[OSRS] Fight Arena Quest Guide

Fight Arena Quest Guide OSRS

A dark threat looms over the prosperous Servil family. The sinister General Khazard has kidnapped them and plans to use them as pawns in his wicked fights at the dreaded Fight Arena. The fate of these innocent civilians, including the wealthy, hangs by a thread. Only you, brave adventurer, can make a difference and rescue them from this terrible situation. Arm yourself with courage, for the time to act is now!

Welcome adventurers! In this guide, we'll dive into the thrilling "Fight Arena" quest. This is a combat-oriented mission that will lead you to face challenging enemies and solve intriguing problems. So, grab your weapons and prepare your skills, for it's time to enter the battle arena!

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Before starting the "Fight Arena" quest, make sure you meet the following requirements:

Ability to defeat enemies of level 44, 63, and 137.

5 coins to buy a Khali brew during the quest.


While not mandatory, the following is recommended to ease the quest:

Combat level 50 or higher.

Ranged, magic, or a halberd to face the enemies.

Armor and food to ensure your safety.

Enemies to Defeat:

During the "Fight Arena" quest, you will face a series of formidable enemies. Below are the key enemies you must confront:

1. Khazard Scorpion (level 44)

2. Khazard Ogre (level 63)

3. Bouncer (level 137)

4. General Khazard (level 142) - This encounter is optional, but may be necessary to complete the quest successfully.

Starting the "Fight Arena" Quest:

Starting location for the Fight Arena quest in OSRS

1. Speak with Lady Servil:

Head to the northwest corner of the Fight Arena, located in the northeast corner of the Tree Gnome Village maze. You can quickly reach there using the fishing trawler group teleport if you have 15 fishing. Alternatively, you can use the Ardougne cape teleport to the Kandarin Monastery and run southwest. Once there, find Lady Servil and speak with her to learn about her distressing situation. She will explain that her family has been kidnapped by General Khazard after she rejected his marriage proposal. Offer your help to rescue her family.

2. Obtain Khazard Armor:

Walk east to a group of buildings south of the local Monastery. The northeastern house contains a chest with Khazard armor, which is crucial to completing the quest. Equip both pieces of Khazard armor to progress.

Note: If desired, you can take multiple sets of armor using the drop and click method (drop the armor and then search the chest again).

3. Head to the Prison:

Once you have the Khazard armor equipped, make your way to the prison located south of the building with the chest. When attempting to enter the prison, you'll find the door locked. However, the guards will mistake you for a Khazard Guard due to the armor and allow you to enter. Do not remove the Khazard armor while in the prison, as the guards won't speak to you without it equipped. You can carry anything else with you, as the guards won't be clever enough to notice it.

Inside the Arena:

Once inside the arena, ensure you have the 5 coins necessary to buy the Khali brew. Your main objective is to rescue Sammy Servil, who is in the northernmost cell of the east wing of the prison. Speak with Sammy and ask him about the cell keys. He will explain that the guard has the keys.

Head to the southeast corner of the jail, where you'll find a Head Guard next to the stairs. Speak with the Head Guard and discover that he wants a decent drink, specifically Khali brew. He will also inform you that if he had too much, he would fall asleep. Note that the Head Guard is not attackable, so there's no risk of accidentally provoking aggression.

Before buying the brew, it's essential to speak with the guard, as the bartender won't offer it to you otherwise. Head to the bar west of the west entrance of the prison to purchase Khali brew for five coins.

Once you've acquired the brew, return to the arena and offer it to the guard. He will get drunk and hand you the keys to Sammy's cell. Now, prepare to face three consecutive enemies in combat. Make sure your combat gear is ready, and if needed, seek safe spots to facilitate the confrontation.

Use the keys to unlock Sammy's cell door and free him. Now, Sammy and you will enter the main arena in search of his father, Justin, who is under attack by a Khazard Ogre.

Battles in the Arena:

Safe spot for Fight Arena in OSRS

1. Combat against the Khazard Ogre (level 63):

To save Justin, Sammy's father, you must face the attacking level 63 Khazard Ogre. You can lure the ogre behind a skeleton and use magic, ranged, or a halberd for an easier fight. Alternatively, you can activate Protect from Melee and engage in melee combat. If a fight sequence doesn't initiate, speak with Justin to proceed. Note that if the fight sequence has already begun and you talk to Justin, a second Ogre will appear, which you'll also have to defeat.

2. Combat against the Khazard Scorpion (level 44):

Once you've defeated the Ogre, General Khazard will appear and tell you that you must become a fight slave to save the Servils. You will be locked in a prison cell. To continue on the quest, talk to Hengrad, your cellmate, to carry on with the fights. In the second fight, you'll face the Khazard Scorpion of level 44. It's not venomous, so use the tactics you employed to defeat the Ogre.

3. Combat against Bouncer (level 137):

After defeating the Khazard Scorpion, General Khazard will release Bouncer, a level 137 enemy. Bouncer is stronger than regular Hellhounds, so don't underestimate it. You can use a safe spot or alternatively attack it in melee combat, making use of Protect from Melee if you have it. If you don't have that prayer, make sure to bring high-healing food.

4. Combat against General Khazard (optional):

After defeating Bouncer, General Khazard (level 142) will become enraged over his friend's death and attack you. However, keep in mind that it's not necessary to fight him to claim the quest's reward. You can leave through the door, and General Khazard won't pursue you. If you choose to fight him, you can trap him behind a skeleton.

After completing all the battles and leaving the arena, return to Lady Servil to finish the quest and receive your reward. Congratulations, quest completed! You have successfully saved the Servil family and thwarted the evil plans of General Khazard.

Rewards from the "Fight Arena" Quest:

1. 2 Quest Points: Quest points are a form of recognition for completing quests and allow you to gain additional benefits in the game.

2. Attack Experience: You will receive 12,175 experience points in the Attack skill. This experience will help you improve your accuracy and effectiveness in melee combat.

3. Thieving Experience: You will be rewarded with 2,175 experience points in the Thieving skill. With this experience, you can perform thefts more effectively and earn valuable rewards.

4. 1,000 Coins: You will receive a generous sum of 1,000 coins as a reward for your success in the quest. Make sure to use this money wisely to improve your equipment and skills!

5. Khazard Armor Set: You will obtain the full Khazard armor set. This armor can be useful in various combat situations and provide you with greater protection on your adventures.

Additional Unlock:

In addition to the rewards mentioned above, completing the "Fight Arena" quest will unlock access to Bouncer in the Nightmare Zone. This will allow you to face Bouncer as a boss in the Nightmare Zone minigame, where you can challenge powerful enemies and earn additional rewards.

We hope you enjoy your rewards and continue exploring the world of RuneScape with bravery and determination! Good luck in your future adventures!

Fight Arena Quest Complete in OSRS