OSRS Doric Quest Guide

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Doric's Quest Guide OSRS

In the quest known as "Doric's Quest," you'll find yourself in the company of the skilled dwarf, Doric. He generously offers access to his anvils, a valuable resource for any aspiring blacksmith. However, before you can take advantage of this offer, Doric kindly requests your assistance with a small errand.

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Quest Requirements:


Skill/Other Requirements:

15 Mining is an advantage.

Items required:           

6 clay (not soft clay)

4 copper ores

2 iron ores

Start point:  

Speak to Doric in the small house north of Falador, just outside the east gate of Taverley.

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Locate Doric within his quaint abode situated at the crossroads, just north of Falador, east of the Taverley gate, and to the south of the Goblin Village.

Approach Doric with the request to access his esteemed whetstone or anvil. In response, Doric will graciously agree but with a small favor to ask in return. He requires specific materials for crafting pickaxes and, to facilitate this, hands you a bronze pickaxe. Your task is to procure the following items:

6 lumps of clay (referred to as hard clay).

4 copper ores.

2 iron ores.

With this list in hand, you embark on a mission to gather these essential materials to assist Doric in his crafting endeavors.

The source of your ore procurement holds no specific requirement, allowing you the freedom to acquire them from various sources. Whether you choose to mine them yourself or obtain them from fellow players, the choice is yours. For iron ore, a Mining level of 15 is required.

The Dwarven Mine is conveniently located near Doric's residence, so you can make your way there with ease. To reach it, head east from Doric's house and then north until you find a path leading to Ice Mountain. Once on the mountain, head southward, keeping an eye out for a ladder surrounded by buildings and dwarves. Descend this ladder to enter the Dwarven Mine. You'll find the necessary iron, copper, and tin rocks directly south of the entrance, while clay rocks are a bit further south.

Dwarven mine

Dwarves positioned outside the Dwarven Mine, to the east of Doric's house, occasionally drop iron ore, which can be of assistance to Ironmen striving to complete the quest before reaching a Mining level of 15. Members have the option to purchase copper and iron ores from the store in Blast Furnace. Ironmen can also complete the quest before reaching level 15 Mining by pickpocketing H.A.M members, as they have an uncommon chance to yield iron ore. Additionally, consider defeating creatures like Sand or Rock Crabs, as they drop both copper and iron ores.

As an alternative to mining in the Dwarven Mine, you can utilize the Rimmington mine, located to the south of Falador. This mine conveniently houses all the required ores in close proximity to each other.

Once you have gathered all the required ores, make your way back to Doric to conclude the quest. Your dedication and assistance will be greatly appreciated. In recognition of your efforts, Doric will generously reward you for your help. Moreover, he extends the courtesy of permitting you to utilize his anvils at your convenience, a valuable resource for any aspiring blacksmith.

Congratulation! Quest Completed!

doric quest completed

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