OSRS Sins of the Father Quest

OSRS Sins of the Father

"Sins of the Father" stands as the fifth installment in the captivating Myreque quest series. Initially unveiled at the grand stage of RuneFest 2019, this formidable quest surges forth with a Master-level challenge. Its essence intertwines a strategic gambit, meticulously devised by The Myreque in tandem with the enigmatic Vanescula Drakan, targeting none other than the formidable Lord Drakan himself.


Start point     

Speak to Veliaf Hurtz outside the church in Slepe

Start point


62 Woocutting

60 Fleching

56 Crafting 

52 Agility

50 Attack 

50 Slayer

49 Magic 

Completion of the following quests:

Vampyre Slayer

A Taste of Hope

Darkness of Hallowvale

In Aid of the Myreque

In Search of the Myreque

Nature Spirit

Priest in Peril

The Restless Ghost

Items required

Any axe

Vyrewatch outfit (top, legs, and shoes) or 1,950 coins to purchase it from Trader Sven's Black-market Goods (can be obtained during quest)

Ivandis flail


Knife (can be obtained during quest)


Runes for Lvl-3 Enchant (1 cosmic rune, 5 fire runes) or an enchant ruby or topaz Tablet


Slepe's Sleeper Plague

Embark on your journey to Slepe through one of two avenues:

1. Drakan's Medallion: Channel the arcane power of Drakan's medallion, whisking yourself to Ver Sinhaza. Traverse northward, leaving the tranquil dock behind as you venture eastward, ultimately arriving at the hamlet of Slepe. Should the misfortune of medallion loss befall you, salvation lies with Kael beneath the venerable Old Man Ral's.

2. Ectophial: Should your predilections lean toward the ethereal, seize the Ectophial's teleportation to the Ectofuntus. From this spiritual nexus, chart a northerly course until the quaint dock beckons, where Andras awaits. With 10,000 coins as the offering, he'll ferry you to Slepe's shores, southwest of your destination.

In Slepe's embrace, seek out Veliaf Hurtz, stationed by the church's threshold. His visage carries an air of concern as he reveals the chilling presence of the Sleeper Plague, a malady ensnaring the town in a slumberous embrace. His gaze is fixed upon you as he intones his suspicions of the vampyres orchestrating this dire contagion. With a request for aid, he beseeches your assistance in unearthing the wellspring of this affliction, pledging to pursue his own line of inquiry at Crombwick Manor. Your ascent to the challenge is met with your agreement to lend a helping hand.

Venture within the hallowed sanctum of the church, where Hameln the Jester awaits. The pall of sorrow hangs over him, for his steadfast companion, Hanchen the Hound, has been ensnared by the clutches of the Sleeper Plague. Kindly inquire into the circumstances of his affliction. A tale of camaraderie turned to tragedy emerges, as both souls sought solace within the cozy confines of The Rat & Bat, Slepe's local tavern. They sought mirth in shared cups, only for the shadows of sickness to close in around Hanchen, his strength faltering until his collapse became inevitable.

Plague's End

Embark on a venture to The Rat & Bat, nestled southeast of the church, where a rendezvous with Carl the barkeep awaits. Engage him in conversation and boldly inquire about the origins of his mysterious "bloody bracers." Watch closely as a veil of suspicion drapes across his demeanor in response to your probing questions.

Behind the rustic establishment, an innocuous barrel lies in wait. An instinctual nudge prompts you to inspect it, revealing the startling truth: Carl's supply of Bloody Bracers teeters on the brink of depletion. Armed with this newfound knowledge, a decision crystallizes — you are resolute in your pursuit of the truth.

As Carl's steps chart a course through Slepe's alleys and streets, your role evolves into that of a spectral observer. With each of his pauses, your response must mirror swiftness. Concealment behind the protective embrace of landscape or structure becomes your shield against discovery, for the repercussions of exposure are evident — a reset to square one.

Forge your path:

1. Slip through the church's sanctified halls and stake your position by the northern doors. There, a vigilant vigil ensues, biding your time until Carl strides past, unsuspecting.

2. Traverse onward, reaching the shelter of a hollow tree just north of the graves. The eastern edge of your arboreal sanctuary becomes your bastion.

3. As Carl steps into the town's very heart, shielded by the shadow of the gallows, find your refuge along the northern cusp of a hollow tree standing sentinel nearby.

4. When the sacred ground of the graveyard beckons Carl forth, meld seamlessly with the western expanse of another hollow tree, its embrace providing safe harbor against the currents of scrutiny.

A symphony of discretion guides your every move. As Carl's path winds its way through Slepe's tapestry, you remain an unseen presence, a guardian of revelation.

Sins of the Father Carl path
The covert ballet of concealment culminates as Carl reaches the dungeon entrance, unobserved. A cinematic unfolds, featuring Carl confiding in Kroy, a vampyre herbalist, about your suspicions. The scene transitions, introducing Damien Leucurte and Vanstrom Klause. They disclose their involvement in the Sleeper Plague's resurgence, fueled by a blend of the Elixir of Everlasting and Bloody Bracers to facilitate blood tithes. Their clandestine alliance teeters, as Damien's actions risk Vanstrom's authority over blood tithes. Vanstrom warns them of your presence and departs for Darkmeyer, the heart of vampyric power.

introducing Damien Leucurte and Vanstrom Klause

Once the stage empties, granting you solitary access to Kroy's laboratory, the tapestry of revelations paints a chilling tableau. Armed with the full scope of knowledge, a tempest of resolve billows within you. Kroy, now the embodiment of your adversaries, lunges forth, steel and sorcery converging in a vicious duet.

Engaged in the struggle, a strategic choice unfurls: channel your prayers to safeguard against Kroy's magical onslaught, for his melee strikes pale in comparison. The maelstrom's heart becomes your sanctuary as you grasp the mechanics of engagement.

Opportunity beckons as Kroy's vulnerability extends beyond the Ivandis flail. A symphony of combat unfolds, orchestrated with ranged prowess. Seize the northern tables as your fortress, a haven from whence your projectiles sing their deadly melody.

Amidst this struggle, vigilance becomes your guiding star. Kroy, in his malevolent design, hurls vials that promise enfeeblement unless evasion graces your every move. The telltale animation heralds their approach, a potent reminder to sidestep the oncoming peril. Safe-spots, the sanctuary of strategy, bestow vision upon you, permitting preemptive maneuvers. A residual puddle marks the vial's passage, a ground fraught with weakness to be bypassed.

The tides of combat, once tumultuous, yield to mastery. Adorned with sustenance aplenty, your foray into the fray ensures a safety net. With Kroy's final breath, the symphony concludes, and you are left with the aftermath.

Survey the stage: lab tables that housed treachery must now yield to your resolve. Tread once more into the embrace of Veliaf, where the echoes of your triumph resound.

An Unwelcome Surprise

As you relay your discoveries to Veliaf, the truth emerges about vampyres causing the Sleeper Plague and the secret dialogue between Damien and Vanstrom. Veliaf hints at increased blood demand among the vampyres, possibly causing unrest and a chance for The Myreque to capitalize. To investigate further, Veliaf suggests checking in with Drezel and Ivan at Paterdomus.

At Paterdomus, Drezel reveals escalating werewolf kidnappings and Ivan's intel on a Haunted Woods meeting. Veliaf's anger flares for letting Ivan go unaided. Ivan's significance emerges as the last descendant of Ivandis Seergaze. Amidst tension, you propose investigating the meeting site.

In the Haunted Woods, Ivan's revelation of the werewolves' alliance with Damien shocks Veliaf. Vanescula Drakan appears, her offer to eliminate Lord Drakan sparking distrust. After a confrontation, she demands a Myreque gathering at the Icyene Graveyard, hinting at an ominous ultimatum. The web of intrigue draws tighter, choices veiled in shadow and uncertainty.

Sins of the Father werewolfmeeting   

Veliaf goes to inform the group in Burgh de Rott, while you accompany Ivan to gather resources and meet Drezel at Paterdomus. Prepare to meet Ivan outside the temple. Journey west from Canifis to Paterdomus, talking to Ivan there. Help Ivan overcome challenges on the way:

1. River Crossing: Create a vine to swing across the river, using smaller trees. If you lack a knife, find one nearby.

2. Nail Beasts: Defeat three nail beasts. If Ivan's health is low, feed him to heal him.

3. Broken Bridge: Repair the bridge with logs; bring a hammer or axe. Kill a zombie if you lack an axe.

4. Vampyre Juvinates: Battle two vampyre juvinates, ensuring Ivan's safety.

Arriving at Burgh de Rott, Ivan goes to the dock. Head to the southern coast's dock, converse with Veliaf or Ivan, and board the boat to the Icyene Graveyard.

A Nice and Simple Plan

Arriving at the Icyene Graveyard, Safalaan emerges to welcome you and Veliaf, anointment as lieutenant a testament to your dedication. Yet, the tranquility is punctuated by Vanescula Drakan's sudden presence. Her words weave a tapestry of crisis: the vampyre population thrives as humanity dwindles, leading to an insatiable demand for blood. Lowerniel Drakan, their leader, has turned reclusive, leaving a vacuum of power.

Her proposition dances in the air: overthrow Lowerniel, replace him with her, and herald an era of coexistence reminiscent of the Zarosian Empire's glory. Peace between humans and vampyres, like the bygone Second Age, beckons tantalizingly. The plan entails your assistance in Lowerniel's demise, allowing Vanescula to ascend the throne without stirring discord among his loyalists. However, refusal would seal your fate, as she can't afford loose ends.

As the group ponders, Veliaf's skepticism persists. You join Safalaan and Vanescula for a private conversation. Her revelations unfold, laying bare the truth of Safalaan's latent powers. The mausoleum, a vestige of Morytania's past, holds the key to his heritage. Unlocking its secrets demands a puzzle's unraveling.

Engage with the enigma, a mosaic akin to Kakurasu. The riddle's core rests in aligning the active numbers, marked by blue and yellow squares, to match row and column sums. While the red flags are optional, they aid in strategizing. Begin with numbers under 5, a foothold from which elimination flows. Some solutions crystallize through specific number combinations (e.g. 11 necessitates 5, 3, 2, 1 or 5, 4, 2).

As the puzzle unfolds, the shroud over Safalaan's heritage lifts, vanquished by your tenacity. For those seeking swift resolution, an external source can untangle the enigma.


After completing the puzzle, a cutscene unfolds where you and Safalaan unveil that he is the half-icyene and half-human offspring of Efaritay and Ascertes. His sister, Larina Hallow, once existed, and Safalaan's powers mirror those of an icyene. Eager to know his parents' resting places in the mausoleum, he discovers only his sister's remains. Safalaan agrees to Vanescula's plan to topple Lowerniel under the condition that she reveals their parents' whereabouts and that he delivers the killing blow to his brother.

Vanescula discloses that Efaritay's fate is known solely to Lowerniel, and that Ascertes underwent vampyrification, becoming Vanstrom Klause.

Seeking solitude, Safalaan instructs you to converse with other group members: Ivan Strom, Vertida Sefalatis, Kael Forshaw, Radigad Ponfit, Polmafi Ferdygris, and ultimately Veliaf Hurtz. Remember to engage with others before approaching Veliaf, or he won't agree.

Once unanimity is achieved, Vanescula proposes exploring the laboratory beneath Meiyerditch for more secrets and enhancements, potentially strengthening the Ivandis flail. You and Safalaan venture forth together.

Proceed to the laboratory. A shortcut involves teleporting to Ver Sinhaza via Drakan's Medallion, conversing with a Vyrewatch near the bank to access the mines. Extract 15 daeyalt ore, load it into an empty cart, then converse with a Vyrewatch to exit (if without a pickaxe, request one from a miner). Navigate through the houses to find a descending staircase (Darkness of Hallowvale's Laboratory). The building adjoins the eastern wall. Approach the house necessitated for earlier entry and ascending to the secret carpet room. From here, move northeast along the eastern wall. Encounter a house displaying a vividly visible, red and yellow tapestry. Traverse the slashed tapestry and descend the stairs.

Engage Safalaan in conversation, embarking on an exploration of the laboratory together. However, a Mutated Bloodveld materializes, prompting Safalaan's latent icyene powers to surge forth, inadvertently slaying it and rendering him unconscious. Another Mutated Bloodveld emerges, necessitating your intervention. The skirmish is uncomplicated and linear, with the possibility of safe-spotting the creature. Upon its defeat, reconnect with Safalaan, who grapples with the uncertainty of his uncontrollable powers.

Subsequent dialogue propels you westward into the adjacent room. Locate a bookshelf nestled against the western wall, concealed behind two cages. A tome titled "Haemalchemy volume 2" awaits your retrieval. Convey the book to Safalaan. His request follows, beseeching you to revisit the Icyene Graveyard. Traverse the path to Burgh de Rott, veering south-east, and embark upon the boat journey to the Icyene Graveyard.

Mutated Bloodveld

A Vyre-ry Noble Disguise

Engage in dialogue with either Veliaf, Safalaan, or Vanescula, who discloses the existence of the Blisterwood tree, a creation of Efaritay, yielding wood lethal to vampyres. Enhancing Myreque weaponry with Blisterwood is proposed. However, this extraordinary tree resides solely within Efaritay's former Arboretum, nestled amid Darkmeyer. A suggestion surfaces: adopting a vampyre noble disguise using a modified vyrewatch outfit. Safalaan endorses this plan, urging you to enlist Polmafi Ferdygris at the Myreque Hideout beneath Old Man Ral's abode to complete the transformation.

Should you lack a vyrewatch outfit, acquire one from Trader Sven's Black-market Goods, located just south of Old Man Ral's dwelling, for 1,950 coins. Journey to the Myreque Hideout via the trap door within Old Man Ral's quarters. Seek Polmafi's expertise to convert the attire into an unscented vyre noble outfit. Thereafter, retrace your steps to the Icyene Graveyard and consult Vanescula.

Owing to vampyres' acute olfaction, scenting the outfit with noble blood becomes imperative. Executing this task necessitates noble blood, since Darkmeyer's nobility abstains from mingling with lesser vampyres. Vanescula recommends a dual-purpose solution: eliminating Damien Leucurte, an enigmatic, lesser noble posing a pressing concern.

Prepare for the encounter with Damien (level 204) by amassing suitable gear, Ivandis flail, ample sustenance (especially for lower levels), 1-2 prayer potions, combat potions, and antipoison. Once ready, convene in Slepe, your initial meeting site with Veliaf. Traverse the distance by teleporting via Drakan's Medallion and overland journey, or by embarking on the boat from the Icyene Graveyard.

You and Veliaf confront Damien Leucurte

Encounter Damien Leucurte within Crombwick Manor, situated in the northern reaches of Slepe. Prior to engaging him, engage in conversation with Veliaf at the quest's initial starting point. Damien employs a blend of ranged and magic assaults, occasionally dispersing magical flames throughout the room during the confrontation. Swiftly extinguishing these fires is crucial, as they bolster his resistance against your attacks. The potential for poisoning also looms during the encounter. By enlisting "Protect from Magic" and dousing the flames promptly, you can mitigate the majority of inflicted damage. While Veliaf contributes to the battle, his offensive impact is moderate at best.

Upon emerging triumphant and conversing with Veliaf, make your way back to the Icyene Graveyard. Engage in dialogue with Vanescula Drakan, who discloses the presence of a slender aperture in the southern wall, affording entry into Darkmeyer.

The Branches of Darkmeyer

Don your vyre noble disguise and reach Darkmeyer through the crevice. In the city, approach the Arboretum, but a guard named Desmodus Lasiurus blocks you, seeking help. Mordan Nikazsi, who was supposed to deliver slaves to Desmodus, sold them to Lord Alexei Jovkai. These slaves are held in Jovkai's prison, where you learn they're treated well but must provide blood.

Lord Jovkai claims ownership, and Vanstrom Klause's arrival prevents your exposure. Sarius Guile interrupts, sparing your identity. Desmodus grants Arboretum access. Inside, find an old note and adjust water valves as per its instructions to hydrate the Blisterwood tree, a requirement before cutting it.

Sarius saves you

The Final Preparations

Consult Vanescula, who reveals Sarius kept watch over you and saved you from Vanstrom's recognition. She has informed Vertida about crafting the weapons. Visit the Myreque Hideout beneath Old Man Ral's house and learn from Vertida the process to make a Blisterwood flail. Attach a ruby to a silver sickle, enchant it, then combine it with a Blisterwood log and knife.

Once done, talk to Veliaf in the Icyene Graveyard. He sends you to find Safalaan, who's north of the graveyard. Speak to him about your shared regrets before returning to the graveyard.

A Bloody Show

After gearing up for combat, talk to Vanescula at the Icyene Graveyard. She teleports you all to Castle Drakan, where Vanstrom questions her about the Myreque's capture. Vanescula explains her ruse to gain their trust and deceive them into coming to the castle. As she heads inside, Lord Drakan confronts her about her betrayal.

In a fit of rage, Drakan kills her vampyre servants and immobilizes her. Your allies attempt to attack but are swiftly defeated by Drakan. He orders Vanstrom to eliminate the remaining Myreque members. As Safalaan tries to reason with his vampyre father, Vanstrom knocks him unconscious. Now, you must face Vanstrom Klause in battle.

Battling Vanstrom Klause

Vanstrom Klause is a challenging boss fight at level 459, with special attacks that require careful dodging. The fight involves different phases, and it's crucial to avoid his special attacks. The fight has a magic-based attack that also heals him, and he can lower your Attack level. It's recommended to have magic defense gear and use Protect from Magic. During the Acidic Bloodveld phase, use ranged attacks to kill the summoned bloodveld. In phase 1, after every 10 regular attacks, Vanstrom will perform one of three special attacks: summon an acidic bloodveld, use a blinding attack, or summon a blood orb that boosts his magic attacks. Dodging and countering these attacks are vital to succeeding in the fight.

equipment to battle final

After Vanstrom Klause's health reaches 0, he heals himself for 200 hitpoints and stops using special attacks. In the second phase, he summons waves of lightning bolts that deal up to 40 damage, which can be avoided by watching the floor shadows and moving accordingly. Using an external mouse is recommended for touch device users. Regular attacks hit with 100% accuracy and deal 0-10 damage. Protection prayers don't work, so switch to other useful prayers. If you die, you can retrieve lost items from Veliaf for 50,000 coins. Setting up a Vampyre slayer task grants bonuses from Black mask or Slayer helmet. After defeating Vanstrom, Safalaan confronts him, leading to a powerful explosion. Vyrewatch Sentinels approach, and Safalaan is left behind as the Myreque members escape. Veliaf declares the Myreque dead due to the overwhelming power of Lord Drakan, leaving you and Ivan behind.

Quest Finish