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Max House Guide OSRS

A player-owned house (often abbreviated as POH) is a key component of the Construction skill in various role-playing and simulation games. In this context, I'll discuss it in the context of RuneScape, a popular online multiplayer game. A POH can be acquired in one of the following ways:

1. Purchase: Players can buy a house from an Estate agent for 1,000 in-game currency (usually coins).

2. Quest Reward: Completing the miniquest "Daddy's Home" allows players to receive a player-owned house for free.

By default, players' houses are located in Rimmington. However, they have the option to relocate their house to one of eight different cities for a fee. This relocation service can be accessed by speaking to an Estate agent. To make use of this service, players must meet the required (unboostable) Construction level.

The player's house serves as a central hub for various activities and functions within the game. Players can access their house through special house portals, which are typically labeled as "House portal" icons on the world map. Each location has its own advantages and disadvantages, making it important for players to consider their preferences and needs when choosing a new location for their house.

One significant benefit of owning a house is that it's a prerequisite for players to use an experience lamp on the Construction skill. Experience lamps are valuable items that can grant experience points in a chosen skill, helping players progress in their Construction skill faster.

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House Planning

When planning your player-owned house (POH) in games like RuneScape, it's important to maximize its potential while considering various factors. Here are some considerations for effective house planning:

1. Room Limit: A POH can have a maximum of 34 rooms, including gardens. Be mindful of this limit as you plan your house layout.

2. Room Selection: Choose which rooms to include in your house carefully. You can eventually remove the level 1 Parlour and Garden, and you should consider removing other less frequently used rooms to free up space.

3. Room Door Placement: Pay attention to the number of doors rooms have and their direction. Rooms with four doors, like Gardens, have their direction determined by the player's orientation while being built. You can also rotate rooms using the house viewer mode in the house settings panel.

4. Accessibility: Decide which rooms you want to have close to the entrance for quick access. Rooms like a Chapel or Portal Chamber, which you use frequently, are often best placed near the entrance for convenience.

5. Thematic Layout: Consider the thematic layout of your house. Some players like to design their house around specific themes, such as a medieval castle or a modern mansion. This can add a unique and personal touch to your POH.

6. Strategic Placement: Certain rooms work well when placed near each other. For example, the Oubliette is typically placed below a Throne Room, as it's a part of a trap system in the game.

7. Efficiency and Load Times: A more efficient layout with fewer floors and a tighter width/length will make your POH load faster. This is particularly important if you frequently use your house for various activities.

8. Future Expansion: Plan for future expansion. As you progress in the game, you may unlock new rooms or features. Leave some room for growth and additions to your house.

9. Decorations and Functionality: Think about the decorative and functional elements you want in your house. This includes furniture, portals, altars, and other items that serve various purposes in the game.

10. Budget: Keep your budget in mind. Constructing and upgrading rooms can be costly, so plan your investments wisely.

The following list of rooms shows the number and position of doors:

House Planning

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Max House

In games like RuneScape, a "max house" refers to a player-owned house that is equipped with the highest level features and amenities considered useful for the average player. These features and amenities are designed to make the house a hub for various activities and convenience. Here are some of the key elements typically found in a max house:

1. Ornate Rejuvenation Pool: This feature is used for restoring player stats, including hitpoints, prayer, energy, special attack energy, and run energy. It's a valuable addition to a max house for efficient recovery.

2. Gilded Altar: The gilded altar is used for training the Prayer skill. Players can use it to offer bones for more experience points compared to traditional methods.

3. Occult Altar: The occult altar is essential for spellbook switching. It allows players to access different spellbooks, such as the Ancient Magicks and Lunar spells, for various magical abilities and spells.

4. Armour Stand: An armour stand is used for repairing degradable armor and items. It's crucial for maintaining your gear in top condition.

5. Lectern: A lectern is used to create various teleportation tablets, which provide easy access to different locations in the game world.

6. Teleports: Max houses typically have multiple teleportation options, including the ornate jewelry box, portal Nexus, spiritual fairy tree, and several portals. These teleports offer convenient travel around the game world.

To create a max house, a player typically needs a high Construction level. As of the provided information, it mentions:

83 Construction is the minimum level required to build an ornate jewelry box with the help of a crystal saw and spicy stew boost.
84 Construction is needed for building a crystalline portal nexus with both boosts.
90 Construction is required to plant a Spiritual Fairy Tree with spicy stew.

In the official house party worlds, many players who don't own max houses use other players' houses to access the amenities listed above. To find a suitable house, players can view the house advertisement board next to each house portal, which provides information on available features and amenities in different houses.

To facilitate quick access to a house, many players also set Teleport to house tablets to teleport outside the house and turn on the "Teleport Inside" option in the House Options menu for added convenience. This setup allows for efficient use of the house for various in-game activities.

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