OSRS Black Knights Fortress Quest Guide

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Black Knights' Fortress Quest Guide

What sinister machinations are the Black Knights currently embroiled in? Sir Amik Varze, the esteemed leader of the White Knights, urgently requires your assistance in unravelling their nefarious plot and thwarting it before calamity strikes, or, heaven forbid, anyone sustains harm.

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12 Quest points

The ability to evade level 33 Black Knights (15 Combat level )

Items Required:


Iron chainbody

Bronze med helm

Start point: 

Speak to Sir Amik Varze on the 2nd floor of the White Knights' Castle's western tower in Falador

Start point

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Engage in a conversation with Sir Amik Varze, who will divulge that the Black Knights have nefarious intentions to obliterate the White Knights. He will beseech you to act as a spy and monitor their activities. Accept his mission.

talk to  Sir Amik Varze

Your next destination is the Monastery, situated northeast of Falador and to the east of Ice Mountain. Upon arrival, head northward, and you will come across a patch of cabbages. Retrieve one of them.

black knights fortress location

Prepare to commence your mission. Proceed to the Black Knights' Fortress, situated on the northern side of Ice Mountain. If you have the Bronze Medium Helmet and Iron Chainmail in your possession, equip them. Upon donning this gear, access the sturdy door located in the central area of the fortress, facing south. Push the wall positioned just behind the door, and ascend the ladder. Once inside, you can revert to your standard, sturdier armor for added protection.

open sturdy door

Following the wall push, ascend the two ladders to reach the top floor. Descend the ladder to the southeast and proceed to open the eastern door. Continue through the subsequent door and climb the ladder leading up. This room houses two cannons and a Black Knight. Descend the ladder to the east to find yourself in a room with a Zamorak altar. Open the door to provoke a Black Knight attack. Deal with the threat or bypass it as you see fit, and then continue onward. Climb the ladder in the southwest corner to access a small room.

Now, let the espionage begin. Select the "Listen-at grill" option. The witch will disclose that the secret weapon is nearly complete but requires the final ingredient, a Cabbage grown in Draynor Manor. She emphasizes that if the goblin retrieves the wrong Cabbage, the secret weapon will be destroyed. This presents your opportunity to thwart their plans!

listed at grill

Descend the stairs to return to the room with the deceptive wall and attempt to open the eastern door, where several Black Knights are gathered around a table. One of the guards will warn that the Black Knights are engaged in a crucial meeting and are prepared to eliminate any intruders. Declare your bravery and proceed inside regardless. A Black Knight will initiate an attack. Evade the knights and make your way to the ladder on the north wall of the room. Head east and then south until you reach a wall that can be pushed. Push the wall to reveal a hole. Right-click on the Cabbage you previously obtained and use it on the hole. The Cabbage will tumble into the cauldron, effectively destroying the weapon.

use cabbage hole

Return to Sir Amik Varze and engage in conversation with him to claim your reward.

Congratulations! Quest Complete!

black knights fortress completed

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