[OSRS] Barrows Guide 2023

2023 Barrows Guide OSRS 

Barrows is a thrilling PvM (Player vs. Monster) based minigame in Old School RuneScape, where players venture into the crypts of the Barrows Brothers to seek valuable items. To succeed, players must enter 6 different crypts and search the sarcophagi. Five of the sarcophagi will spawn a powerful Barrows Brother, and the sixth crypt, randomly assigned, leads to tunnels beneath the crypts, where the final chest awaits.

Players can improve their chances of obtaining desirable loot by defeating as many Barrows Brothers as possible on their way to the final chest. Each brother corresponds to specific armor or weapons, so players must have defeated the relevant brother before looting the final chest to obtain a specific item.

Barrows is known for its unique and powerful equipment, making it a sought-after minigame for adventurers seeking valuable gear. It offers a thrilling challenge, and successful players can earn valuable rewards. Gather your gear and prepare for an exciting journey through the crypts of the Barrows Brothers! Good luck in your quest for riches!

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How to get to Barrows in OSRS

The Barrows minigame is situated in the Morytania region, just east of Mort'ton. To access the area quickly, the most efficient method is using a Barrows teleport from the Arceuus spellbook, which requires 60%+ favour with the Arceuus House. Alternatively, you can purchase Barrows teleport tablets from the Grand Exchange or build a Barrows teleport in your Player-owned House (requires 50+ Construction).

Other means of reaching the area include:

  • Morytania legs 3 or higher teleport to Burgh de Rott and then running east to Mort'ton.
  • Using a Mort'ton teleport scroll and running east from there.
  • Utilizing the Shades of Mort'ton minigame teleport and running east.

Choose your preferred method of transportation, gather your gear, and embark on an exciting journey to the Barrows crypts


Completion of Priest in Peril is required to enter Morytania.


In order to fully optimize your Barrows experience, it is recommended to complete the following quests and achievements:

  1. Partial completion of Fairytale II - Cure a Queen for access to fairy rings, which provide convenient transportation across RuneScape.
  2. Completion of Animal Magnetism for the use of Ava's device, a handy item that collects your ranged ammunition.
  3. Completion of Shades of Mort'ton for access to the Shades of Mort'ton minigame grouping teleport, which simplifies travel to the Barrows.
  4. Completion of In Search of the Myreque for the Myreque Hideout shortcut from Canifis to The Hollows, allowing faster access to Barrows.
  5. Completion of Making Friends with My Arm for the ability to build fire of dehumidification in the swamp to negate the effect of the ghasts, improving your Barrows experience.
  6. Completion of In Aid of the Myreque for access to the bank in Burgh de Rott, allowing for efficient restocking between Barrows runs.
  7. Completion of Underground Pass for access to Iban's staff, an alternative to tridents for those without access to a trident of the swamp or trident of the seas.
  8. Completion of His Faithful Servants miniquest for the Crypt map, allowing use of the minimap within the Barrows crypt.
  9. Completion of the Morytania Hard Diary for unlimited teleports to Burgh de Rott and 50% more runes from every chest opened at Barrows, further enhancing efficiency.
  10. Claim the medium tier rewards from the Combat Achievements system for Ghommal's hilt 2 or higher, which nullifies the Prayer-draining effect at Barrows, making the experience smoother.

By accomplishing these tasks, you'll be fully prepared to take on the Barrows minigame and maximize your chances of obtaining valuable loot from the crypts of the Barrows Brothers. Best of luck on your adventures!

Skill recommendations


A recommended set up for the Barrows minigame in OSRS.A recommended inventory for the Barrows minigame in OSRS.

  • If you don't have Ancestral, then don't bother bringing any replacement magic robes. Just wear the void equipment.
  • If you don't have an imbued god cape, then don't bring any replacement. Just wear the Ava's device.
  • Blowpipe Ahrim. Mage the other brothers.
  • Use the salve amulet(ei) while killing skeletons for reward potential.
  • You could optionally bring an abyssal whip to kill monsters for reward potential, to save on cost of runes and Zulrah's scales.
  • Use the rune pouch to store any chaos, death and blood runes in.
  • Teleport to house tablets could be replaced by a Construction cape or max cape.
  • Barrows teleport tablets could be replaced with the barrows teleport in the Portal Nexus.
  • Bringing a Strange old lockpick helps speed up runs by skipping through any doors in the crypts

A recommended budget set up for the Barrows minigame in OSRS.

A recommended budget inventory for the Barrows minigame in OSRS.

  • Torag's platebody is equivalent in stats to Dharok's platebody, for a much cheaper price.
  • Use the dragon dagger special attacks against Ahrim, and finish the kill with ranged. Mage the other brothers.
  • If your Ranged level is high enough, bring black dragonhide armour and/or a toxic blowpipe.
  • Use the abyssal whip to kill monsters in the tunnels for reward potential.
  • If you have access to an occult necklace, bring an amulet of fury in your inventory for ranged and melee bonuses.
  • Use the dueling ring to teleport to Ferox Enclave after each run, to bank and use the portal to restore your stats.

Exploring the Barrows


Entering the Crypts - Quick Guide:

Location: The above-ground portion of Barrows has six burial mounds inside a stone fence. Each mound leads to a crypt belonging to one of the Barrows brothers.

Access: Use a spade to dig on top of these mounds to enter the respective crypt.

Ahrim's Crypt: Located in the center.

Dharok's Crypt: Located north-east.

Guthan's Crypt: Located south-east.

Karil's Crypt: Located south.

Torag's Crypt: Located south-west.

Verac's Crypt: Located north-west.

Crypt Contents: Each crypt contains a sarcophagus. Five of them will spawn a Barrows brother, and the sixth sarcophagus (randomly assigned) leads to the tunnels beneath the crypts.

Exploring the Tunnels: Upon entering the tunnels, players can navigate through a maze-like area to find the final chest containing valuable loot.

A map layout of the Barrows Brother Crypts in the Barrows minigame in OSRS.

Killing the Barrows brothers

To maximize your chances of finding Barrows equipment in the rewards chest and minimize the Prayer drain effect while underground in the Barrows area, follow these tips:

  1. Slaying the Wights: When searching the sarcophagi in the crypts, you will spawn the Barrows brothers' wights. Kill these NPCs to become eligible for Barrows equipment in the rewards chest.
  2. Efficiency Underground: The brothers' faces will occasionally appear on-screen while underground, draining your Prayer points every 18 seconds. Take steps to speed up your kills and minimize time spent underground to save on Prayer potions and increase profits.
  3. Nullify Prayer Drain: Equipping Ghommal's hilt 2 or higher will nullify the Prayer drain effect, providing relief from Prayer point loss.
  4. Combat Prayers: Use combat boosting Prayers strategically. Mystic Might is useful if your magic attack is too low to consistently hit the brothers. Pray Eagle Eye or Rigour against Ahrim when using ranged, and use Chivalry, Piety, or Incredible Reflexes and Ultimate Strength when using Melee against Karil. These Prayers will drain less Prayer points than the area effect.
  5. Protection Prayers: Use Protection Prayers to mitigate damage from the brothers. Verac has a 25% chance to hit through Protection Prayers, while the rest will have their damage fully negated.
  • Protect from Magic against Ahrim.
  • Protect from Melee against Dharok, Guthan, Torag, and Verac.
  • Protect from Missiles against Karil.
  1. Efficient Resource Management: Drink Prayer potions and eat food while above ground to avoid wasting time during combat.

Barrows brother

Attack style



Ahrim the Blighted


Dharok the Wretched


Guthan the Infested


Karil the Tainted


Torag the Corrupted


Verac the Defiled


















Navigating the tunnels

When you venture into the tunnels beneath the crypts, you will start on the outer side and must navigate your way to the center. The tunnels are infested with rats, bloodworms, spiders, and skeletons. Additionally, there is a 12/128 chance that a remaining Barrows brother will spawn when opening any of the doors.

While exploring the tunnels, you will encounter locked doors, which can prolong your journey to the center. To enter the final chamber, you will also need to solve a puzzle combination. However, if you possess a Strange old lockpick, you can open every locked door, significantly speeding up your progress and increasing the number of trips and profit per hour.

Using the Strange old lockpick efficiently will allow you to reach the center of the tunnels faster and encounter fewer obstacles, enhancing your overall experience in the Barrows minigame.

A picture of the inner crypts of the Barrows minigame in OSRS.

Puzzle Combinations

In the Barrows tunnels, the door leading to the main rewards chest room is locked with a simple puzzle. There are a total of 4 different puzzles, each with randomized positions for the answers. It is crucial to answer correctly, as getting it wrong will cause the doors and ladders in the tunnels to shift again. This means you have to navigate back through the tunnels to find the new main entrance door to the rewards chest.

To avoid this inconvenience, you can use the Runelite plugin, which has an auto-highlight feature that will show you the correct answer. Take your time to ensure you answer correctly and make your way smoothly to the main rewards chest room.


Looting the rewards chest

After looting the rewards chest in the Barrows, the barrows brother whose crypt the player entered through will spawn and start attacking you if he was not already killed in the tunnels. If you didn't receive your loot, remember to click the chest again as it requires two clicks—one to open and a second to loot.

As soon as you loot the rewards chest, the arrangement of doors and rooms will switch around, meaning the path you used to get to the chest will likely be different now. Additionally, the tunnels will start to shake and collapse, causing occasional damage to the player.

If you didn't kill any of the brothers during your run, they will be guaranteed to spawn when you open one of the doors, especially if you plan to escape manually via one of the ladders. The most efficient way to escape is by teleporting out. When you teleport or leave through the ladders, the minigame will automatically reset, allowing you to start again from the beginning and kill the brothers once more.

Capping reward potential

To maximize your points in the Barrows minigame and receive the maximum amount of runes while removing the chance of receiving half keys, dragon med helms, and bolt racks, you can achieve 880 points by killing the following combinations:

  1. 6 Barrows brothers, 1 Skeleton, 1 Giant Crypt Spider, and 1 Crypt Spider (880 points).
  2. 6 Barrows brothers, 1 Skeleton, 1 Giant Crypt Spider, and 1 Bloodworm (876 points).
  3. 6 Barrows brothers, 2 Skeletons, and 1 Crypt Spider (878 points).
  4. 6 Barrows brothers, 2 Skeletons, and 1 Bloodworm (874 points).
  5. 6 Barrows brothers, 3 Bloodworms, and 1 Crypt Spider (880 points).
  6. 6 Barrows brothers and 4 Bloodworms (876 points).

By carefully choosing which monsters to kill during your run, you can maximize your points and increase the average value of each loot. Aim for 880 points to get the most out of your Barrows runs and enhance your rewards. Good luck on your Barrows adventures!


  1. Brother Danger Levels: Dharok, Karil, Verac, and Ahrim are the most dangerous to fight due to their high accuracy bonuses and max hits. Dharok is the most threatening, so consider using Protection Prayers against him. Verac can hit through Prayer with a 25% chance. Guthan and Torag deal less damage, especially to players with high Defence levels, but Guthan may be tougher to kill without Protection Prayer.
  2. Safe Killing Order: A recommended safe order to kill the brothers is Dharok → Ahrim → Karil → Verac → Guthan → Torag.
  3. Efficient Order: For a quicker rotation, try Dharok → Guthan → Karil → Ahrim → Verac → Torag. This requires less running and can be simpler to perform.
  4. Using Toxic Blowpipe: If using a toxic blowpipe on Ahrim, consider killing Verac first, then heal back some hitpoints using the blowpipe's special attack, as Verac can hit through Protection Prayers.
  5. Fastest Rotation: The fastest average rotation is Dharok → Ahrim → Verac → Torag → Karil → Guthan. This rotation takes 32 game ticks (19.2 seconds) when running or 66 ticks (39.6 seconds) when walking.
  6. Adaptive Rotation: An adaptive rotation involves checking if Dharok spawns and using both Dragon Claw special attacks. If Dharok spawns, proceed with Dharok → Guthan → Karil → Torag → Verac → Ahrim. If Dharok doesn't spawn, do Dharok → Ahrim → Verac → Torag → Karil → Guthan, using Dragon Claw special attacks on Ahrim. This rotation, when combined with specific gear and items, allows for consistent 3:10 completions while using minimal supplies.
  7. Maximizing Death Charge: Strategically using Death Charge while ensuring it's available after the final enemy is killed can significantly speed up your runs.
  8. Recommended Gear and Supplies: Use high melee stats, melee gear, Osmumten's fang, dragon battleaxe, excalibur, and imbued heart (for increased defence against Ahrim's attacks). Consider using up to four strange old lockpick charges and a divine super combat potion dose to reduce time spent in tunnels and between runs.

Optimal route showing which Barrows Brother to defeat first in the Barrows minigame in OSRS.



A picture showing potential drops from the Barrows minigame in OSRS.


A picture showing potential drops from the Barrows minigame in OSRS.


A picture showing potential drops from the Barrows minigame in OSRS.


A picture showing potential drops from the Barrows minigame in OSRS.


A picture showing potential drops from the Barrows minigame in OSRS.


A picture showing potential drops from the Barrows minigame in OSRS.