OSRS Hosidius Favour Guide

Hosidius Favour Guide OSRS

Hosidius stands as one of the five cities within the Kingdom of Great Kourend. Governed by Lord Kandur Hosidius of the Hosidius House, their central economic pursuits revolve around Farming and Cooking, positioning them as the principal food providers for both the Kingdom's inhabitants and the Shayzien Army. While the majority in Hosidius follow the faith of Saradomin, there are also a handful who venerate Zamorak, although, akin to other human settlements, they may face certain societal bias.

How to get to Hosidius

To swiftly arrive at Hosidius, you have several convenient options:

1. Utilize the Teleport to House spell or a redirected teleport to house tablet.

2. Employ the Xeric's talisman for an instantaneous Xeric's Glade Teleport, situated northeast of the farming patch.

3. Consider Kharedst's memoirs or the Book of the dead to execute a Lunch by the Lancalliums teleport (requires The Depths of Despair quest completion).

4. Access the Kourend Castle Teleport and head east past Kingstown, then proceed south after crossing the bridge.

5. Make use of a spirit tree located in a patch southeast of the Forthos Ruins (requires 35% Hosidius favor).

6. Wear a Skills necklace and teleport to the Woodcutting Guild's northeast section.

7. If you've achieved 100% Hosidius favor and visited the minigame area, use the Tithe Farm minigame teleport.

8. Head south from the Rusty Anchor Inn (or north from the Monks of Entrana) in Port Sarim until you find Veos on the dock. Right-click "Port Piscarilius Veos" (not "Land's End Veos"), then run west on the Port Piscarilius dock. Continue west to locate a pub, then turn left and proceed south from Port Piscarilius to reach Hosidius.

A Map of the City

A map of the city the hosidius

How to gain Hosidius favour

1. Ploughing fields 0% to 5%: Starting at 0% favor, players can engage in ploughing the fields situated south of the town square in Hosidius. Tilling the soil requires players to manually push the plough back and forth, with favor being gained through this action at random intervals.

Ploughing fields

While performing this task, players will continuously push the plough until they reach the field's edge (changing direction if approached from the opposite side). In case the plough breaks, players must use a hammer for repairs (a hammer is available on the ground just south of the field). This repair action grants 10 Crafting experience. Additionally, ploughing fields will sporadically provide 10 Farming experience.

No need exists to switch fields or move the plough beyond the back-and-forth motion; the same amount of favor is bestowed regardless of the location.

Ploughs can be found southeast of Hosidius, northwest of the Tithe Farm, and southwest of the Vinery. A swift route to reach them involves using the Skills necklace teleport to the Woodcutting Guild, followed by an eastern walk across the saltpetre area. From there, head north-east upon reaching the Altar.

The fasted Making fertiliser method 5% to 100%:

Sulphurous fertiliser is made by combining saltpetre with regular compost. Manual combination is faster and more efficient than the AFK method. Saltpetre can be obtained through player trading, or you can find it east of the Woodcutting Guild. It spawns in one of five possible locations, shifting once the deposit is depleted. You'll need a spade to gather saltpetre, and if you lack one, Konoo can provide a spare. For efficient collection, utilize the bank deposit box in the center of the area.

1. Gathering Saltpetre from Wintertodt (Optional): An alternate method to obtain saltpetre is by subduing Wintertodt. While more time-consuming, if you plan to engage with Wintertodt, consider this approach for saltpetre collection

2. Presenting the Fertiliser: After creating sulphurous fertiliser, head to the Saltpetre area in Hosidius. Look for the Clerk within a building at the center. Hand over the sulphurous fertiliser to the Clerk, and for each bucket given, you'll receive 0.1% favor. The Clerk accepts all fertilisers, whether in your possession or bank-stored, streamlining the process and eliminating the need for multiple trips.

3. Favor Milestones and Costs: Reaching higher favor levels requires a certain number of sulphurous fertiliser buckets. For example, to achieve 45% favor, you'll need to craft 400 buckets of sulphurous fertiliser. Similarly, 700 buckets are needed for 75% favor, 850 buckets for 90% favor (leading to 100% after completing The Depths of Despair), and a direct 100% favor requires 950 buckets. At current prices, producing 950 of each component costs around 34,200 coins.

4. Cost Optimization: Consider purchasing compost packs from farming shops to manage costs. If you buy all the needed compost from a farming shop and obtain saltpetre from the Grand Exchange, reaching 100% favor would cost approximately 24,750 coins.

Another method is Cooking in the Mess hall at 45%

Upon attaining 45% favor, an intriguing opportunity emerges: the ability to cook within the Mess. Here, your task involves preparing meals for Shayzien soldiers in line with their specified preferences displayed on the screen. You'll be provided with the necessary ingredients to whip up their desired dishes: stew, meat pie, or pineapple pizza. Engaging in this activity requires Cooking skill levels of 20 for meat pie, 25 for stew, and 65 for pineapple pizza.

As you serve the meticulously prepared food on the buffet, you'll not only accumulate moderate Cooking experience but also garner favor. The favor earned corresponds to the demand for the specific meals you've skillfully provided to the soldiers. This activity not only enhances your Cooking prowess but also bolsters your favor with the Hosidius House in OSRS.

For Ironmans

Once you reach 5% favor, it's highly recommended to engage in crafting sulphurous fertilizer. An efficient approach is to pay a visit to Vannah's Farming Stall situated in Hosidius. Here, players have the option to purchase compost packs, a smart investment for the process. To streamline your efforts, employ the Exchange feature available through Tool Leprechauns positioned across Gielinor.

Starting from 5% favor and aiming for 100%, you'll require a significant quantity of 950 compost. Once acquired, utilize the stored compost by digging saltpetre and then merging it with the compost. Conveniently, you can retrieve the compost from the nearby Tool Leprechaun stationed at the spirit tree patch. To maximize efficiency, consider hopping worlds to locate a saltpetre spawn close to the Leprechaun.

When the sulphurous fertilizer is ready, make your way to the Clerk stationed adjacent to the bank deposit box near the saltpetre area. Hand over your crafted fertilizer, and as a result, you'll progressively accumulate favor. This systematic approach ensures a steady progression towards achieving 100% favor within the Hosidius House, a valuable accomplishment in your OSRS journey.

Hosidius Benefits

Gaining favor with the Hosidius House in Old School RuneScape comes with a range of valuable benefits that enhance your gameplay experience and skill progression. Here's a breakdown of the benefits you can enjoy at various favor levels:

1. 15% Favor: Fruit Stall Theft At 15% favor, players gain the ability to steal fruit from the fruit stall located in front of Logava Gricoller's Cooking Supplies.

2. 35% Favor: Spirit Tree Sapling Planting Once you reach 35% favor, you can plant a spirit sapling in the spirit tree patch situated southeast of the Forthos Ruin. This requires a Farming level of 83.

3. 50% Favor: Protected Patches Achieving 50% favor bestows permanent protection against disease for the allotment, flower, and herb patches located just south of the Hosidius township.

4. 60% Favor: Access to Farming Guild At 60% favor, players with a minimum Farming level of 45 can enter the Farming Guild, granting access to a range of farming-related activities.

5. 65% Favor: Grape Seed Planting Upon reaching 65% favor, players can plant grape seeds in the Vinery, expanding your agricultural endeavors.

6. 75% Favor: Access to Woodcutting Guild Players with at least 60 Woodcutting can enter the Woodcutting Guild, an achievement unlocked at 75% favor.

7. 100% Favor: Tithe Farm Minigame Achieving 100% favor grants players with at least 34 Farming the opportunity to participate in the Tithe Farm minigame. This engaging activity is located in the mid-eastern part of Hosidius.

8. 100% Favor: Enhanced Cooking Facilities At full 100% favor, you can utilize the city kitchens southeast of the Mess. In a small building, you'll find a bank chest alongside a range that boosts the chance of successfully cooking food by 5%, making it an optimal cooking spot.

Please note that while the city kitchens offer enhanced cooking benefits, they might provide slightly lower experience per hour than the Rogues' Den fire for foods that you're already capable of cooking without burning. This is due to the time spent traveling to and from the bank chest.