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OSRS Sailing Blog (What we currently know from all the updates and blogs via osrs team)

Sailing was proposed to players as a new skill on 27 March 2023 in a blog alongside two other potential skills, Taming and Shamanism. It would allow players to explore and travel across the oceans on their own ship. Set sail and explore the vast oceans of Old School RuneScape (OSRS) with the highly anticipated Sailing skill. Over the years, the OSRS team has teased and unveiled exciting details about the upcoming Sailing skill, promising a new world of adventure and exploration. In this comprehensive blog, we'll delve into all that we know so far about Sailing through official updates and blogs from the OSRS team.

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The Early Hints:

The concept of a Sailing skill was initially discussed by the developers in 2014. Players' curiosity was piqued as they learned about the potential addition of ships, islands, and naval warfare. The mere thought of navigating the high seas and discovering uncharted territories was enough to spark excitement across the community.

Dev Blogs and Progress Updates:

Over the years, the OSRS team released a series of development blogs and progress updates to keep players informed and engaged. These blogs provided insight into the skill's mechanics, content, and potential benefits.

Exploration and Uncharted Islands:

One of the central aspects of Sailing is exploration. Players will have the opportunity to venture beyond the known lands of Gielinor and discover uncharted islands. These islands promise unique resources, creatures, and challenges that encourage players to test their sailing skills and courage.

Exploration and Uncharted Islands

Ship Customization and Building:

The Sailing skill will introduce ship customization and building mechanics. Players will be able to design and construct their ships, tailoring them to their preferences and needs. These ships aren't just vessels for travel; they can also play a significant role in various activities, including combat and resource gathering.

Ship Customization and Building

Naval Warfare and Challenges:

The promise of naval warfare has players eagerly awaiting the Sailing skill. Engaging in ship battles against pirates, sea monsters, and other adventurers adds a layer of excitement and strategy to the skill. From tactical maneuvering to using specialized ship weaponry, players will need both skill and wit to emerge victorious in naval combat.

Naval Warfare and Challenges

Resource Gathering and Trading:

Sailing will open up new avenues for resource gathering and trading. Islands with rare and valuable materials can be discovered, creating opportunities for players to establish trade routes and profit from their finds. The dynamic economy of OSRS will likely experience shifts as a result.

Community Feedback and Involvement:

Throughout the development of the Sailing skill, the OSRS team actively sought community feedback. Player input played a significant role in shaping the skill's mechanics, rewards, and overall experience. This collaboration between developers and players underscores the sense of community that defines OSRS.

Legends of the Sea:

The open ocean is home to all kinds of people, and all kinds of creatures… but not all of them are friendly. Venturing into the deepest part of the ocean puts you at risk of running foul of a Legend of the Sea – powerful beings that are feared by all who speak of them.

1. The Sharhai: This legendary sea monster feeds off anything it can fit into its gargantuan maw… and its favourite snack is unwary ships who stray too far from land. Little is known about this beast, as those who’ve encountered it rarely live to tell the tale
2. The Dark Dame: A dreaded pirate ship, wreathed in shadow. This ghastly vessel is said to roam the North Ocean, seeking unwary victims. Those who’ve witnessed the Dark Dame claim it seems to appear and disappear out of nowhere… no wonder the authorities can’t bring its crew to justice.
3. Roqar, the Thunder Bird: They say that thunderstorms at sea are… different from those on land. With waves higher than the tallest masts, most sailors are too busy saving their souls to look up during a storm. Those few that do, however, report seeing a gigantic bird circling around the clouds – as though magnifying the power of the storm itself.

The Sharhai

Looking Forward:

As of now, the Sailing skill is still in development, and the OSRS team continues to work diligently to ensure it lives up to players' expectations. Updates, dev blogs, and teasers will continue to be released as progress is made. The anticipation for Sailing's release grows with every bit of information shared.

The Sailing skill holds the promise of adventure, exploration, and new horizons in the world of OSRS. From designing custom ships to engaging in naval warfare, the skill is poised to revolutionize the way players experience the game. As we eagerly await its official release, the excitement within the OSRS community is palpable. Keep a weathered eye on the horizon, for the journey across uncharted waters is about to begin.