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Turoth Guide OSRS

Turoth are Slayer creatures in the game that demand a Slayer skill level of 55 to be slain. They have a tendency to drop herbs and seeds, although not as frequently as aberrant spectres. Moreover, they commonly yield nature runes as loot. Additionally, they have a chance to drop the valuable leaf-bladed sword.


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1. Fremennik Slayer Dungeon: Slayer rings offer immediate access to Fremennik Slayer Dungeon. For those without access to slayer rings, a fairy ring (code: "A.J.R") is conveniently located outside the dungeon. Other alternatives include the lyre, Fremennik Sea Boots and Teleport to House if the player's house is located in Rellekka. Players who are unable to use any of these options can use a Camelot teleport and make a long run north/north-west towards Rellekka and then east after passing the second bridge. Alternatively, players may teleport to Lunar Isle without a seal of passage and talk to an NPC to be kicked off the island to Rellekka; they may also teleport to Waterbirth Island and take the boat to Rellekka.

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Turoth, similar to Kurask, can only be harmed using specific weapons like leaf-bladed weapons, broad arrows and bolts, or the Magic dart spell. They are immune to other attack types, which means there are hidden skill requirements to effectively combat them, particularly for Ironmen. While most methods of attacking Turoths cannot inflict poison, it is still possible to poison them by using either a Serpentine Helm or a Toxic Staff of the Dead in combination with the Magic dart spell. It's important to note that the Dwarf Multicannon cannot be used in this area as it is ineffective against Turoths.

Interestingly, while Turoths are immune to damage from the special attacks of weapons like the Eldritch Nightmare Staff, Saradomin Godsword, and Toxic Blowpipe, these weapons will still heal the player as if they had dealt damage. This makes them useful as special attack options for prolonged trips. Additionally, the Ancient Mace's special attack restores Prayer points equal to the damage that would have been dealt, which can be advantageous. However, the set effect of Guthan's equipment does not work against Turoths.

In terms of their levels, most Turoths in the dungeon are either level 83 or 85. There is only one level 89 Turoth and three level 87 Turoths in the dungeon. This information can be valuable for players planning their combat strategies against these creatures.

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How To Fight Turoths (Strategy)

Turoths have a notable weakness to leaf-bladed weapons, with the most effective choice being the Leaf-Bladed Battleaxe. Ironmen who haven't acquired a battleaxe or sword of this type can opt for a Leaf-Bladed Spear, which is available for purchase from any Slayer master.

Rangers, on the other hand, have the option to use broad bolts or broad arrows as effective ammunition against Turoths.

In terms of requirements, Turoths are relatively straightforward to defeat and don't have many prerequisites.

To navigate through the cave efficiently, it's a good idea to bring a stamina or energy potion to maintain your running energy. Additionally, consider having an agility potion on hand, as it may allow you to temporarily boost your agility to the required levels for using the two available shortcuts. These shortcuts demand agility levels of 62 and 81, respectively, to access.


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