[RS3] Murder on the Border Quest Guide

[RS3] Murder on the Border Quest Guide

Quest -Skills

New Foundations

The following built: Town Hall (Tier 1)

Command Centre, Workshop



6x Stone Wall segments or 24x Limestone Bricks

6x Oak Frames or 18x Refined  Oak planks or 72x Oak planks


Weapon (equip, remember ammo/runes) Fort Forinthry lodestone unlocked or 1x Fort Forinthry teleport scroll


Assasin that scales to your combat level

Talk to Aster at the Town Hall in Fort Forinthry

To begin the "Murder on the Border" quest in RuneScape 3, head to the Town Hall in Fort Forinthry and find Aster. She will be your starting point for this exciting adventure. When you talk to Aster, she will tell you about the mysterious murder that has occurred on the border between Asgarnia and Misthalin. Listen carefully to the story and accept the mission to help solve the crime and bring the culprit to justice.

Fort Forinthry

Talk to Bill

Talk about Murder on the Border

Now, the next step in the "Murder on the Border" quest in RuneScape 3 is to talk to Bill. Find him in the nearby area and approach him to initiate a conversation. Bill may have valuable information about the murder and will help you progress in the investigation.

Ask Bill about what he knows regarding the crime and pay attention to any relevant details he may provide. Make sure to explore all dialogue options to gather the most comprehensive information possible. If you have any clues or suspicions, share them with Bill to see if he can shed more light on the case.

Remember that solving this mysterious murder largely depends on the information you gather and the decisions you make throughout the investigation. So, keep your eyes and ears open as you communicate with Bill and other characters in your quest for the truth.

Once you have spoken with Bill, be sure to check your quest journal to stay informed about the upcoming tasks and objectives.


Check plans on the Fort Forinthry blueprints table near Bill and choose Kitchen (Tier 1)

After speaking with Bill, it's time to advance in the investigation. Head towards the nearby drafting table next to Bill and examine the blueprints laid upon it. There, you will find a series of options, and you should select "Kitchen (Level 1)."

blueprints table

After choosing the "Kitchen (Level 1)" option on the drafting table, it's time to get to work and build the kitchen. Head east of Fort Forinthry Town Hall and find the designated location for the construction of the kitchen.

Once you have finished constructing the kitchen, examine it carefully and search for additional clues that may shed light on the murder mystery. You may find more objects, notes, or any other evidence that can help you connect the dots and progress in your investigation.

Return and talk to Aster about the murder on the border.

Once you have investigated the kitchen and collected all possible clues, go back to talk to Aster at the Fort Forinthry Town Hall. Inform Aster about your findings and share any relevant information you have discovered during your investigation.

Click on the light blue portal south of the well to start the scene. Then, speak with Aster.

Head towards the light blue portal located south of the well. Click on it to initiate a scene that will take you to a new part of the mission. Pay attention to the events that unfold in the scene, as they may provide key information about the murder case on the border.

Once the scene is concluded, speak with Aster again. There may be new revelations or additional clues that will help you progress in the investigation. Share any important information you have obtained with Aster and listen carefully to what he has to say.

Once you have activated the light blue portal and initiated the scene, prepare to welcome the guests who will attend the event. Keep a keen eye as important characters from the story arrive at the location and observe how the plot unfolds through the scene.

During the scene, you may encounter new characters, obtain more clues about the murder, or have crucial information revealed for solving the case. Pay close attention to the dialogues and events that occur during this scene, as they can be of great significance in your investigation.

After the scene concludes and the guests have arrived, make sure to give them a warm welcome and be willing to interact with them. Listen attentively to what they have to say and search for any hints or details that may aid you in your quest for the truth.

Talk to three groups of guests in the Town Hall

Once you have concluded the scene and the guests have arrived, it's time to interact with them to gather more information about the case. Look for groups of guests gathered in different areas and approach them to initiate conversations.

Talk to aster about Yes,  lets start the feast

After having interacted with the groups of guests and gathered relevant information about the case, return to Aster and tell her that you are ready to begin the banquet. Express your desire to start the celebration to maintain the festive atmosphere, but do not forget to remain attentive to any additional details or clues that may arise during the event.

the banquet

Once the scene has concluded, continue the conversation with Aster to obtain a mysterious diary.

After having started the banquet and progressed in the plot, Aster is likely to have more information to offer. Approach him again and keep talking until he hands you a mysterious diary. This diary may contain crucial details about the case and can help you unravel the mystery behind the murder.

mysterious diary

Investigating the murder

Investigate the strange bag to the southeast of the north gates.

Now that you have obtained the mysterious diary from Aster, it's time to continue the investigation of the case. Head southeast of the north gates to find a strange satchel. Examine the contents of the satchel carefully and look for additional clues that may be related to the murder.

You may come across objects, documents, or anything else that could help you solve the mystery. Make sure to record everything you find and pay attention to the details. Each clue can be crucial in advancing the investigation and unraveling the truth behind the crime.

Talk to Simon outside the Town Hall.

Once you have investigated the strange bag, head outside the Town Hall where you will find Simon. Initiate a conversation with him to share the clues you have found and to obtain additional information about the case.

During the talk with Simon, pay attention to his responses and any new leads or hints he may provide. He may have valuable information that can help you connect the dots and advance the murder investigation.

Show your mysterious diary to Simon and share any other relevant evidence or discoveries you have made so far.


Investigate the strange bag southeast of the north gates:

When you are near the strange satchel southeast of the north gates, you will have the option to interact with it. Upon doing so, you will see two options: take a vial or simply leave.

If you choose to take the vial, you will add a vial to your inventory that could be useful for your investigation and for collecting possible samples or clues from the area. On the other hand, if you choose to simply leave, you can exit the area without further interaction with the bag at that time.

Search the supply cupboard in the kitchen:

Head to the kitchen and search the supply cupboard. When interacting with the cupboard, you will see several available options to choose from.

Select option 1 to thoroughly examine the contents of the cupboard. Examine the objects and look for clues or relevant items that may be related to the murder you are investigating.

Then, select option 4 to continue inspecting the cupboard and see if there are more objects or details that could be important for the investigation.

When you have both the hollyhock and the vial you previously took in your inventory, select the hollyhock and drag it over the vial. This will create an unheated poison detection potion, known as "unheated poison detection potion."

Now that you have the vial with the unheated poison detection potion, head to a range and use the vial on it to heat it. By heating the vial on the range, the potion will become a more effective and ready-to-use version: a "heated poison detection potion."

Use the heated poison detection potion (hollyhock) on the Duke's food that is on the dining table:

Now that you have the heated poison detection potion in your inventory, head to the dining room where the Duke's table is located. Interact with the food on the table and select the option to use the heated poison detection potion on it.

By doing so, the potion will be applied to the Duke's food and allow you to detect any traces of poison or harmful substances that may be present in his meal.

Talk to King Roald in the Chapel:

1. Talk to King Roald

2. Did you notice anything suspicious?

3. That´s all for now

King Roald

Talk to Duchess Alba:

2. Link a clue to Duchess Alba

Duchess Alba

Talk to Bianca outside the Chapel

2. Link a clue to Bianca

Link the Stolen Jewellery


Ascend to the top floor of the Town Hall and talk to Aster.

Fight the assassin.

Talk to Aster

Search in the Assassin

Talk to Aster

Speak with King Roald outside by the well

After confronting the killer in "Murder on the Border" in RuneScape 3 and solving the mystery behind the crime, it's time to report your findings to King Roald. Look for the King outside, near the well, and engage in a conversation with him to share the proofs and evidence you have gathered during your investigation.

Once you have spoken with King Roald and revealed the identity of the murderer and the details of the conspiracy, it is likely that measures will be taken to ensure justice is served and that the kingdom is safe from future threats.

Investigate the wax seal outside north-western corner of the Chapel.

After facing the murderer and talking to King Roald about your findings, your task is not yet complete. There is still more to uncover about the complete truth behind this dark crime. It's time to continue searching for additional clues and evidence.

Head towards the northwest corner of the Chapel and examine the wax seal located there. This small clue may lead to crucial information that can further unravel the mystery. Inspect the seal carefully, looking for any details or symbols that may reveal additional clues about the murderer or their motivation.

Speak to  Iris in the Workshop

2. Link a clue to Iris

Link the Strange Seal to obtain the amulet of spanielspeak clue


In the Town Hall, investigate the burnt parchment on the floor near the fireplace.

 burnt parchment

As you continue to search for additional clues and evidence about the murder at Fort Forinthry, a new lead has emerged at the Town Hall. Near the fireplace, you will find a parchment that has been burnt, potentially containing valuable information about the crime.

Carefully examine the burnt parchment, looking for any details that may still be legible or any traces of what was once written on it. Even though it's partially destroyed, you might uncover fragments of words or symbols that can help you solve the mystery.

Talk to Princess, the dog, just east of the stonecutter:

2. Link a clue to Princess ---- Link the "Amulet of Spanielspeak"


Go to the north-western corner of the fort next to the ladder and speak to Princess.

Investigate the miscellaneous items that appear.

Stand near Queen Ellamaria outside by the well, then speak to Princess again.

Stand at the altar in the chapel, then speak to Princess once again.

Investigate the unearthed coffer:

Thoroughly examine the unearthed chest for any objects, documents, or symbols that may reveal crucial details about the murder. Make sure to explore every corner of the chest and pay attention to any suspicious or unusual details you may come across.

Talk to Duchess Alba in the command Centre

1. Talk to Duchess Alba

2. What´s your beef with King Roald?


3. That´s all for now

Talk to Rodney outside  the Workshop

1. Talk to Rodney

2. Ask about Ellamaria

3. That´s all for now

Speak to Queen Ellamaria outside by the well

1. Talk to Queen Ellamaria

2. I heard you were once friends with Bianca

4. That´s all for now

Talk to Rodney outside the Workshop

2. Link a clue to Rodney

Link the Scorched Will

1. Yes, i´m ready

Talk to Aster in the courtyard





Talk to Aster in the Courtyard

5. Bianca Dunnet

Talk to King Roald

1. End the banquet

Talk to Aster

1. Talk about de Murder

Talk to Rodney in the Kitchen

1. Any

Completed Murder on the Border