OSRS Grand tree quest guide

Grand Tree Quest Guide



Start point

  • Talk to King Narnode Shareen in the Grand Tree.

start point Talk to King Narnode Shareen in the Grand Tree.


  •  25 Agility 
  • The ability to defeat a level 172 Black demon (safespottable for Ranged and Magic or melee using a halberd).


Getting started

Speak to King Shareen at the Grand Tree, ensuring you have two free inventory slots. Accept the quest by selecting dialogue options 1 and 2. Obtain a Translation book and a Bark sample. Travel to the island east of Yanille using various methods, such as the fairy ring code cls, minigame teleports, or manual travel routes. Approach Hazelmere on the island, provide him the Bark sample, and receive a message in return. This summary outlines the quest's initial steps, involving conversations, item collection, and travel.


Once you have the message, return to King Shareen. When he inquires about the message's content, respond with the following dialogue options: 1, 5, 5, 2, 1, and 4.

Afterward, proceed south. Descend the ramp and then head east. Climb the ladder at the end to reach Glough and engage in a conversation. This summary captures the interactions required upon your return to King Shareen and your subsequent meeting with Glough.

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After returning to King Shareen, he reveals that Glough has captured a human. Express your desire to see the prisoner. Proceed to have a conversation with Charlie, the prisoner, located on the top floor of the Grand Tree. Ensure you complete the entire dialogue.

Next, head to Glough's house. Search the cupboard within to discover his journal. Engage in a conversation with Glough and wait for his arrest.

Subsequently, talk to Charlie again. He shares information about the Shipyard on Karamja and the password "Ka-Lu-Min."

The king intervenes and advises you to escape using the Gnome glider atop the tree.

Finally, employ the Gnome glider for travel.

This summary encapsulates the key actions required in this phase of the quest, involving interactions with characters, exploration, and escape planning.

After the glider crash in Karamja, proceed east past jogres to the Ship Yard gate. Use the password "Ka-Lu-Min" to enter after telling the worker Glough sent you. Talk to the Foreman on the southern dock; either defeat him or answer security questions for a Lumber order. Show it to the king, who will doubt it.

In the "Tuzo" part:

  1. Chat with Charlie on the Grand Tree's top floor.
  2. Anita upstairs west of the swamp gives you a key.
  3. Unlock Glough's chest with the key for invasion plans.
  4. Show the plans to the king for stick letters.
  5. Spell "TUZO" on Glough's watchtower with sticks.
  6. Prepare for the battle and descend the trapdoor.

This summary captures the essential steps for the Karamja and "Tuzo" sections, encompassing interactions, item retrieval, and puzzle-solving, leading up to the upcoming battle.

Encountering the Black demon

Upon conversing with Glough, a level 172 Black demon will emerge and initiate an attack. As the cutscene concludes, swiftly move to the tile directly north of the ladder. The Black demon will become stuck behind the mithril rocks ahead as it approaches. Utilize Ranged, Magic, or a halberd to attack.

Note: The demon despawns if not defeated within exactly 10 minutes. If this occurs, exit through the central ladder and re-enter through Glough's trapdoor.

Eliminate the demon and proceed along the passage to find King Shareen by a ladder. Engage in a dialogue with the king. He tasks you with locating the final Daconia stone. Complete the dialogue fully to continue

safe spot   safe spot 2

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