OSRS Rune Scimitar Guide

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Rune Scimitar Guide OSRS

The rune scimitar stands as the second most potent scimitar available, surpassed solely by the Bronze scimitar. Its utilization necessitates an Attack level of 50.

To craft a rune scimitar, players require a Smithing skill level of 90 and two rune bars, yielding 150 Smithing experience. Alternatively, this scimitar can be acquired from various monsters or even dropped by individuals like me or gnome children.

Regarded widely as the premier melee weapon, the rune scimitar's swift attack speed translates to one of the highest damage-per-second rates among rune weaponry.

For those with a substantial coin purse amounting to 178,876,264 coins, the Ghrazi rapier emerges as an alternative. It possesses identical attributes, albeit with the slash and stab bonuses inverted. This factor renders the Ghrazi rapier more advantageous against Ironmen. Another option, albeit significantly pricier, is the brine sabre. While slightly superior for training due to its +2 strength and slash bonuses, it commands a higher cost. Additionally, players who've successfully completed the Desert Treasure quest might opt for ice barrage. Although offering greater range compared to the rune scimitar, this spell primarily hinges on magic for damage, diverging from the slash-based attacks.

Rune Scimitar

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Combat styles

Combat styles

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Dropping Monsters

Dropping Monsters

1. Crafting: You can craft a rune scimitar using the Smithing skill at level 90. You'll need two rune bars to forge it. This will grant you 150 Smithing experience. This is the most reliable way to obtain a rune scimitar in Ironman mode.

2. Monster Drops: The rune scimitar can also be obtained as a drop from various monsters. If you choose to engage certain monsters, there's a chance they might drop a rune scimitar when defeated.

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