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Dragon Axe OSRS

The Dragon Axe is an item in the massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) Old School RuneScape (OSRS). It is a powerful axe that stands out for its high attack speed and ability to cut trees quickly and efficiently.

This axe is widely used by players who are dedicated to the Woodcutting skill, as it allows them to obtain logs much faster, which is essential for training this skill and acquiring materials for the Construction, Firemaking, and other purposes in the game.

The Dragon Axe is considered a significant upgrade compared to other axes available in the game. With its faster attack speed, players can chop trees more quickly and gather more resources in less time.

Once acquired, players can equip the Dragon Axe and start using it to chop trees and obtain logs with greater efficiency. Its high attack speed makes it a valuable tool for those looking to maximize their Woodcutting training and gain benefits in their wood-related activities.

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Special attack:

Has a unique Special Attack called "Lumber Up." This special attack is activated by consuming 100% of the player's special attack energy and can be used to increase the player's Woodcutting level temporarily.

When the special attack is activated, the player's Woodcutting level is temporarily boosted by 3 levels. This means that if a player has a Woodcutting level of 70 and uses the Dragon Axe's special attack, their effective Woodcutting level will be boosted to 73 for a short period of time.

The "Lumber Up" special attack can be useful in various situations. For example, when players are trying to cut high-level trees that require a higher Woodcutting level to chop, using the Dragon Axe's special attack can allow them to access these trees even if their actual Woodcutting level falls short.

To activate the special attack, players can simply click on the special attack bar, which is located above the player's combat stats. When the bar is full (at 100%), players can click on it to unleash the special attack.

It's important to note that the special attack energy will gradually regenerate over time, so players need to be strategic about when to use the special attack. They may want to save it for situations where a temporary boost in Woodcutting level can be advantageous, such as when chopping high-level trees or gathering resources more efficiently.

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Obtain a Smouldering Stone: The Smouldering Stone is a rare drop from Cerberus, a boss found in the Taverley Dungeon. You can also purchase the Smouldering Stone from other players in the Grand Exchange.

1. Obtain a Dragon Axe: If you don't already have a Dragon Axe, you can obtain one from various sources, including monster drops, the Rare Drop Table, or by purchasing it from other players.

2. Combine the Items: With both the Smouldering Stone and the Dragon Axe in your inventory, head to any of the pyre sites found throughout the game world. These sites are usually located near bodies of water or on beaches.

3. Use the Smouldering Stone on the Dragon Axe: Click on the Smouldering Stone and then use it on the Dragon Axe. This action will consume the Smouldering Stone and imbue the Dragon Axe with the power of the Inferno, transforming it into the Infernal Axe.

Once upgraded, the Infernal Axe retains the woodcutting bonuses of the Dragon Axe and gains the ability to burn logs as they are cut, just like when upgraded with a Fire Cape. The Smouldering Stone is used up in the process, and the upgrade is permanent.

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Additional Information:

The Dragon Axe is not only a useful tool for Woodcutting, but it also holds significant value as a cosmetic and iconic item in Old School RuneScape. As with all dragon equipment, the Dragon Axe features a unique appearance that sets it apart from its lower-tier counterparts. The blade of the Dragon Axe resembles a dragon's wing, adding to its aesthetic appeal and making it a desirable item for many players, including Ironmen.

Apart from its utility in Woodcutting and its appealing design, the Dragon Axe's special attack can be a game-changer for efficient training and resource gathering. By temporarily boosting your Woodcutting level by 3, the special attack allows you to access higher-level trees and obtain better logs, leading to faster experience gain and potentially more valuable resources.


As you venture into the world of Gielinor, the Dragon Axe serves as a powerful companion, aiding you in your Woodcutting endeavors and showcasing your achievements. Whether you're chopping trees for resources, training Woodcutting, or simply enjoying the game's vast world, the Dragon Axe will be a reliable and valuable tool on your journey to greatness.

Remember, the thrill of self-sufficiency and the satisfaction of earning your rewards make each accomplishment even more meaningful. So, go forth and conquer the challenges that lie ahead, as you wield your hard-earned Dragon Axe with pride!

As you continue your adventure in Old School RuneScape, it's essential to remember that the Dragon Axe is just one of the many milestones and achievements awaiting you. As you progress through the game, you'll encounter various challenges, quests, and opportunities to improve your skills and gear.

As you work your way to obtain the Dragon Axe, don't forget to explore the diverse regions of Gielinor, interact with other players, and immerse yourself in the rich lore of the game. Participate in minigames, tackle difficult bosses, and complete quests to unlock valuable rewards and experience the full potential of the game.

Lastly, remember that there is no specific right or wrong way to play. Each player's journey is unique, and the path you take will be determined by your preferences and goals. Embrace the freedom to set your objectives and enjoy the sense of accomplishment as you achieve them.

In conclusion, the Dragon Axe is a remarkable addition to any Ironman's arsenal, offering both utility and aesthetic appeal. As you wield this powerful tool, let it serve as a symbol of your determination and dedication as you venture forth in the vast world of Gielinor. Embrace the challenges, relish the achievements, and savor the satisfaction of being a true Ironman. Good luck on your journey, and may your adventures be filled with excitement, discovery, and triumph!