OSRS Garden of Tranquillity Quest Guide


Garden of Tranquillity Quest Guide OSRS

Queen Ellamaria of Varrock has a noble aspiration to create a Garden of Peace and Serenity for her husband, King Roald. To fulfill her vision, she is in search of a dedicated and highly skilled gardener who possesses the ability to make dreams come true.

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25 Farming 

Completion of the following quests:

Creature of Fenkenstrain

Priest in Peril

The Restless Ghost

Items Required:

Ring of charos

All tool leprechaun tools

A rake

A seed dibber

A spade

Secateurs (magic secateurs work)

A watering can

A gardening trowel

2 plant cures

A marigold seed

3+ cabbage seeds (6 recommended to plant in both allotments to increase chance of survival)

3+ onion seeds (6 recommended to plant in both allotments to increase chance of survival)

A hammer

A rune/pure essence

A pestle and mortar

A filled plant pot

2 ultracompost/supercompost/compost (note: Bottomless compost bucket will not work for these two required composts. The quality of these 2 composts do not matter.)

Start point:   

Speak to Queen Ellamaria in the garden of Varrock Palace. 

start point                                                  

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Important Note: During this quest, players will be tasked with planting several seeds. These can be planted in any order, and there is no need to wait for one seed to fully grow before planting another. It is recommended to plant all the seeds consecutively at their designated locations to save time and streamline the process.

To initiate the quest, begin by speaking with Queen Ellamaria, who can be found in the eastern section of Varrock Castle. She will express her need for a skilled gardener and inquire if you are willing to assist. Agree to help, and she will provide you with a list of items required to complete the garden project.

talk to ellamaria

Next, make your way to Draynor Village and have a conversation with The Wise Old Man. He will share a brief story about Queen Ellamaria's past before her marriage to the king. Following that, he will inquire about the story of Charos. Respond by indicating that you possess the Ring of Charos and then be prepared to answer a series of seven questions.

Here are the correct answers:

Question 1 - Show them a range of colors so that they can come to a compromise.

Question 2 - Take his generous gift even though you have no need for it.

Question 3 - Definitely.

Question 4 - Put on the silly helmet and jump into the cannon.

Question 5 - You, of course, Pkmaster0036, no one could ever challenge your greatness!

Question 6 - I'll do whatever you ask - I just love the monarchy!

Question 7 - If I do, I'll let you know.

If you answer these questions correctly, you will receive a Ring of Charos (a). If you only answer a couple of questions wrong, The Wise Old Man will still enchant your Ring of Charos.

talk to wise old man

To obtain the Delphinium Seeds, locate Elstan at the farming spot south of Falador. Ensure you have the Ring of Charos equipped before initiating the conversation. Ask him about the seeds, and consistently use the Charm option during the conversation. Elstan will provide you with the seeds if you offer him a bunch of marigolds.

To acquire marigolds, plant them in the designated flower patch. Once the marigolds have fully grown, harvest them, and then give the harvested marigolds to Elstan to receive your Delphinium Seeds.

talk to elstan

Proceed to Port Phasmatys and engage in conversation with Lyra at the farming spot to obtain the Orchid seeds. As before, make sure to use the charm options during the conversation. Lyra will explain that you need to cultivate a patch of onions in one of the farming spots. Once you've grown the onions and they are ready to be harvested, return to Lyra and she will provide you with the Orchid seeds.

Next, head to Kragen, who can be found at the farming patch north of Ardougne. Employ the charm options again when talking to him. Kragen will request that you grow a patch of cabbages in one of his spots. After your cabbage plants have matured and are ready for harvesting, speak with Kragen to receive your seeds.

talk to kragen

Visit Bernald in Burthorpe, situated east of the pub, and have a conversation with him. He will express the need for healing his grapes. Attempt to use a plant cure on the grapes, but it won't be effective. Speak with Bernald once more, and he will advise you to consult a druid gardener nearby.

Proceed to Alain, who can be found south of the Taverley tree patch, and explain your issue to him. For your last response, refrain from using the charming answer. Alain will suggest that you crush some rune essence and mix it into the plant cure to address the problem.

talk to alain

To address the issue, follow these steps:

1. Obtain some Rune essence and use a hammer to break it into shards.

2. Use the shards with a pestle and mortar to grind them into essence dust.

3. Combine the essence dust with the plant cure to create a potent plant cure.

Return to Burthorpe and use the potent plant cure on the vines.

Next, travel to Catherby and speak with Dantaera at the farming spot. She will inform you about a dying White tree on Ice mountain. Your task is to obtain a piece of the tree and plant it in a plant pot.

Head to Ice mountain, near where the Oracle is located, and locate the White tree. Use your secateurs on the tree to obtain a White tree shoot. Then, use this shoot on your plant pot, and don't forget to water the shoot to ensure its growth.

use secateurs in white tree

Important Note: Before proceeding with this step, do not throw your Ring of Charos into the well or destroy it.

Visit the Edgeville Monastery and attempt to take a rose seed. Brother Althric will prevent you from doing so because you are wearing an evil talisman. However, do not take any action against your Ring of Charos at this point.

Then, go to Edgeville and refrain from throwing your Ring of Charos into the well or destroying it. Return to the monastery and try to pick a seed from the bushes again. This time, Brother Althric will permit you to do so. Make sure to pick a seed from all three bushes.

take seed roses

If you previously threw your Ring of Charos down the well, return to Edgeville and obtain a Fly fishing rod. Then, use the fishing rod on the well to attempt to retrieve your ring.

However, if you chose to destroy your ring, you will need to head to the third floor of Fenkenstrain's castle, which is located near Canifis. There, pickpocket the ring from the Doctor. It's essential to obtain the ring for the final step in the quest.

use ring of charos (a) in well

To complete the garden project, follow these steps:

1. Gather the necessary items: Rake, Seed dibber, Spade, 2 buckets of Compost, the acquired seeds (Delphinium seeds, Orchid seeds - Pink and Yellow), and the White tree sapling.

2. Head to the Varrock Castle garden and begin planting. You do not need to use compost on any of the patches or water the seeds. Plant the seeds in their respective patches. For the Orchid seeds (Pink) and Orchid seeds (Yellow), first use a bucket of Compost on each stone plant pot and then plant the seeds.

3. Place the White tree sapling onto the White Tree patch to plant it.

4. Once all items have been planted, speak to Queen Ellamaria again and inquire about how to move the statues to the garden. She will provide you with a Trolley.

5. Travel to the center of Falador. Use the Trolley with the statue of Saradomin to trigger a cutscene.

6. Start pushing the statue north toward the northern gate. Be mindful not to push it too slowly, as the guards may capture the statue, requiring you to restart. The easiest way to reach Falador is by using the Falador teleport spell (requires 37 Magic).

7. Continue pushing the statue until you reach the back of Varrock Castle. Then, push the statue into the garden and place it on the most southern stand.

Ensure you push the statue efficiently to prevent it from being captured by the guards.

use trolley in statue of saradomin

To proceed with the garden project:

1. Teleport or walk to Lumbridge and locate the statue south of the Castle entrance.

2. Use the trolley with the statue and push it north.

3. Proceed east across the bridge and then head north, following the path that leads to Varrock Castle.

4. Push the trolley into the garden and place the statue on the northernmost stand.

5. Once all the statues are in place and the entire garden is fully grown, talk to Queen Ellamaria again. She will request that you go and fetch King Roald.

Important Note: Ensure you have the Ring of Charos (a) equipped when speaking to King Roald, or he will not follow you into the garden.

Congratulations! Quest Completed!

garden of tranquility completed

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