[OSRS] Bounty Hunter Minigame Guide

Bounty Hunter Guide[OSRS]

Bounty Hunter, often referred to as BH, is an exciting player-killing (Pking) minigame situated in the Wilderness, specifically at Daimon's Crater. Once you step into the crater, the game assigns you another player as your target, with their combat levels being within 5 levels of your own. By speaking with the Emblem Trader, you have the option to adjust the target range to 10 or 15 combat levels if you prefer a broader challenge.

The primary objective of Bounty Hunter is to eliminate your assigned target. Not only will you obtain the regular items dropped on death from your target, but you will also be rewarded with valuable Bounty Hunter points. These points can be exchanged for various rewards at the Emblem Trader's Bounty Hunter Store.

Engaging in Bounty Hunter can be an adrenaline-pumping experience, as you compete against fellow players in intense player-versus-player combat scenarios. The Wilderness, being a dangerous and unpredictable place, adds an extra layer of excitement to the minigame.

As you progress through the ranks and prove your prowess as a skilled Bounty Hunter, you'll amass more points, which can then be used to purchase exclusive rewards from the store. These rewards may include powerful weaponry, armor, and other valuable items that can aid you in future battles and quests.

It's essential to stay alert and vigilant during Bounty Hunter, as other players may be targeting you as their assigned foe. Being prepared for sudden encounters and adapting your combat strategies will increase your chances of success.

Whether you seek thrilling player-killing action, unique rewards, or simply enjoy the challenge of facing off against fellow adventurers, Bounty Hunter offers an exhilarating experience for those brave enough to venture into the Wilderness. Gather your wits, sharpen your skills, and embrace the chaos as you embark on a journey of high-stakes combat in the world of Old School RuneScape

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How to get to Bounty Hunter?

The Bounty Hunter entrance can be found at Ferox Enclave. There is a specific portal for Bounty Hunter which players can use. To get there use a dueling ring or the grouping teleport on the minigames tab.

Location of the Bounty Hunter (BH) minigame in OSRS

Official worlds

Unlike most minigames, Bounty Hunter can only be played on six worlds:

Picture of the official Bounty Hunter (BH) worlds in OSRS



To participate in Bounty Hunter, you must first deposit a required amount of coins into the Bounty Hunter coffer, which will be lost upon death in the minigame if the player is not skulled. The required amount depends on the player's combat level:

Combat level

Minimum Deposit Fee









Skulled players will lose only 10,000 coins from their coffer upon death.


Upon entering the crater in the Bounty Hunter minigame, you will find yourself spawning at a random location within the arena. At this point, the game assigns you a target from among the other players participating in the minigame. Your designated target will have a combat level within five levels of your own. However, if you desire a more challenging match, you have the option to increase the limit to ten or fifteen combat levels by having a conversation with the Emblem Trader.

Once you're inside the crater, certain mechanics come into play to make the experience more intense and challenging. Firstly, teleportation abilities are disabled, preventing players from quickly escaping from combat. This means you'll need to strategize and rely on your combat skills to outwit and defeat your target.

Additionally, the use of protection prayers is restricted, adding an extra layer of complexity to the battles. You won't be able to rely on traditional prayer protection to mitigate damage, making careful positioning and well-timed attacks crucial to your success.

Furthermore, binding spells like Ice Barrage, which are often used to immobilize opponents in regular combat situations, do not halt players' movements in the crater. This means you and your target will have greater mobility during fights, requiring quick reflexes and smart tactics to gain the upper hand.

The combination of these unique mechanics makes Bounty Hunter in the Daimon's Crater a thrilling and unpredictable experience. Engaging in intense player-versus-player combat without the safety net of teleportation or protection prayers demands sharp combat skills and a keen sense of strategy.

Bounty Hunter Points

In the Bounty Hunter minigame at Daimon's Crater, every successful kill of your designated target will grant you two Bounty Hunter Points. These points are valuable as they can be exchanged for various rewards at the Bounty Hunter Store, making them a significant incentive to participate and succeed in the game.

However, the rewards don't stop there. As you achieve milestone kills, you will also receive bonus points as a token of your progress and skill. These milestone kills could be a specific number of kills, such as reaching 10, 25, or 50 successful takedowns, or they might be tied to significant achievements within the minigame.

These bonus points serve as additional motivation for players to keep honing their combat prowess and strive for success in Bounty Hunter. The more milestones you achieve, the greater the rewards you can claim from the Bounty Hunter Store, making the whole experience even more rewarding and fulfilling.

Whether you are seeking to enhance your combat gear, obtain unique cosmetic items, or unlock powerful weapons, the Bounty Hunter Store offers a diverse range of valuable rewards that cater to different playstyles and preferences.


Total Kill Count

BH Points

Per 10th


Per 50th


Per 100th


Per 500th


Additionally, players can earn or level up esoteric emblems. Tier 1 emblems can be received as a drop from killing your first target. Alternatively, they can be bought from the store for 2 BH points.

Every target you kill with your emblem in your inventory will level it up. Also, if you are able to kill a player who is carrying their own emblem, then you’ll be rewarded points dependant on the tier of emblem they had. A visual breakdown of this can be seen in the table below.

Point distribution for each tier of emblem in the Bounty Hunter (BH) minigame in OSRS.


If a player chooses to skip their target in the Bounty Hunter minigame, they may face penalties depending on their actions. If they have been warned about a penalty beforehand, skipping more players may lead to consequences, even if the warning message does not appear. Once the penalty is incurred, the player will be temporarily blocked from participating in matchmaking for a duration of thirty minutes.

After the thirty-minute penalty period has passed, the points rewarded for killing the first target will be reduced by half, and an esoteric emblem will not be dropped upon the kill. Additionally, if the player already has an esoteric emblem in their inventory, it will not be upgraded to a higher tier.

These penalties are in place to discourage players from constantly skipping their targets and to promote a fair and competitive environment within the Bounty Hunter minigame. By adhering to the rules and engaging in combat with their assigned targets, players have a better chance of earning higher points, obtaining valuable emblems, and accessing the various rewards offered in the Bounty Hunter Store. So, exercise caution when considering whether to skip a target, as it may have implications on your progress in the minigame. Happy hunting!


BH points can be utilized to procure an array of advantageous and profitable rewards in the store. This includes everything from emblems and ornament kits to imbues, as well as PVP armor and weaponry.

Among the top-tier rewards are ancient arms and armor sets. These encompass items from the Vesta's, Zuriel's, Morrigan's, and Statius sets, complete with their unique weapons. Notably, the Vesta's Longsword and Statius Warhammer are two of the most potent weapons for PVP.

A picture of the Bounty Hunter (BH) rewards in OSRS.

In conclusion, the Bounty Hunter minigame in Old School RuneScape offers an exciting and challenging player-versus-player experience in the dangerous wilderness. As players enter the Daimon's Crater, they are given a target within a certain combat level range, and their objective is to defeat this target to earn valuable Bounty Hunter points.

The points earned from kills can be exchanged for a variety of lucrative rewards in the Bounty Hunter Store. These rewards include emblems, ornament kits, imbued equipment, and powerful PvP armor and weapons. Among the most sought-after rewards are the ancient weaponry and armor sets, such as Vesta's, Zuriel's, Morrigan's, and Statius's sets, each with their respective weapons. The Vesta's Longsword and Statius Warhammer stand out as particularly potent choices for PvP combat, capable of dealing devastating blows to opponents.

However, participating in the Bounty Hunter minigame comes with risks and challenges. Players need to be prepared for intense battles and be wary of potential player killers lurking in the wilderness. Skipping targets without caution may lead to penalties and matchmaking delays, so players must strategize and plan their actions carefully.