OSRS The Great Brain Robbery Quest Guide

The Great Brain Robbery Quest Guide OSRS

the great brain robbery quest



45 Crafting 

30 Construction 

50 Prayer 

Access to a player-owned house workshop and crafting table or the Grand Exchange

Be able to kill a level 190 monster that can disable Prayers (can be safespotted without taking damage).

Quest Required:

Creature of Fenkenstrain

Cabin Fever

Freeing Pirate Pete of Recipe for Disaster

Items Required:

Fishbowl helmet

Diving apparatus (obtain these from Murphy in Port Khazard if you've lost them; talk to him 2 times, 1st time for helmet and 2nd time for apparatus.)

10 wooden cats – you must progress far enough in the quest to make these yourself, or buy them from the Grand Exchange at any time

4 oak planks and a saw (if you are providing your own crafting table and do not already have one; build in the Clockmaking space of the Workshop)

10 planks (if making your own wooden cats)

10 pieces of fur: fur, bear fur or grey wolf fur (if making your own wooden cats) (wolf fur can be obtained during quest by killing Canifis townsfolk. Baraek sells them for 20 gold each. Furs from Hunter monsters will not work)

A hammer (Note: Imcando hammer does not work)

About 100 nails (38 are needed, but some—especially bronze or iron—may bend)

8 normal planks (18 if making the wooden cats instead of buying them from the Grand Exchange)

Holy symbol

Ring of charos (if lost, can be re-obtained during quest by pickpocketing Fenkenstrain)


60 Combat level

Means of teleportation to Port Phasmatys (through the Ectophial)

Charged Combat Bracelet to teleport to the Monastery, (or a charged Amulet of Glory to teleport to nearby Edgeville),

Runes to cast Fenkenstrain's Castle Teleport twice (or its magic tablet equivalent)

If making the wooden cats, Runes to teleport to your (or another player's) house or its magic tablet equivalent, are highly recommended.

Three watermelon seeds, rake, seed dibber and ultracompost to complete a step in the Hard Morytania Diary (requires 47 Farming).

Weapon and armour (ranging or maging gear is highly recommended as safespotting is available)

Food and prayer potions are highly recommended

Ok Let’s do this!


1. To start the quest, head to Mos Le'Harmless and find Brother Tranquility. You can reach Mos Le'Harmless using a Mos le'Harmless teleport, a Trouble Brewing mini-game teleport, or by talking to Bill Teach on his boat in Port Phasmatys near the Green Ghost Inn.

point start

2. Locate Brother Tranquility near the dock on Mos Le'Harmless. He will appear sickly and in need of assistance. Speak to him, and choose the option regarding undead pirates to initiate the quest.

3. Brother Tranquility will explain that some of his fellow monks are in trouble and request your help. Agree to help, and he will teleport you to Harmony Island.

Gathering Info

1. Ensure you have the necessary supplies listed earlier in the quest.

2. Exit the windmill, but be cautious as aggressive zombie pirates (level 57) will attack you.

3. Head north a short distance until you reach a Saradomin statue. Pull the statue as instructed.

Pull the statue as instructed

4. Descend into a tunnel through the hole near the statue. The tunnel is filled with water, so equip your diving gear to submerge underwater. Remember that you cannot enter the water if you have a follower, such as a pet cat.

5. Run past the zombie pirates in the tunnel and proceed to repair the stairs located at the far end. Be prepared for potential attacks while repairing, and note that it takes some time to complete this action.

6. Once the stairs are repaired, ascend them and climb up the ladder in the next room.

7. Use the peephole in the room to spy on the enemy and gather information.

The Prayer Book

1. Return to Brother Tranquility after gathering information from the peephole.

2. Brother Tranquility will suggest obtaining a book that can be used to pray against poison. Your next destination is the Monastery near Edgeville.

3. At the Monastery, locate the prayer book on the ground floor, in a bookshelf towards the south-west corner of the building.

4. Read the prayer book to gain an understanding of how to use it effectively.

5. Equip a holy symbol in preparation for using the prayer book.

6. Travel back to Harmony Island by talking to Brother Tranquility.

7. Upon your return, you'll find that the zombies are attempting to gas the windmill. To counteract this threat, right-click the prayer book and select "recite-prayer."

8. After using the prayer book, be sure to have a conversation with Brother Tranquility to proceed with the quest.

The Doctor

1. With the monks safe from poison, the next step is to retrieve their brains. Begin by traveling to Dr. Fenkenstrain in his castle.

2. In the castle, climb the stairs and then ascend the ladder in the jail cell located in the middle of the room.

3. After some negotiation, Dr. Fenkenstrain agrees to leave his current location, but he is concerned about the risk of being eaten and is allergic to teleportation.

4. Head to Canifis and speak to Rufus, the owner of the meat store north of the bank. Ensure you are wearing the ring of charos during the conversation.

5. Rufus will provide you with crate parts and a wolf whistle. You'll need to construct ten decoy cats to fill the crate, as Rufus assumes it will be transporting cats.

6. Consider visiting a player-owned house with a Clockmaker's bench to craft the materials into ten wooden cats. You will also require 4 normal planks, a hammer, approximately 50 nails, and the wolf whistle.

7. Return to Dr. Fenkenstrain's castle with your ring of charos, the ten wooden cats, 4 normal planks, a hammer, ~50 nails, crate parts, and the wolf whistle.

8. Revisit Dr. Fenkenstrain and build the crate on the crate hotspot. Then, add a false bottom to the crate using the extra normal planks by clicking on the crate and selecting "add-bottom." Fill the crate with the fake cats.

build the crate

9. Utilize the wolf whistle Rufus provided to call him. Dr. Fenkenstrain will enter the crate.

10. Rufus will issue a shipping order. Use this order on the crate to have it teleported to the island.

Making the Transplants

1. Return to Mos Le'Harmless and gather necessary equipment from the island bank, including a hammer, diving gear, armor, and a weapon. Then, teleport to Harmony Island.

2. Dr. Fenkenstrain is located in the basement of the windmill on Harmony Island. Speak with him, and he will provide you with a list of items needed for the surgery:

Brain tongs

Cranial clamp

3 bell jars

30skull staples


3. The items required for the surgery are already in the possession of the antagonists who performed the initial surgery. However, you'll need to find a way to access their building.

4. Put on the diving suit to protect yourself from the gas and head north from the windmill to the beached ship. Search the locker on the ground floor of the ship to obtain a fuse, then climb up one level to find a tinderbox and a keg of powder.

5. Return to the front door of the monastery, and use the keg on it. Add a fuse to the keg, and then light it to open the door.

6. Once inside the monastery, eliminate the 4 Sorebones. Safespot them behind benches and ensure you pick up the dropped items after each kill to avoid duplicates.

7. After obtaining all the necessary equipment from the Sorebones, return to the windmill, head downstairs, and hand over the items to Dr. Fenkenstrain to initiate the surgery.

8. A cutscene will follow, and due to the gruesome nature of the surgery, it will feature a cute cat playing with a ball. Don't forget to speak to Brother Tranquility after the operation.

Note: Sorebones are considered Undead, so a Salve amulet will be effective against them.

The Final Battle

1. Head to the bank on Mos Le'Harmless and gather all the necessary equipment for the upcoming battle, including armor, food, and potions. Don't forget to wear your diving suit. Note that Barrelchest is not considered Undead, so the Salve amulet will not provide any benefit against him.

2. Return to Harmony Island.

3. Inside the monastery, you will find Mi-Gor. Confront him, and he will summon his monstrous creation, Barrelchest, to attack you.

4. During the fight, your Prayer and Defense stats will drain faster than usual, and Barrelchest has the ability to turn off your Prayers.

5. If you choose to melee, be prepared to continually turn your prayer back on, although it's important not to rely too heavily on this tactic, as it can be a significant time-waster. Bringing several prayer potions and at least ten good food items is highly recommended. Barrelchest primarily uses Melee attacks, which, while fairly inaccurate, can deal high damage when they do hit.

6. If you prefer to use ranged or magic, you can potentially safespot Barrelchest. Try to catch him on the corner of the first pew by taking a few steps back when you begin the battle. Alternatively, exit and re-enter the monastery after the fight starts, and he should be caught if you remain at the entrance. Avoid hiding behind a pew, as he may strike the ground with his anchor, dealing 25 damage.

The Final Battle

7. Once you have defeated Barrelchest, pick up his anchor and return to the windmill to inform Brother Tranquility of your victory.

8. Brother Tranquility will express his gratitude and reward you with a lamp that grants 5,000 experience points in the skill of your choice.

And that is! Quest Complete!

the great brain robbery  completed