[OSRS] Mage Arena 2 Guide

Mage Training Arena 2 Guide OSRS

Mage Arena II is a sequel to the Mage Arena I miniquest in Old School RuneScape. To start this miniquest, players need to have a Magic level of 75 and be able to cast Saradomin Strike, Flames of Zamorak, and Claws of Guthix outside the Mage Arena. They can initiate the miniquest by speaking to Kolodion in the Mage Arena bank.

During Mage Arena II, players must face three formidable god followers who are roaming the Wilderness: Porazdir, Justiciar Zachariah, and Derwen. The main objective is to defeat these powerful foes and collect their remains. These remains are crucial for enhancing one of the player's god capes upon completing the miniquest.

Upon successfully completing Mage Arena II, players gain the ability to enhance their god capes using the collected remains. To obtain the enhanced capes, players need to bring just one additional artefact related to the specific boss they defeated to Kolodion. Each type of remains can be used to imbue each corresponding god cape.

By imbuing the god capes, players can gain significant benefits and improved stats for each cape. These enhanced capes provide a significant advantage in combat and are highly sought after by players looking to maximize their effectiveness in various activities.

Mage Arena II adds an exciting and challenging dimension to the Mage Arena content, offering players more opportunities to showcase their magical prowess and earn powerful rewards.

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Start point

 Talk to Kolodion at the Mage Arena bank located in level 53 Wilderness.

Official difficulty







  • Completion of The Mage Arena
  • 75  Magic
  • Casted Claws of Guthix, Flames of Zamorak, and Saradomin Strike each 100 times inside the Mage Arena.

Items required

Runes to cast god spells

Enemies to defeat

Porazdir (level 235), Justiciar Zachariah (level 348), and Derwen (level 235)



Starting the Mage Arena II miniquest, head to the broken down house located northwest of the Mage Arena in level 55 Wilderness. To access the house, use a knife or any slash weapon to cut down the two webs blocking the entrance. Once the webs are removed, pull the lever on the wall to be teleported into a small cave. The cave serves as a safe zone, providing protection from attacks by other players while inside.

Inside the cave, speak to Kolodion, the master of the Mage Arena, about the additional challenges he has in store. He will reveal that he's been working on a powerful spell intended to enhance the powers granted by your god cape. However, the spell requires rare components that are difficult for him to acquire. The spell aims to channel the powers of the three major gods: Saradomin, Zamorak, and Guthix. To proceed with the miniquest, Kolodion will hand you the enchanted symbol, which functions similarly to the enchanted key and strange device from previous quests.

Your task in Mage Arena II is to collect the components required for Kolodion's spell. You must defeat three formidable opponents, each aligned with one of the three gods: Saradomin, Zamorak, and Guthix. These powerful foes are named Porazdir, Justiciar Zachariah, and Derwen, respectively. Your goal is to gather their remains after defeating them.

Upon successfully collecting the remains of these god followers, you will be able to return to Kolodion and complete the miniquest. With the remains in hand, Kolodion will be able to enhance one of your god capes, granting it more potent powers. Additionally, you'll be able to imbue other god capes by bringing the appropriate remains corresponding to each cape's alignment.

The enchanted symbol plays a crucial role in this miniquest, aiding you in navigating the challenges ahead and ensuring you make the most of the rewards that await you.


A picture of the enchanted symbol which is used in Mage Arena II miniquest to find the three god bosses in OSRS.

Before embarking on the quest to track down the three god followers in Mage Arena II, it is crucial to take some precautions to avoid accidental mistakes. Head to the Controls panel in the Options interface and set the Player 'Attack' option to "Always right-click" or "Hidden". This will prevent unintended attacks on other players, which could lead to accidental skulling in the Wilderness. Additionally, enable "PK Skull Prevention" to further reduce the risk of becoming skulled.

Once you have obtained the enchanted symbol from Kolodion, you can begin searching for the three god followers in the deep Wilderness, specifically around Lava Dragon Isle. Be cautious while exploring these areas, as most of them are multi-combat zones where you may encounter multiple opponents at once. Keep in mind that each use of the enchanted symbol can deal up to 16 damage, so use it wisely and be prepared to defend yourself if needed.

The order in which you track the followers is entirely up to you, as you can choose the follower to track with each use of the symbol. After defeating a follower, the symbol will no longer track that specific one until you complete the entire miniquest.

The enchanted symbol operates similarly to the "Hot & Cold" mechanic used in Master Treasure Trails. As you get closer to the location of the follower, the symbol will glow hotter, and the further away you are, the colder it gets. When the symbol visibly shakes, it indicates that the follower is nearby and will appear to attack you.

Since searching for the followers can be time-consuming and may deplete your food supplies, try to pinpoint their exact locations before returning to a bank to restock on food and supplies.

Keep in mind that the followers' spawn locations are random and may change periodically, approximately every 45 minutes. The game will notify you when a spawn change occurs after you use the enchanted symbol. Each player will have unique spawn rotations.

If you find that a follower has already spawned in the location where your target is supposed to appear, you have two options. Either hop to a different world or wait for the current follower to despawn, and then use the enchanted symbol again to find your intended target. Note that the currently active follower locations are saved between worlds.

With these precautions in place, you are ready to take on the challenges of tracking down the god followers in the Wilderness and collecting their remains to enhance your god cape in Mage Arena II miniquest. Good luck on your quest!

Possible locations of the Mage Arena 2 bosses in OSRS

The followers

The god followers you will encounter during the Mage Arena II miniquest are extremely formidable opponents, wielding powerful attacks, including Ice Barrage and Tele Block. All of them are capable of dealing significant damage, with magic attacks hitting up to 43 (26 for Zachariah) and melee attacks dealing up to 16 damage (43 for Zachariah). Utilizing protection prayers can help reduce the accuracy and strength of their attacks, providing some defense against their onslaught. However, be aware that the Ice Barrage attack can be avoided by quickly stepping off the square you were standing on when the spell was cast. It's worth noting that unlike other players' Tele Block, theirs will only last for a minute if you use Protect from Magic prayer, rather than two and a half minutes.

Moreover, each follower can only be harmed by their respective god spells, meaning you must use all three god staves for each of the three followers. An alternative strategy is to equip the staff of the dead (or its toxic variant), the staff of light, or the staff of balance/void knight mace to autocast Flames of Zamorak, Saradomin Strike, and Claws of Guthix, respectively. This is recommended as these staves have higher magic attack bonuses, making the fight slightly more manageable by enabling you to autocast the god spells.

Each follower also possesses a unique ability, adding an extra layer of challenge to the fight:

Porazdir, the zamorak mage area 2 boss in OSRS.Justiciar Zachariah, a Mage Arena 2 boss in OSRS.Derwen, a Mage Arena 2 boss in OSRS.




  1. Porazdir can launch an energy ball at the player that can penetrate protection prayers. The damage it inflicts depends on your distance from him. If you are near him, it can hit up to 30, but if you are at least 12 tiles away, it will hit 0. So, staying close to him can mitigate the damage from this ability.
  2. Justiciar Zachariah occasionally swings his sword, unleashing a blue wave directed at the player's current tile at the time of its use. If you do not move, you will be pulled into melee distance, where he will attack with melee strikes. To evade this attack, simply move one tile away from its target location.
  3. Derwen can launch energy balls onto the ground, healing him for 5 health every few seconds. To stop him from healing, you must destroy these orbs. Each orb has 20 health, and you don't need Claws of Guthix to damage or destroy them.

In conclusion, the followers in Mage Arena II pose a significant challenge, demanding a well-prepared strategy and utilization of the appropriate god spells or staves to defeat them. Each follower's unique ability adds complexity to the encounter, requiring quick reflexes and tactical movement to come out victorious. Good luck on your quest to enhance your god cape and face these powerful foes in the deep Wilderness!

As the Wilderness is a dangerous place with the risk of encountering player killers, it's essential to adopt a cautious approach and minimize the number of valuable items you bring during the Mage Arena II miniquest. Here are some key points to consider for a safe and successful experience:

  1. Minimize Valuable Items:
    • Only bring essential items and leave valuable gear or items in the bank to avoid losing them to potential player killers.
    • Consider using low-cost alternatives for equipment, potions, and food.
  2. Quick and Efficient Fights:
    • The followers can despawn if not defeated quickly enough, so prioritize killing them efficiently.
    • Make sure to use the appropriate god spells or staves to harm the followers effectively and maximize your damage output.
  3. Tracking the Followers:
    • Use the enchanted symbol to track the followers' locations. Move cautiously and be aware of your surroundings to avoid other dangerous players.
    • Take note of the follower's location and return later, fully geared up, to engage in the fight.
  4. Optimal Gear Selection:
    • Although the followers have a relatively high Magic level, they have poor magical defense.
    • Consider using defensive gear, such as black d'hide, instead of magic robes, especially if your Magic level is high. This will provide better protection against their attacks.
    • Choose gear that balances both offense and defense to ensure a safer fight.
  5. Teleportation Options:
    • Have a level 30 teleport, such as an Amulet of Glory, Royal Seed Pod, or Slayer Ring, readily available to escape dangerous situations if necessary.
    • Utilize the Ferox Enclave Pool of Refreshment to reset your stats, prayers, and HP between fights.


A picture of the recommended inventory for Mage Arena 2.

Your inventory should contain:

  • Stamina potion and/or Energy potions
  • Saradomin brews
  • Super restores
  • Food (sharks or better recommended)
  • Enchanted symbol
  • A knife or a slash weapon (if the target is behind a spider webbed area)
  • 50+ casts of the appropriate god spell (more for Derwen)
  • Ring of recoil (with one already equipped)
  • An escape teleport. This can be a Royal Seed Pod or an Amulet of Glory, as both work at level 30 Wilderness.
  • An antipoison may be needed for some of the locations. Although the god followers do not inflict poison, poison spiders may roam in the vicinity of said locations.


A picture of the Mage arena 2 inventory set up.

  1. Gear Selection:
    • Wear dragonhide armor for its solid defense against magical attacks from the followers.
    • Equip easily replaceable items such as Culinaromancer's gloves, the book of darkness or a dragonhide shield, and a god cape.
    • Consider using an occult necklace and tormented bracelet for the magic damage boost, which will increase your maximum hit.
    • If you have at least level 80 Magic, bring additional runes for Charge, as it significantly boosts the max hit of your god spells from 20 to 30.
  2. Magic Level Boost:
    • If your Magic level is exactly 75, you can drink an Ancient brew to boost it to 80 and cast Charge for the increased damage. Charge lasts for seven minutes, providing an extended duration for your boosted stats.
    • Alternatively, you can enter a practice dream at Nightmare Zone to drink a super magic potion and cast Charge before heading out to the Wilderness.
    • Another option is to drink a magic potion at level 76 to reach the required 80 Magic.
  3. Slayer Helmet (i):
    • If you have a Slayer task involving black demons, consider wearing a Slayer helmet (i) when fighting Porazdir to enhance your accuracy.
  4. Rings of Recoil:
    • Due to the high damage dealt by the followers, wearing at least two rings of recoil can provide an extra 80 free damage over the course of the fight, which can be very helpful.
  5. Auto Retaliate:
    • It is advisable to turn off Auto Retaliate for all the fights to have better control over your actions during the battles.
  6. Prayer:
    • Use Protect from Magic and Protect Item to reduce the damage received from the followers and protect your valuable items.
    • If you have enough prayer points (75+ Prayer), consider enabling a cheap magic accuracy prayer, such as Mystic Lore, to improve your accuracy.

Finishing up

After successfully defeating Justiciar Zachariah, Porazdir, and Derwen, each of them will drop a special item: Justiciar's hand, demon's heart, and ent's roots, respectively. It's essential to pick up these drops as they are crucial components needed to enhance your god cape.

Once you've obtained one of these items, it's wise to immediately return to Kolodion in the Mage Arena bank and hand it over to him for safekeeping. This ensures that you won't lose the valuable component in case you encounter any dangerous situations while in the Wilderness. It's important to note that these components are not protected upon death, so if you are killed and they are not one of your protected items, you'll lose them and will have to defeat the respective follower again to obtain another component.

If your supplies, such as food and potions, are running low after the battles, it's a good idea to teleport back to a safe location outside the Wilderness to restock before proceeding to Kolodion. This way, you can ensure you're adequately prepared for any future challenges and won't risk losing the valuable components due to lack of resources.

Rewards Imbued god capes

A picture of the made arena 2 drops from the bosses in OSRS.

Once you have collected all three components, make your way back to Kolodion within the Mage Bank to complete the Mage Arena II miniquest. After presenting him with the three components (Justiciar's hand, demon's heart, and ent's roots), he will imbue your god cape, enhancing its powers significantly.

To acquire additional imbued capes, you must repeat the process by finding and defeating the corresponding follower to the cape you wish to upgrade. Each time you defeat a follower and obtain another drop, return the component to Kolodion for another imbued cape. To collect all three imbued god capes, you'll need to defeat a total of five followers.

It is possible to defeat the same follower multiple times to obtain extra components. However, please note that if you speak to Kolodion with duplicate components in your inventory, he will take all of them and only allow you to imbue one cape.

The imbued god cape, like most untradeable equipment, is automatically protected upon death in dangerous PvM (Player vs. Monster) scenarios outside of the Wilderness. This means that if you die to monsters while not in the Wilderness, you will keep your imbued god cape and won't lose it. However, if you die to another player in the Wilderness, you will lose the imbued cape, and the player who killed you will receive 60,000 coins as loot.

With your newly imbued god cape, you will wield incredible power in the name of Saradomin, Zamorak, or Guthix. Use it wisely as you embark on further adventures in the world of Old School RuneScape. May your journey be filled with triumph and glory!