[OSRS] A Night at the Theatre Quest


Guide to A Night at the Theatre of Blood

The objective of this quest is to help the Mysterious Stranger obtain information about Verzik Vitur and the Theatre of Blood. It serves as an introduction to the mechanics of the Theatre of Blood raid. Normally, the Theatre is known to be quite challenging and is considered high-level content in the game. However, the quest offers an "entry mode" with reduced difficulty, allowing players to familiarize themselves with the content's mechanics before attempting the full challenge. It's a great opportunity for players to learn the strategies and tactics needed to successfully overcome the challenges that the Theatre of Blood presents.

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 Complete the following quests:

A Taste of Hope

Darkness of Hallowvale

In Aid of the Myreque

In Search of the Myreque

Nature Spirit

Priest in Peril

Restless Ghost

Required Items:

Ivandis Flail or Blisterwood Flail

Saw (Crystal saw also works)

Ghostspeak amulet (Morytania legs 2 or better also work)

Any axe, in addition to the blessed axe


Combat level 95 or higher

Stamina or energy potions

Drakan's medallion

Antivenom or 2 doses of antivenom to cure poison

Additional antivenom when fighting hespori

Access to Fairy Rings for quick access to the Nature Grotto

Druid pouch to protect food in Mort Myre Swamp, or have lit the dehumidifier

High-tier combat equipment with poison or venom capabilities, and high-healing food. Bringing all combat styles is recommended.

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Part 1

Requirements and Required Items:

Have completed the following quests: "A Taste of Hope," "Darkness of Hallowvale," "In Aid of the Myreque," "In Search of the Myreque," "Nature Spirit," "Priest in Peril," and "Restless Ghost."

Suitable combat equipment.

Some food to stay prepared during the quest.

Ivandis Flail or Blisterwood Flail to face enemies.

Saw for certain obstacles.

One dose of antivenom or two doses of antivenom to counteract poison.

Drakan's Medallion to quickly teleport to Ver Sinhaza.

Step 1: Talk to the Mysterious Stranger

Find the Mysterious Stranger at the entrance of Ver Sinhaza. He will inform you about the information he has gathered on Verzik Vitur through mercenaries who have survived the Theatre of Blood. Pay attention to Verzik's unique abilities and how she acquired them.

Step 2: Investigate the Nylocas eggs

One of the mercenaries mentioned finding purple spider eggs that had not been documented before, which belong to a variant of Nylocas from Vampyrium, the vampires' homeland. The Stranger will ask you to retrieve the corpse of Ranis Drakan, whom you killed in "A Taste of Hope," to revive his memories and gather more information.

Step 3: Retrieve Ranis Drakan's corpse

Head to the crypt beneath Ver Sinhaza, located north of the Stranger. Bring the flail and saw with you, as you'll have to face a vyrewatch to obtain the crypt key. Use the key to open Ranis' coffin and cut off his head. Then, return to the Stranger to deliver the head.

Step 4: Investigate the spider nest

The Stranger and you will witness one of Ranis' memories, where he gave Verzik spider eggs from a nest of araxytes north of Darkmeyer. You now need to gather more information about these eggs. Go to the spider nest northwest of Slepe. Find an adhesive note on the corpse behind a large sack of eggs.

Step 5: Get sulfuric acid

Go to the Sisterhood Sanctuary under Slepe to find Daer Krand. Ask him for sulfuric acid, and he'll give it to you in exchange for news about his assistant. Inform Daer Krand about his assistant's death during the attempt to obtain spider eggs.

Step 6: Obtain the strange spider eggs

Return to the spider nest and use the sulfuric acid on the egg sack to obtain the strange spider eggs. Note that you'll be attacked by several venomous spiders, but you don't need to fight them. Teleport to Ver Sinhaza using Drakan's Medallion and cure your poison.

Step 7: See more memories of Ranis

Talk to the Stranger to see more memories of Ranis. In these memories, you'll see how Verzik used the araxyte eggs to breed two new Nylocas variants. Ranis suggests that Verzik try using the bark of a hespori, a rare carnivorous plant bred by Queen Efaritay, to enhance the regenerative abilities of the Nylocas.

Exhumes Ranis's body and cuts off the head from his corpse.

Part 2

Required Items:

Ghostspeak amulet.

Any axe to cut the hespori bark.

Items such as armor, food, and antivenom to face the level 302 hespori.

Recommended druid pouch to protect food from ghosts.

Step 1: Contact Filliman Tarlock

Head to the Nature Grotto within Mort Myre Swamp and seek Filliman Tarlock, the nature spirit. You can get there using the Fairy Ring code "B I P". Ask Filliman about the hespori and request information about its location.

Step2: Find the hespori

Filliman will point you in the direction of a hespori on a small island northeast of the swamp. Head to the island, located just east of the Grotto and west of Castle Drakan. Cross the stepping stone on the west side of the island and prepare to face the hespori.

Step 3: Battle the hespori

Fighting the hespori is similar to the encounters players experience in the Farming Guild. Use your skills and items to face the level 302 hespori. If you die during the fight, your items will be placed in a gravestone outside the instance.

Step 4: Obtain the hespori bark

After defeating the hespori, cut it to obtain the hespori bark. This bark is necessary to learn more about the hespori's role in creating the creatures of the Theatre of Blood.

Step 5: Return to the Mysterious Stranger

Go back to the Mysterious Stranger to show him the hespori bark. Through more of Ranis' memories, you'll discover that Verzik showed Ranis the final result of her breeding program: the Nylocas Queen. However, the Nylocas Queen died shortly after biting her.

*Step 6: Help the Mysterious Stranger

The Mysterious Stranger needs more information about Verzik's transition and asks for your help in reaching Verzik in the Theatre of Blood. Accept to help him to continue the quest.

Fighting Hespori to get their bark

Part 3

At this point in the "A Night at the Theatre" quest, you'll need to tackle the Theatre of Blood raid to aid the Mysterious Stranger. If you've already completed the Theatre of Blood, you'll have the option to skip this part of the quest.

The normal Theatre of Blood raid can be quite challenging for the average player. However, you have the option to complete the "entry mode" of the theatre, where the bosses have significantly reduced stats and less harsh mechanics. If you need a guide on how to complete the Theatre of Blood in entry mode, you can find specific information on that.

To progress, you'll need to defeat 6 bosses:

1. The Maiden of Sugadinti

The Maiden of Sugadinti is the first boss encounter in the Theatre of Blood. Previously known as Serafina, she was a human who cared deeply for her brother and was willing to make sacrifices for him. However, a vampyre offered to save her brother's life in exchange for both of them being subjected to experiments. Serafina agreed to the offer, not realizing the consequences.

As a result of the experiments, her brother was transformed into the Abomination, a monstrous creature. Meanwhile, Serafina herself underwent a twisted transformation and became the Maiden of Sugadinti. Her mind was no longer her own, and she became a puppet controlled by the vampyres.

The vampyres spread a myth that Serafina had successfully completed the Theatre of Blood and gained freedom from their control. This false hope was meant to manipulate the citizens of Meiyerditch and provide entertainment for the vampyres, who reveled in the suffering of their subjects.

2. Pestilent Bloat

El Pestilente Hinchado sirve como el segundo encuentro con el jefe en el Teatro de Sangre. Esta entidad monstruosa fue creada por la mente retorcida de un vampiro demente conocido como "El Carnicero", quien actuó a petición de Verzik Vitur.

Según se describe en el libro titulado "El Carnicero", la creación del Hinchado involucró ingredientes macabros. El proceso incluyó el uso de tres cabezas gigantes, el cadáver de un ogro, cuatro cubos de sangre humana, dos brazos de cíclope, dos patas de catablepón, una tarta de manzana y un sentido de orgullo.

Las razones exactas detrás de la solicitud de Verzik Vitur para crear una criatura tan grotesca y mortal permanecen envueltas en misterio. Sin embargo, los jugadores deben enfrentar al Pestilente Hinchado en su viaje a través del Teatro de Sangre, donde representa un desafío formidable que exige habilidad, estrategia y trabajo en equipo para superarlo.

3. Nylocas

Nylocas Vasilias is the third encounter in the Theatre of Blood, and spawns after killing off the hordes of Nylocas Hagios, Ischyros, and Toxobolos.

4. Sotetseg

Sotetseg is the fourth encounter in the Theatre of Blood. It is a dark beast that has been corrupted through Haemalchemy.

5. Xarpus

Xarpus is the fifth encounter in the Theatre of Blood. Known as the King of Bats, Xarpus is the last of its kind and was captured by Lord Lowerniel Vergidiyad Drakan to be used as a boss in the Theatre.

6. Verzik Vitur

Verzik Vitur was the leader of the Vitur family in the vampire's homeland of Vampyrium, and she came to Gielinor along with many other vampires during the Second Age, brought by Zaros, whom the vampires refer to as the "Stranger from Afar." Before her departure, she had tamed a large number of nylocas, which she brought with her to Gielinor. Verzik was fond of culture and collecting, and among her prized artifacts were the Scythe of Vitur, a highly valuable weapon and relic of the ancient and revered founder of House Vitur, and the Ghrazi rapier, which she inherited from her father. Supposedly, she assumed a role in the army of the Zarosian Empire, as she was granted an Avernic defender during her service.

It's important to note that all bosses must be defeated in one session; leaving the raid means you'll have to start from the beginning. In entry mode, bosses have significantly reduced stats, and players have unlimited attempts to defeat them.

In entry mode, your health and prayer will be restored after defeating each boss, so it may be wise to avoid eating altogether if a boss is almost dead. Keep this in mind as you progress through the Theatre of Blood.

After defeating Verzik, she will transform into a bat and flee, but not before the Mysterious Stranger touches her and attempts to access her memories. After receiving your rewards for completing the raid in the treasure vault, return to the Mysterious Stranger at the Theatre's entrance using the teleportation crystal.

Part 4

After completing the Theatre of Blood raid and returning to speak with the Mysterious Stranger, both of you will witness a memory, but this time not from Verzik, but from Vulcan Orvoros, Verzik's physician. In the memory, it's revealed that after the Nylocas' bite, a Nylocas Queen had been growing inside Verzik, eventually emerging from her body and killing her. The horrified Doctor Orvoros witnessed the queen's birth and was killed shortly afterward.

The Mysterious Stranger concludes that the being you fought in the Theatre of Blood was not actually Verzik but the Nylocas Queen, who plans to overthrow the vampires and rule Morytania in their place. The Mysterious Stranger reveals that all of their associates were in disguise and that he has been on a mission for his master. Deeming you trustworthy, he will put you in contact with his master, who will explain that you have gathered all the information needed to combat the Nylocas threat. The master will direct the Mysterious Stranger to reward you for the work you have done.

With this, the quest "A Night at the Theatre" comes to an end but opens the way to new plots and challenges in the world of Old School RuneScape. We hope you've enjoyed this exciting adventure and continue exploring and facing new challenges on your path to glory in the game. Good luck in your future exploits and quests in Gielinor!


1. 2 Quest Points

2. Four ancient lamps, each granting 20,000 experience to any combat skill level 50 or higher, excluding Prayer.

3. Note: If players completed the quest before July 28, 2021, and have already used the two original ancient lamps that were rewarded, they will only receive two additional ancient lamps upon re-completing the quest.

Rewards A night at the theatre


In conclusion, "A Night at the Theatre" is an exciting quest in Old School RuneScape that takes players on a mysterious plot within the Theatre of Blood. Accompanying the Mysterious Stranger, players must uncover the truth behind Verzik Vitur and the Nylocas threatening Morytania.

During the quest, players must face challenging battles and solve puzzles to obtain information about Verzik and her connection to the Nylocas. As they progress, they discover that the Nylocas Queen has taken Verzik's place and plans to rule Morytania. The plot unfolds through memories and revelations, unveiling the true threat facing the region. By working with the Mysterious Stranger and their master, players gather vital information and uncover the reality behind the events in the Theatre of Blood. With a closing full of intrigue and excitement, the quest offers players a unique challenge and an engaging story in the world of Gielinor. "A Night at the Theatre" is an adventure that blends combat, exploration, and narrative to provide an unforgettable experience.