source of these tokens, with the first chest of the day granting a generous 200 Bloody Tokens, while subsequent chests award only 50 Bloody Tokens each.

Moreover, engaging in open-world PvP brings its own rewards. For each player from the opposing faction defeated, you'll earn one Bloody Token.

To maximize your efforts in obtaining Bloody Tokens, consider joining a group to farm War Supply Chests. Coordinating with a group significantly enhances efficiency, as the timer for these chests isn't particularly long. Working together as a raid group allows you to cover more ground and secure more chests within the time frame.

You can easily find these farming groups in the group finder, usually listed with names like 'Bloody Tokens farm.'

Also, is a  excellent strategy to avoid being outnumbered by enemies. Strength in numbers can be a significant advantage when venturing into open-world PvP, ensuring that you have the support of your fellow group members and increasing your chances of success.

Its time to Spend it

To utilize your hard-earned Bloody Tokens, head to Valdrakken, where you'll find two NPCs offering a variety of gear and items. You can locate them at the Gladiator's Refuge near the Obsidian Enclave. These NPCs are named Malicia and Fieldmaster Emberath.

Malicia specializes in selling gear with a slightly higher item level, providing a significant boost to your character's performance and overall item level.

By farming Bloody Tokens, you can acquire this gear and enhance your abilities in the realm of PvP battles.

While the gear available through Bloody Tokens might not be the highest-level PvP gear in the game, it is of good quality and will undoubtedly aid your progress.

Malicia location

Malicia location


Fieldmaster Emberath Location


Fieldmaster Emberath Location


Fieldmaster Emberath npc


At the Bloody Token vendors in Valdrakken, you'll find a range of items available for purchase. These include bracers, belts, cloaks, shoulders, boots, gloves, helms, chests, and weapons. Each of these items can be acquired using your hard-earned Bloody Tokens, allowing you to customize and enhance your character's gear for improved performance in PvP battles.

However, it's important to note that, currently, rings and trinkets are not available for exchange using Bloody Tokens. While this might be disappointing, keep an eye out for future updates and additions, as there is hope that rings and trinkets will be included in the vendor's offerings eventually.

As you collect and equip various pieces of gear purchased with Bloody Tokens, you'll unlock powerful set bonuses that enhance your abilities in PvP battles.


  • With a two-set bonus, your Versatility is increased by an impressive 131 points, bolstering your overall effectiveness in combat.
  • Upon reaching a four-set bonus, you gain an invaluable defensive ability. When stunned, your resolve hardens, allowing you to absorb up to 71,654 damage for 10 seconds. This powerful defensive effect can only occur once every two minutes, offering a crucial survival tool in intense confrontations.
  • Once you achieve the six-set bonus, you'll tap into the deadly Breaker's Frenzy. Eliminating enemy players grants you Breaker's Frenzy, a buff that increases your versatility and movement speed. This effect can stack up to 10 times, further enhancing your prowess as you continue to triumph over your adversaries.


The Bloody Tokens Achievements


While you're farming Bloody Tokens, keep an eye out for a few noteworthy achievements that can boost your overall achievement points and showcase your accomplishments in Dragonflight:


  • Bloodstained Bounty: Earn this achievement by collecting 750 Bloody Tokens throughout your adventures.


  • Prosperously Bloody: This achievement is slightly more challenging, requiring you to gather 1500 Bloody Tokens.


  • Blood Bank: For the determined players, the Blood Bank achievement is a true test of perseverance, as it demands the collection of 3000 Bloody Tokens.


Each of these achievements is worth 10 achievement points, adding to your overall progress and recognition in the world of Dragonflight.

As you venture forth into the realm of Dragonflight armed with knowledge about Bloody Tokens, may your journey be filled with thrilling PvP battles, rewarding achievements, and glorious victories. Whether you're seeking to improve your gear, master the art of PvP, or simply revel in the excitement of the Dragon Isles, may these valuable tokens be the key to unlocking new adventures and experiences.

Go forth, brave warriors, and make your mark in the world of World of Warcraft! The path to Bloody Tokens may be challenging, but with dedication and skill, you shall triumph. May your legacy as a legendary fighter shine brightly as you conquer the battles that lie ahead.

Farewell and may your adventures be filled with glory and triumph!