OSRS Temple of the Eye Quest Guide

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Temple of the Eye Quest Guide OSRS

The Temple of the Eye is a quest that accompanies the Guardians of the Rift minigame. In this quest, the player aids Wizard Persten in exploring the mysterious qualities of an uncommon eye amulet. This investigation ultimately unveils the existence of the titular temple.

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Completion of the following quests:

Enter the Abyss

Rune Mysteries

10 Runecraft

Items required:           

Bucket of water



Start point:   

Wizard Persten north of Al Kharid, near the gate from Lumbridge

start point

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Items needed: 1 free inventory slot
Items recommended: Varrock Teleport

Speak to Wizard Persten in Al Kharid, near the water pool. She bought an unusual eye amulet and asks for your help to trace its Abyssal energy. The amulet has two magical signatures: rune essence and the Abyss. To trace it, you need to go to the Abyss, but you'll need help from the Z.M.I. and must keep the amulet's source a secret. Accept her request to start the quest.

Make your way to the Mage of Zamorak at the Altar of Zamorak in southeastern Varrock. Employ the eye amulet on him, prompting him to cast an appraisal spell on it. While acknowledging its uniqueness, he asks for a bucket of water and a strong cup of tea. Obtain these items from the Tea Seller near the eastern entrance of Varrock.

Engage the Tea Seller and request a strong cup of tea for Herbert, the mage's true name. Return to Herbert with the bucket of water and use the strong cup of tea on him.

Subsequently, Herbert instructs you to teleport to the center of the Abyss. He explains that the bucket of water is intended for the Dark Mage, the keeper of the rift, who requires a bath. Herbert provides a one-time teleport to the Abyss's center. Upon arrival, utilize the eye amulet on the Dark Mage, giving him a thorough soak with the water. The Dark Mage then utilizes a spell to determine the amulet's origin, comparing its energy with that of runic altars.

To facilitate his tracing spell, you must deduce the correct order of the runic energy from the Abyssal rift. This sequence varies for each player. Click on each rune type until they all turn white, noting the order as you progress. You'll need to revisit each energy point as you figure out the order. For example, if the Law Energy turns white first, ensure it remains white before proceeding to the next energy. If another energy doesn't turn white, return to the last one that did.

After establishing the correct order, Herbert will provide you with an Abyssal incantation. Attempting to read it yields the message "You don't understand the incantation. It needs the knowledge of a wizard."


Return to Wizard Persten in Al Kharid (exiting the Abyss via the fire rift will place you north of Al Kharid). She will cast a spell to disrupt the magical feed placed by the Z.M.I. on the amulet, redirecting it to provide false information. She instructs you to proceed to Archmage Sedridor for assistance in deciphering where the amulet might lead. Persten offers a one-time teleport directly to the Wizard's Tower for your convenience. You'll find Archmage Sedridor in the tower's basement; utilize the abyssal incantation on him. Though cautious due to the Z.M.I.'s involvement, Sedridor casts a safeguarding spell on the amulet and incantation. He then directs you to speak with Wizard Traiborn, situated on the tower's first floor.

Engage in conversation with Wizard Traiborn and request his three wizard apprentices' aid in using the incantation. However, he first requires your assistance in solving a puzzle he assigned to them. Speak with each apprentice to gather their respective puzzle components.


First sentence

Second sentence


Fire is four and Body is seven.

A thingummywut is less than three Water and more than three Air.


Water is six and Mind is eight.

A thingummywut is less than two Body and more than two Earth.


Earth is five and Air is three.

A thingummywut is less than three Fire and more than one Mind.

Using the clues given, the answer to the puzzle would be 11. Give this answer to Traiborn.

Return to the tower's basement and engage Sedridor in conversation. After confirming the safety of the incantation and amulet, he reluctantly agrees to assist you. A cutscene ensues, featuring Traiborn's apprentices and Persten casting the incantation. The outcome is a portal opening, drawing you all into it and transporting you to what appears to be an underground Saradominist temple.

Tamara initiates a locator spell, pinpointing their location deep beneath the sea to the south of Morytania. As you explore the temple, the apprentices make various discoveries. Conversing with Persten reveals her analysis of the markings, describing them as emanating a unique magical energy.

In a vision, you witness the Mysterious Stone accompanied by the voices of Justiciar Zachariah and Justiciar Aliya. They discuss safeguarding the Stone, referred to as the Eye. Intriguingly, you involuntarily proclaim "Jas," much to Persten's confusion.

Upon sharing the apprentices' findings, Persten deduces that the temple's wizards harnessed Abyssal and Eye powers to create portals to the runic altars. She then employs a spell to uncover more of the temple's secrets, inadvertently triggering the emergence of an abyssal rift. This rift engulfs Persten and releases warped abyssal creatures, prompting Cordelia to cast a spell to vanquish the creatures.

Persten accidentally opens a rift, and disappears.

The Great Guardian materializes at the center and requests your assistance in sealing the rift. This phase of the quest functions as a tutorial for the Guardians of the Rift minigame.

Engage in conversation with Felix and retrieve a weak cell from the eastern table. Deliver it to Tamara, then place it in the inactive cell tile near her to establish a barrier.

Return to Felix, take a chisel from the table, and use it to construct rune guardians from the essence piles. Subsequently, speak to Tamara once more. She tasks you with gathering guardian fragments and assembling them into essence.

When the Great Guardian accumulates enough energy to close the rift, a cutscene unfolds. Following the rift's closure, the Great Guardian imparts vital information to you and the group. The temple once housed the Stone of Jas, and in the aftermath of Zaros's betrayal, Zaros's servants attempted to seize the stone. With the Eye no longer in the temple, the rift is destined to resurface. Thus, the humans' aid becomes necessary to seal it. The apprentices opt to remain and assist the Great Guardian, seeking redemption for their error. Assuming Persten's demise due to her fall into The Scar, the most perilous Abyssal region, the apprentices urge you to inform Sedridor of these events.


Exit through the portal and relay the situation to Sedridor. He expresses regret for compromising his principles due to his initial reluctance to embrace Persten's idea. Sedridor vows to provide Traiborn's apprentices with the necessary support for safeguarding the location and researching a rift-closing solution. The apprentices' task is clear, as they have both defense and research work ahead of them.

Congratulations! Quest Completed!

temple of the eye completed

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